Trek, Tessa’s First Temple Trip, Merritt Turns 10, Royce’s Infamous Shots, Grapevines Over Snakes, Two Bubba’s, Father’s Day and a Campsite in Vermont!!!

Wow, it’s been four weeks since I wrote our last family blog post!  I have been in summer mode and just couldn’t get my body to do it.  🙂  My Dad told me that he loves to hear about Bryson, but he wants to still be updated on the other SEVEN children!  That did it for me!


IMG_0039Corbin reserving a last minute, desperate campsite for $100.00!  The worst part was checking the map on how to get there (after I noticed the mountains were looking pretty big in the picture) and realizing it was in Vermont!!!  I am still laughing about this three weeks later!  Kevin didn’t find this humorous, I said it was the best $50.00 deposit we ever lost!  Poor Corbin…. The internet can be so misleading…..

Doing the grapevine over a snake!!!  I was out running and just stepped right over a huge snake as I went sideways down the road!  I looked back and shuddered!  For some reason it didn’t even move as I went over it.  So scary!  I am now paying more attention.  I think I have fully acclimated to the South.  A little too much!

Having the missionaries over for dinner.  This didn’t work because they sat in Bryson’s spot and Dixon kept saying “Two Bubba’s”.  He really thought they were Bryson!  😦  He even hugged them goodbye. Anyone that knows Dixon, knows he doesn’t give out hugs to strangers.  I had a very tear filled meal.


Taking days to clean Bryson’s room out and move all the beds, dressers and kids around.  I did well emotionally as we went through his stuff, but it was extremely messy!  Glad that is done and everyone loves their new bedrooms.  Corbin wasn’t to excited to be in the zoo room, off the playroom, but now it is a cool cave and I think he likes it.  He is so clean, I love to walk in there and see all his things in the right spot.  After we covered up the peacock with the dresser, he was more ok with it.  🙂

Dixon jumping on a sleeping Matthew.  Matt came over after we got back from dropping Bryson off at the MTC.  After he helped us move furniture, he fell asleep on the couches.  Sorry Matt!


Royce getting his five year old shots.  He traumatized the nurse two years ago by pulling out of her grip during the shot.  She said she has never had that happen.  So, she prepares mentally and emotionally for Royce’s shots each year.  She is so sweet!  We had extra help and he still pulled his leg away a little.  He was screaming super loud and then when they put the Spiderman band aides on he suddenly stopped.  We were all shaking, but we are glad it is over for years to come.  Bryson did the same thing, so I know that they outgrow it now….


IMG_0642Corbin taking over for Bryson and playing guitar and singing to the lil’ girls as they fall asleep.  Warmed my heart!

Taking the kids to Kevin and Corbin’s Ultimate Frisbee game!  Gorgeous night and it was fun to relax.  I LOVE summer!  We have had incredibly cool weather without humidity, for the most part.  

Girls night with Addy and Julianna!  Food, movies and awesome teenage girl talk.  I love my Addy and Julianna!

A morning all alone with Dixon sleeping.  The stillness was amazing and I finally exhaled after all our craziness.  I truly cherish quiet, pondering time.  🙂

Corbin getting his permit to drive!  He only missed one answer on the test!  We went to A&W for lunch and loved our yummy root beer floats in the cool frosted glasses.  It was a joy to be alone with him for so many hours (long DMV lines).  He really is an incredible son.  Except the part when the sink sprayed his pants in the bathroom…  🙂

Getting to attend a three day training for our Classical Conversations Group.   Tessa, Merritt, Hadley and Royce got to goto educational camps during it too.  It was fantastic!

IMG_0658Royce’s e-mail to Bryson “Bryson, I hope you don’t get locked in jail.  And don’t die in jail. (Giggles)  I hope you don’t be a horrible missionary.  So be a good missionary!  (Do you want to ask any questions?) No. I don’t want it to be any questions. You should have bring’d your kintar (guitar).  Come back and get it and to on your mission. Have fun with your missionary!  Is there video games there?  Did you buy some glasses?  If you’re goin’ ride on a motorcycle, don’t crash.  Have fun!   Make a deal with someone!  And make a whole bunch of friends.  A whole hundred bunch of friends.  And make sure if there is a dog there, make sure the dog doesn’t bite you.  AND look for eagles.  (Why?) Because!  They’re awesome!  And cardinals – blue ones and red ones.  I hope there is music there.  There must be Book of Mormons there, even pluggers to plug your ears so they don’t get loud.  Is the whole big city with, uh, they are naybe (maybe) going be, be in Paris!  Eat whole bunch of candy – they have candy.  Win some stars and get a gold medal.  That’s all!  Love, Royce(Then he said, “He’s gon’a laugh!”)”

TREK!!!  Kevin and I got to be a Ma and Pa on our church’s Pioneer Trek.  The trek tries to reenact the handcart companies that traveled to the west in the 1840’s.  It was an amazing experience.  Sleeping on tarps in the open air with all the spiders, bugs, snakes and scorpions.  I am alive and that is all that needs to be said about that.  🙂  We had 8 children and we miss them so much now.  We really felt like a family after awhile.  I came to really admire these incredible youth.  Everyone was dressed in pioneer clothing, without electronics.  The food was disgusting and we were hungry (minus one night).  But we came closer to Christ through it.  The youth were resilient and strong.  I am so thankful for this experience.  Thank you to all the great leaders that made it happen!

Ward Pioneers
Ward Pioneers

Tessa, Merritt, Hadley, Royce and Dixon getting to stay at the Cazier’s home while we were on the trek.  They loved it!  Dixon  (and all the kids for that matter) were calling them Mom and Dad.  Thank you Caziers for letting them have such a great time and for loving them.  You are truly the best!  🙂

Laura took all nine kids swimming by her self!  Amazing!  :)
Laura took all nine kids swimming by herself! Amazing! 🙂
Having fun at the Cazier's home!  :)
Having fun at the Cazier’s home! 🙂
I'm sure the Cazier's house will never be the same.  Kevin wasn't very appreciate of my training...
I’m sure the Cazier’s house will never be the same. Kevin wasn’t very appreciative of my training…

Merritt turning 10!  She is the sweetest, most fun lovely girl out there!  We love our Merri!

Merritt's birthday!
Merritt’s birthday!
Merritt is so goofy.  :)
Merritt is so goofy. 🙂

Pool open and Royce’s swimming lessons!  The relaxation and happiness that comes because of this is what makes summer so great!  🙂

Dixon and Merritt at the pool
Dixon and Merritt at the pool
Corbin and John David at the beach!
Corbin and John David at the beach!

Royce’s comment at a campout:  Kevin:  “Ready to brush your teeth Royce?”  Royce: “Ya, I brought my toothbrush, but not the sink.”  He was serious!  🙂

Finding out I can copy/paste the blog, then e-mail it to Bryson.  He loved it!

Teaching a Relief Society Lesson on Forgiveness.  I love how much I learn as I studied for it.

Bryson calling from the airport, before he flew to Tacoma, Washington.  The kids were all quiet enough, but it’s hard to be on speaker phone with everyone.  It was a bit soon for me to talk with him.  It’s like yanking my heart out again. But I loved how the little boys talked about him the rest of the day.

Bryson and his trainer (first mission companion in the field).
Bryson and his trainer (first mission companion in the field).

Perfect Memorial Day picnic!  The ward had a picnic at Sharon Johnson park.  We had never been there and it was really fun.  Great people, great food and great fun!  Perfect weather (no humidity).  We went swimming as a family on base first, then drove out there.  Perfect day!

Maybe the hat scared the baby?  :)
Maybe the hat scared the baby? 🙂
Happy Kevin!  :)
Happy Kevin! 🙂
How Addisen spent her time at the picnic.  :)
How Addisen spent her time at the picnic. 🙂

977464_10151458458023652_395100536_oOverhearing Tessa talk about how excited she is to have a door to her bedroom.  She had forgotten what it was like!  Ha!  She and Addy have shared a room off the playroom for the last four years.  Their door has been a blanket.  I love it when my kids value such simple things.  🙂

Taking Tessa to the temple for the first time!!!  We take our kids as a family when they turn twelve.  It was supposed to happen around her birthday, April 23rd, but it was in the middle of all the craziness.  We had a great experience.  We took family names and it was extremely special.  Kevin got to baptize Addy, Corbin and Tessa.

Tessa's first temple trip with the youth.  Awesome!  :)
Tessa’s first temple trip with the youth. Awesome! 🙂

Corbin buying a huge air soft gun for his birthday.  One happy boy!

Leaving Addy to swim with the kids at the pool (minus Royce and Dixon).  Kevin and I then went on a fun date with the little boys.  Red Robin, ice cream, fountains and Barnes and Noble.  We soaked up their cuteness.

Cute boys with a ice cream mustache.  :)
Cute boys with a ice cream mustache. 🙂


Date night with the little boys.
Date night with the little boys.

Father’s Day!  We had a wonderful day with Kevin.  He is such an outstanding Dad, full of love and fun.  He teaches the kids so many things and is the best support in our family.  He works so hard to provide for us and does it well.  His example of loving his work and using his creative ideas is amazing.  I could never ask for a better father to my children.  He loves all the tender moments with the kids and he always chooses the right.  He pulls in to help the kids whenever I have had it.  He is a natural teacher and can always explain it in a way I would never think of.  What a blessing he is to us.  Happy Father’s Day my dear Kevin.  We also got to talk to our Dad’s and loved that too!  🙂

Best wake up for Father's Day.
Best wake up for Father’s Day.
Kevin on Father's Day with his new barbecuing glasses from my parents.  :)
Kevin on Father’s Day with his new barbecuing glasses from my parents. 🙂

Corbin getting to goto Destin with the Ray’s.  They saw a Hammerhead Shark in the water yesterday!

Getting to go to the Chiropractor.  I haven’t gone for three years.  My neck was getting so bad that I was barely moving it.  I finally decided I needed to put the time in to go.  I am a new person.  I feel so great!  Today Royce asked if we were going to the “chirocoptor”.  So cute!

Kevin’s Note: Kelly took my iPad to a Relief Society meeting.  She called and asked, “How do I get to the indexing thing (the Church’s Indexing app)?”

“Well, where are you on the iPad now.”

“I just need to find the peg.”

“The what?”

“The indexing peg.”  I start laughing.  “What?  Is that not what it is called?  Is it an icon?”  I continue to laugh.

“You mean an app.”

“Ya!  So I clicked on the app and all the other pegs come up.”  I laugh harder.

“You mean you clicked on the folder and it opened up to show the apps.”

“Is that what it is called?  A folder?  It doesn’t look like a folder.”

“Dear, we are taking away your iPhone.”

“But I love my maps!”

Then somehow the conversation drifted to how colorblind I am and how deficient I am in that area.

Me: “My colorblindness is your iPhone.”

Sure love that Lady!



2 thoughts on “Trek, Tessa’s First Temple Trip, Merritt Turns 10, Royce’s Infamous Shots, Grapevines Over Snakes, Two Bubba’s, Father’s Day and a Campsite in Vermont!!!”

  1. Ahhhhhh Kelly… you are the best! Kevin isn’t the only one who loves you! 🙂 You AMAZE me and always have!!

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