Don’t Fry, Marijuana, Piano, and Fighting with his Companion – Bryson On His Mission – Week 5

Momma! I love you! Gotta keep it kinda short.


The weather is great. About 75 and sunny everyday! But people say “dont fry out there.” Haha. Silly people. I am thinking, yes, it is finally not freezing! hahha  Yall sound like you are having so much fun! I am jealous. Yall need to have a crazy summer for me. 🙂

So my week was pretty good. We work pretty hard. I cant believe how exhausted we are. haha. This will be a long two years. Church is a struggle, cause its the only time of the week where we sit there and dont talk. It takes everything to stay awake, if you dont have an investigator there. Which happened again. We had a bunch of people coming, but, they all decided to have a fathers day picnic or find some other pansy reason to not find salvation. Yea. 🙂 SO we will just keep working.

The week went by quick. If you keep busy, it always will. I realized why I am not incredibly homesick, when I sat down and thought about home. As soon as I sat down and thought about it, All I wanted was my momma, and my roycester, and my guitar, and my pools. So If I stay busy, I dont think about it and I am fine!

On another note, I just found out that a house across the street and two houses down is a business that is all about marijuana and how to get into it. They sell a lot of it. Haha

Went on splits with the Zone leaders. Four Missionaries are all together. They have their own house with a piano.  I dont get to play much other than when I was there. I got to knock (tract) with a guy who is almost leaving, and I learned soooo much. We taught this couple, and it was incredible to see a grown man be like a child. He is a tobacco chewing mechanic, but when it came to learning he was so humble and eager to learn.

Last night, I stole the phone from Muirbrook (his companion). He went into rage mode and we fought for the phone. Lets just say, his white shirt ended up with my blood all over it. Haha Good times. I love him. We get along so well and have a ton of fun. We work hard, but play too.

When we play basketball, we are about even and we usually guard each other.  At one point, we both just went crazy and all we cared about was beating each other. It was intense. Everyone else kinda backed off and let us fight it out. It probably sounds bad, but we dont fight at all. We just are competitive:)

I love the bike soooo much. Seriously, I may not have a woman waiting for me back home, but who needs one when I have my bike. I wake up every morning excited to ride it. While waiting for it, I thought of everything I needed, and what I would want that would make the best bike ever. Well you did it. I couldnt ask for anything better. Everything on it was exactly what I wanted. And needed. Thank you soo much!!!!

The guy we live with, Coker, is soo funny. We love him. Reminds me of Boppa. He is mischievous, always provoking one of us to make us irritated. They found out my passion for Captain America, and I keep finding spiderman things everywhere, and pictures of dead captian americas. It sucks. haha But I asked him to print some pictures from my facebook. He is somehow a computer Genius, at 76. He can hack on and look at anybody’s entire profile and anything. So he went to mine and printed some pictures from facebook.:) just a few. But I look at them too much, and it makes me miss everything. haha So send as many pictures as you can!

Love you, miss you, and cant wait for the package! Love you a bunch!

(Bryson also sent an email to me for Father’s Day.  It was so incredible and touched Kelly & I deeply.  What a blessing it is to have a son on a mission!)


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