Golf, Musical Fireside, Lamp Oil – Bryson On His Mission – Week 6



Hey!!!! SO, I don’t have much time at all because P-day is almost over! We went golfing today! We found a good deal and got clubs from church people and it was real cheap. Muirbrook and I wanted to go, and then Elder Burt from the next area over wanted to come, then Elder Pierce wanted to come, so we got permission to do a big ole exchange and then 4 of us went golfing! It was a blast. They are probably my favorite missionaries, so it was great. 🙂 So that’s what I have done with my P day.

Last week, we got home, and the Stadium ward elders (Burt and Prue) always come over in the morning and do their laundry. They went back with us to get their clothes. We were messing around in the laundry room, which is like a mud room outside the house, and I kicked a container of lamp oil. It was ancient, so it burst and the red lamp oil went everywhere. It got all over their load of whites. Soaked out legs and feet. The entire house smelled like gasoline. For the entire week. And they had to wash their clothes every day for a few days and tried using different stuff to get the smell out. It was bad. But we were always using the anchorman quote “I am going to be honest with you, that smells like pure gasoline”.

This week was tough week. We have two more weeks left of this transfer. I will most likely stay here, and my companion who has been here for 6 months is leaving. We are gonna do as much as we can these last few weeks.

Thanks so much for the package!!!! Ya’ll rock! I love the music sooo much. Thanks for it all. My companion was pretty happy about the smores.

I am so jealous of your summer. Ya’ll are so brown and blonde. I wrote to Matt, and told him he needs to organize a trip to Florida for us when I get back. 🙂 Elder Burt has family that owns a business in Gatlinburg. A zipline place. I wanna work there someday!

I forgot my list of stuff so I am blanking on what happened this week. I am currently wearing short white socks with my dress clothes. I look like a hooligan. I met a missionary from the south, and it was like meeting long lost family. Finally, a person that understands me. When I met the missionary it was like, Yes!!!!!!!!!! So that was happy.

We had mission tour this week. It was cool! Elder Pieper of the 70 came out. We had a thing with him alllllll day. It was soo long. But we learned a lot.  (Like the New Testament, our church has called 70 to travel and preach the gospel.)

We had a musical fireside this week. I guess that is something we do that other missions don’t do. They have em all the time. Every area does em once or twice a year. All the missionarys in a certain area, about half the mission, get together and the stake is invited to come see. The missionaries make a chior, and there are a few other musical numbers. In between each, there are a few testimonies by missionaries and new converts. It is soooo cool. The spirit was so strong. Every time there is a large group of us, and the mission president is there, we always sing that Amazing Grace song.  (This is the song that automatically plays here, on the mission’s blog.) It is incredible. Even though we sing it whenever we can, we feel the spirit stronger every time. Some of the times I have felt the spirit the strongest is when we sing it. Tons of missionaries cry every time. It is sooooo cool! And its all we sing throughout the week. Wish yall could see it. An elder that can sing really well and an elder that is really good at the cello did come thou fount. It was incredible!!!!

This fireside was the last time our mission was together. We lose our Federal Way people next week. (The mission is being split into two, forming a new Federal Way mission.) So it was emotional. Got to sing “God be with you till we meet again”. The guy who is pianist for all this is incredible. One of the best I have ever seen. He has this way with the piano and makes it just sounds soooo good. I didnt know it was possible. But he is leaving soon, so an elder that is good at piano that came out with me is learning from him. I got asked to go play at a baptism, and at some other things with the president there, and so now I am going to learn all the stuff and play piano at all our mission meetings soon too!! I cant wait.

Sorry, out of time. Ill have more next week. I love you all. People have been sending me letters and I love it!!!!!! Miss you. Have a good week traveling.:)


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