Bryson On His Mission – Week 2 – DL, Seeing Others, Haka, Companions and More Teaching

We received two emails today!  Both with much more info than the three cards could give us.  They warm our hearts!  Again, remember, I am trying to make these as authentic as possible, so I am correcting very little.  Only a few things to make it more readable.  So you will see some errors.  But, understandably, he is trying to type it out very quickly before his time is up and he needs to go to the next thing.  Enjoy!

Bryson saying goodbye to his momma for two years. (/tears/)

Email #1

Hey momma!!!!!! I love you all and miss you all and cant wait to see you again. I am sitting in a basement with 100 washer and dryers waiting for my stuff to wash. Its been a long week of making clothes last a long time before I could wash em. I fly out next tuesday morning kinda early. But i get to call you at the airport so expect a call anywhere from 6-8.

The MTC is incredible. The teachers are so great and we learn so much from them! It is so cool to not have anything to distract you here, just focusing on learning the stuff. It is sooooo much class time. We go and we go till it is 9:30 or later. I didnt think 10:30 was a late time to go to bed, but it is when you are working right up to it.

Being district leader is awesome. I interview people and make sure we do everything right and tons of other stuff. Its real hard tho, cause most people are a bit older than me. Lots of guys here are older than 19. Wehave a 21 ,22, 20, 19, and another 20. Its weird, cause I have barely been 18 for a month, and these guys have done more than half their college and are just wayyyy older. And the sisters in my district too. I swear one of them is old enough to have babysat me. (HA!)  But they are all great. One of em said I remind her exactly of Elder Groberg. Yea. I hope its true!  (Elder John Groberg is the one who’s mission is chronicled in the movie The Other Side of Heaven with Anne Hathaway.)I have seen a few people I know here. Kent Fellows, Annie Abbot, and girl from EFY that yall probably dont know, a girl from Hazeldale Ward (in Oregon), bethany something…… she had the disabled brother. (A “ward” is a local congregation.) And Ben Redd. He got reassigned to eugene oregon waiting for his visa but he lives like a half our away from his boundries. haha funny. Ill send pictures hopefully today.

We get to go to the temple today. We went and took pictures outside of it Sunday. And I love my gym time. Lots of basketball. I love my Pinstripe suit. Its pretty good lookin. Will you send my jeans to the mission home? I will give you the address later today. I dont have much time:(  My elders are tons of fun. The samoan from australia taught us the Haka, that war chant from forever strong. We get up and do it in the morning to wake up the whole floor. haha Elder Dean is this guy from LA who Worked for American Idol and know Kieth urban really well. Jealous. Elder Waring is from england and he is hillarious. He is a master pranker, and we have some good wars. He cant speak american, but he has a good texan accent. So some days we switch accents. I guess I sound like a real english person when I try.

MY companion is great. Strong testimony and connects when he teaches. But he is so slow! Which is the opposite of me. He is the last person out of class, last out of lunch, takes an hour to get his food, and even speaks really really slow. You ask him a question, he thinks about it for a minute, starts to say something, stops, then says yes. or no. Hahaha but I love the guy and we work together as long as I am patient and slow down.  Probably good for me.

I cant wait to get out to tacoma! Both districts, all 30 of us, flying on the same plane. Tacomas bout to be torn up.  I miss yall so much! Hopefully Ill be able to get on later today. Love ya a bunch!


P.S. I am not reading over this email again, so sorry if it all spelled wrong and is confusing. LUVA

Email #2

Lova ya dad.  I miss you way too much.

The MTC is amazing. You would love it. I really am changing and seeing my potential, and that I can reach it.

We met with our TRC Progressive investigator, who acts completely like a real investigator, and we go and knock at his door, and all the real stuuf. (We are not sure what a “TRC Progressive investigator” is completely, but it is someone who acts as an investigator and goes from district to district and the new missionaries practice teaching him/her.)

We Got Daniel Limon. He is famous for being the most tough TRC in the whole MTC. He doesnt usually let people in the door in the first lesson. He is a mexican who came here from mexico and he has no interest at all (in learning about the Church) and is strong catholic. He pretty much hated me at first cause we try to tell him things, but what do we know, We are only 18 and 20. He would ask questions and only let me answer cause he says I am young and dont know anything, So I had to do a ton on my own. He just wanted to argue and fight and it was so hard not to get wrapped up in it. Feeling the spirit is the most important thing in a lesson, So I can know what to say, and so they can feel it. But when they fight its impossible to feel it.

He wouldnt let us in, and walked us all around the building while we followed him and tried to get him to open up. He took us down the elevator, bought stuff from the food dispenser thing, brought us back up, and sat us down in the lobby. WE talked forever and he just wanted us to leave. He didnt want to hear anything we had to say and just wished we would never bug him again. But we needed to make it work. After about 45 minutes, he finally let us in and eventually we were able to bring the spirit in. I think he felt it and he fianlly let me tell him about prohpets. that is all I got out before he had to go. But he said we can come back. So we will see what haoppens!!!!!! Thanks for everything you ever taught me, I am so glad for it.


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