Time to Think….

I am alone this beautiful morning.  As the family is camping and Dixon is sleeping.  It is the first time I have had to really think about all the wonderful things that have happened.  I have been playing Bryson’s piano music in the background.  It fills me up until my cup runneth over.  What a blessing our children are to us.  I went to write in my journal through wonderful tears of joy.  As I looked over the words I had written on our trip to take him to the MTC I noticed a quick poem I had written on the plane ride out there.  I am sharing here because I think it describes how we were feeling.  Please read it knowing one of my biggest weaknesses in life is writing, but write I still do….


My Missionary Son

Leaving crisp and new.

Youthful, smiling, eager.

Full of hopes and dreams.

While leaving his heart at home.

Doing what is right, although it can be a fight.

He trusts, he loves,

he knows he must…

Crossroads and choices

make all the difference.

Proud as can be,

while tears are close.

We send our protection,

prayers, love and faith!

Work on my Son!

We give you to Him!

Change, grow, learn,

Love and fight!

You will become what He wants.

And all will be right!


6 thoughts on “Time to Think….”

  1. What a lovely and perfect poem written with the hard to express sentiment of a mother’s sentiment of letting he fledgings go. I printed it and will cherish it. Love, Mom

  2. This was a lot how I felt when Elsa left for her mission. It brought back so many of the tears and joys and hope. Thank you for sharing. I love you all. BAV

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