Month Trip to Utah, Oregon and Nauvoo, Flips Off the High Dive, Crow Language and John Bytheway!!!

Well, it’s almost been five weeks!!!  An incredible five weeks!  I couldn’t get myself to write because I didn’t want it to feel like it was actually over.  We took our  month long trip from Alabama to Utah, to Oregon and back (with a detour through Nauvoo, Illinois).  I am not going to even try to get it all recorded, it’s too overwhelming.  So, I’ll just include what I can remember…  This also includes the week before we left.

Fun activities at the pageant.Love my Oregon beach :) 2013 Trip-262013 Trip-17 2013 Trip-6 (1) 2013 Trip-4 2013 Trip-16 (1) 2013 Trip-9IMG_48551004652_356169557819258_843990016_n

2013 Trip-29 (1) 2013 Trip-29 2013 Trip-14 (2) 2013 Trip-8 2013 Trip-5


Preparing for a month long trip…. Need I say more?

Addisen’s quote while batting her eyes:  “Even though I can be in a bad mood, I am still a good girl.”

Thinking my Chiropractor called me a “Fenob”.  I came home and said to Kevin “He called me a Fenob.”  Kevin laughed and said  “I think he said phenom.”  Then Kevin looked up the meaning for me and I felt a little better.  🙂

2013 Trip-14 (1)

Royce:  “When I swim in the deep end, I try to not look down, but then I do and oooh, it’s scary.”  🙂 Dixon was crazy in the pool. Royce loves swimming!

Dixon calling a monkey “money”.

Dixon learning that he can work his sisters when they put him to bed.  He would keep calling them into him for hours….  Dixon gets what he wants.

Royce jumping off the high dive for the first time.  He jumped twice and then decided to start doing flips!!!  He did twelve in a row until he finally slapped his legs and back.  This video is not the best one, but we were freaking out.  This parenting thing is so hard.  I wanted to just stop him, but I loved his enthusiasm.  People at the pool were cheering him on.  🙂  This is the same kid  that was scared of lightening the night before.  Ha!  

Sitting in the shallow end of the pool and some guy watching Dixon and I.  Kevin comes over after a while and the guy jumps up and says “I just knew that kid was Kevin Jones’ son!  He looks just like you!”  This is a guy that Kevin has been working with for the last three months.  How did Kevin’s genes dominate my dark colors?!!!

Corbin going to Destin for a week.  Made me miss Bryson even more.  I really did not like having both my boys gone.  🙂

Losing Royce at Temple Square and Hadley at the beach.  Dixon almost drowning two times.  This was all with in the first two weeks.  We did better the last two weeks.  I was starting to get a little worried….

Tessa driving my brother’s motorcycle into a tree.  Thankfully, it was my brother who is so nice about things like that!  1052518_603792382986872_1173670833_o

My neck going out after three days of a million intense hugs.  It was worth it.  I am all filled up for another year.  🙂

Slowly leaving random things at every house we visited.  Oh well….

Getting tiered of staying at hotels.  Unloading and loading.  It was worth it, but we were done by the time we got home.

Addisen:  “I figured out why I don’t like being the oldest…..  Because I don’t have any sibling to look up to.  I want to follow the great things they do.”  😦  So sweet!   Addisen. :)

Getting home and Dixon having to sleep with his door open.  He even tried to have the light on for a couple of nights.    But he is so much more friendly to other people now.  He is handing out hugs to anyone that wants one.  🙂

Pretending Bryson was in Africa while we were in Portland, Oregon.  Only a 2-3 hours from him.  I bought fudge to send to him, but ate half of it first.  Whoops!

Kevin leaving five days after we got back for a National Speakers Association Conference in Philadelphia.  It was over the weekend, which was a bummer.  But he is LOVING it!


Bryson writing a Father’s Day e-mail that melted our hearts.

Having seven kids at home rather than eight!  Yes, this is my magical number!  I can do seven, eight is just too many for my head and body to keep up with.  I’m finally feeling normal again.  Corbin left for a week and we had left-overs for dinner three nights of the week!    7 kiddies!

Addisen playing “My Heavenly Father Loves Me” in Sacrament Meeting at church.  It warmed my heart!  🙂

Hearing Kevin call for me from the other room “Hey Kel”.  Just the way he said it warmed my heart.  I’m one blessed girl.    

Going to the temple with our Sealing Team and doing my family names.  The mission president and a group of missionaries joined us and did some of their names.  It was really special!

Dixon singing the Magic School Bus song.  🙂

Kevin teaching Dixon to swim.  It is so hard for me to watch, but Dixon loves it.  🙂  

Dixon and Royce behaving perfectly in the car for many hours!  These boys didn’t complain at all!  They didn’t even ask to go to the bathroom.  It was truly a miracle.  Now that we are home, Dixon is back to his screaming when he wants to drive or anything else goes wrong.  But thankfully, he was perfect on the trip!  We drove 6,382 miles!  Whenever Dixon got out of his carseat he would swing from the handle and say “I am a monkey!”    my little boys. :)

Chasing down John Bytheway (a fun LDS youth speaker, that we happen to listen to on the way to Utah) on Temple Square!  He was so nice to talk with us for a little bit.  🙂  1016388_554991974542980_980427382_n

Getting to go to three temples on our trip.  We went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple with family and did Brian’s work (Kevin’s brother).  That was incredibly special!  Then the Portland and Nauvoo temples.  Addisen, Corbin and Tessa got to go to all three too.     Taking kids to the temples! :)581708_356166971152850_301086493_n

Visiting our old Farmington Ward.  Oh, how we love these people.  It is such an incredible feeling.

Visiting with family, cousins, friends in Portland, Eugene, Springfield and Utah.  We loved staying at the Thomason’s home in Utah and my parents in Portland.  They were all so hospitable.  Especially, since we have so many kids!  2013 Trip-112013 Trip-2 (1) 2013 Trip-3 2013 Trip-14 2013 Trip-15IMG_4587IMG_4699IMG_4563 IMG_4776 IMG_4762

Climbing our Pacific City sand dune.  It’s a tradition that my Dad still does each year.  I can’t believe he makes it to the top!  Go Boppa!IMG_4666

My Mom doing her hummingbird impersonation during cranium!  🙂

Getting to visit Sofie Overdiek in Ogden, Utah.  Kevin baptized her on his mission.  She is around 80 now and still a wonderful, feisty lady!  We named our Merritt Sofie Jones after her. IMG_4790

Running at all the different locations as we travelled.  I even ran around a resort golf course.  Actually, I ran through it and in and out of it.  I kept popping out between people golfing (not too many).  I tried not to disturb them.  It made me laugh so hard that I almost fell over.  I’m sure they were thinking “Who is that crazy laughing lady?”.  🙂

Getting to meet with fabulous women about homeschooling, in beautiful Rood Bridge Park.

Neskowin Beach was the best, most relaxing thing ever!

Royce:  “Nana talks to the crows in a crow way, then the crows talk to her.”  My Mom used to hate the crows in her back yard, but now she send them love vibes and she swears it works.  🙂  My amazing parents. :)

Driving across this amazing country of ours and back!  This was the part that really warmed my heart.  I never knew how beautiful it all is.  I drove most of it, so Kevin could work in the car.  I didn’t want to miss any of it.  We are so blessed to live here.  

Ending our trip with Nauvoo and Carthage, Illinois.  It was a incredible experience and so spiritual.  The great Mississippi River was everything I hoped it would be.  1070077_564442253597952_1256857171_nWe loved the pioneer games, dances, pageant and temple.  As we left, I couldn’t stop thinking about the sacrifices all those people made so we could have the gospel.  I dreamt about it for another week.  We hope to go back soon.   Carthage jail, in Illinois.Joseph and hyrum Smith, at Nauvoo, Illinois. 2013 Trip-24 (1) 2013 Trip-36 2013 Trip-35

Royce told his primary teacher that the worst part of our trip was not being able to be loud in the hotel rooms because we would make our neighbors mad.  He also said the best part was getting home and having the trees so big and our house so clean and Bentley feeling so soft like she used to in Heaven.  🙂   Love my Royster!

Getting home and having our driveway sidewalk chalked by the Ricks family.  Our neighbor running out to hug and love us and the Capps stopping by.  We are so glad to be home in our wonderful Alabama.  I just love it here!  The weather has been so much cooler than usual and we are loving our summer.  🙂   We have great friends!

Impromptu Family Home Evening in the backyard with a fire and s’mores.  Neighbors joining us and Corbin on the guitar.  Love it!


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