New Companion: Elder Walker, Love Baptists, The New Testament, Missing the Beach – Bryson On His Mission – Week 8

(I am some weeks behind, so I will get caught up here over the next week…)

Well hello!!

First week of my second transfer! My Companion is Elder Walker from Syracuse Utah. He plays the trombone reallllly well. He eats reallllly healthy. I think the guy eats grass and water. He is a horse. Hahaha not really. Other than when we eat with members, he eats mostly fruits and vegatables. He also works out every morning and does thiachi. Calming the blood flow and the spirit. We have fun.  We are always focused – I think its best this way. I am working hard at my studies. I love the time I get to study. I love reading all the stuff and not forgetting it.

This week I saw more stuff that is just……. ugh. People of Tacoma. Chill it. But I have come to love this place more and more. I made a family laugh when I said “knocking in Tacoma is like walking through Walmart.”

We had an awesome day knocking our 5-7s yesterday! We had lots of good stuff happen. We will be talking to people and we usually ask what religion they are after a bit. But I always know who is Baptist without asking. I love Baptists. Miss the good ole Southern Baptists. Mostly Catholic and Lutheran here.

Sorry if I repeat stuff I’ve said before. I get it all mixed up.

I love studying every morning. I love the New Testament soo much. Jesus says some awesome stuff. Learn it, then live it my people. Not a lot happened this week. Transfers and then stuff. Now we are getting going and we will do some great stuff. :

Yall are killing me by being sooo close. The beach….. ahhhh I miss it. I love being by the sound. We get a sea breeze sometimes and there are some streets just like Neskowin (the little beach town we stay in each year) over that way and it reminds me soooo much of riding my bike at the beach. Sometimes everything smells like fish and crab when the wind comes from the bay.

The weather has been completely sunny all week. Not a single cloud. I love it soooooo much! I got sunburned cause I always try to be in the sun. Got a great watch tan. My nose is peeling and my hair is lighter.

My computer is being weird so I don’t really have much time. Next week I will write some pearls of wisdom. I got some mail from people and I love it!!! Love you all sooo much! Miss ya.

(Then, in another email to me…)

Ahhhh you’re killing me!!!! I want to go to Neskowin soooo bad right now. Maybe after yall pick me up we need to have all the family go to Neskwoin so I can tell my stories while at the beach. Yall sound like you’re having a ton of fun. I wish I had remembered yall going to the Nike store. I need new shoes and I’m buying them today and I hate how much shoes cost.

I have been reading in Mormon and 4th Nephi. Man. Mormon and Moroni are incredible. I think their moral Character is above almost any other people in the Book of Mormon. They lived in such horrible times. We can’t even really understand what it would be like.

I love Mormon.  He stays strong. Not only does he keep commandments in a completely wicked world, but he still loves the people. I think of how frustrated I get when people don’t repent or keep their commitments, but Mormon does it all. At one point, he says he calls them to repent with sharpness, and they get all angry and defensive. But if he tries to be nice about it, he gets ignored. Mormon tried everything. Even though the people completely ignored him he loved them.

The sorrow he feels for them and how at the slightest sign of repentance he gets so happy is awesome. I realized, at this point, Mormon and Moroni are the only righteous people ON EARTH. I wonder if I were in their position, would I remain faithful. They knew that they were going to be killed with the rest of their race. They kept on. Still being the example to a hopeless nation. You and I both know how I get when things in life don’t really go my way. I hope I can be more like them when hard times come!

Love ya dad. I wish you were my comp!!

(Ahhhhh.  Make my heart melt!  How great would that be?!)


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