4th of July, Shining Shoes, Cambodians, Coffee and Testimonies – Bryson On His Mission – Week 7

I can’t believe yall are so close!!!! Its killing me! And you’re with Nana and Boppa. Tell em I say hi. Could you give me their emails please? And Scott Nielsen. I love that guy. I really want to see him when I get off my mission! Tell him and their whole fam I say hi!

I had a great week! Fourth of July was fun! Went knocking all over the place. Since we didn’t have anywhere to go that night, we went to the mission home and had a barbeque. It was great. We all ate, had fun, and then sang some songs. Love it.

(You have to watch this video.  I can’t embed it in here for some reason.  But it is classic Bryson.)

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 12.07.50 AM

Got transfers!!! (Transfers are where companionships change. Sometimes Bryson will go to a new new area, other times, like this one, he will stay but get a new companion.) For some reason we didn’t get out call till 9:30. We were dying! But then they called and then wouldn’t tell us. Killed me. I am staying here in Lincoln, and Elder Walker will be my new Comp. Nobody knows who he is, so we will see:) He will be District Leader here, so that is promising! Muirbrook is going to gig Harbor. I am really going to miss him. We had fun, and got together really good. Love him!

The elders from Stadium drive us everywhere and do their laundry at our house so we see them all the time. It has been an awesome transfer with these three guys. Elder Burt from Stadium is going Zone Leader. It’s so weird!

I love to shine my shoes. They look so good. I don’t wear those ones we got in Utah much cause they are kinda big so they get caught in my bike. But they are more comfy. I learned a trick from Coker. If you shine em with nylons, they look sooooo good. I look real funny buying nylons at Safeway.

Last week, we ran into this Cambodian village. Tons of Cambodians in one neighborhood. I like to call it, “little Cambodia”. The parents were drunk, so we couldn’t teach them. But the kids had some deep questions and so we gave em Book of Mormons and left. Tuesday we went back and then they had all read. So we taught the first lesson, then I was like, heck, lets do this. So I committed the bunch of em to baptism right there. So, right now we have 6 Cambodians on date to be baptized.

There is this girl that was going to be baptized, but wouldn’t really do it. Then she got close, but wouldn’t give up coffee, cause she was addicted. So we kinda dropped her. This last week we dug her up, and met with her. We had some good scriptures about baptism and change and the Spirit. Earlier we were like, man, if only the Spirit had said to her on Monday to stop drinking coffee, then we could baptize her one Saturday. So we went over and taught her, and talked to her about baptism and pretty much tried to convince her to do it soon, rather than wait till college, like she planned. Halfway through, she stopped us and said “You put a curse on me Muirbrook. Ever since you have been here, I haven’t had a desire to drink coffee. I haven’t been drinking it for a long time.” We looked at each other and just couldn’t speak. It was so crazy!! So she eventually decided to get baptized that Saturday. We had it all planned out, and just needed to check with her mom. But she said no. 😦 so I almost had my first baptism! I’m still praying for her and her mom!

Well, not much to say. My second week out I was sick of eating junk all the time, so I went to the store and bought a ton of apples, bananas, broccoli, potatoes, and lots of other fruits and vegetables. Last P-day we went to Wapato park and had a Barbeque. It was yummy! Then went back to the church and played ultimate. Its nice to be the only one who knows what he’s doing. I just sit there and throw.:)

I forgot. Last Sunday, so 2 Sundays ago, we had a big ole 5th Sunday meeting. The ward is focusing on missionary work this next quarter and I am pumped! My bishop loves that I am 18 and tells everyone about it. He is great. In the 3rd hour, all the missionaries were asked to talk about their history in the church and why they came on a mission. I went 3rd. It was pretty good. I talked about how I feel like my whole life was preparing for this. My parents raised me to be a missionary, and everything we did as a family helped my testimony grow and laid a good foundation. We were raised with parents as great examples. 🙂 (so thanks. Love ya) but at some point in there I said something along the lines of “I don’t know about yall, and I’m sure you have great testimonies, but I fell like I have one of the best ever” I was kinda meaning to say I know God is so right and there isn’t anything more true and I just know it so much that I can’t imagine anybody else knowing it as well as me. After a while, I talked about how I want my investigators to have testimonies like I do. Then I realized what I said so, I said “sorry bout that testimony thing. I wasn’t saying that you don’t have good ones, but I was kinda trying to say I have a strong one…………yea sorry if it came out wrong. I don’t mean to say that I am any better than you.” Everyone knew what I meant the first time, but they realized it sounded bad. So I get it from all the members about how I’m the most humble person ever and just have the strongest testimony ever. It’s funny.

Well, have fun being so close to me!!!!!!! I am jealous! But I’d rather be here! Mom, There is a lady you need to meet! She homeschools her kids, has sent em all to BYU, and she reminds me a lot of you. She explained how she parents and it sounded a lot like you. You would probably love talking to her.

Love you all so much!


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