Tessa’s 12, Torch Passed, Zit Free and It’s All Clean For Now!!!


Dixon falling out of the wagon on his face!  😦  He is all scabbed up.  Didn’t I just post this about Royce?  317329_529437503765094_541569586_n

The Cook’s Pest Control man dying of  a massive heart attack.  This is the same man that just talked to me for a half an hour a couple weeks ago.  😦

Sears delivering our new washing machine four days late.  We waited around each day and they never called or came!  Uggghhh!  We were not very impressed!  In the end they gave us free delivery, a $50.00 gift card and 15% back on the total purchase.

Sick kids!  At least they were all sick at the same time.

Bryson getting a frisbee thrown at his nose from a few feet away.  It was not pretty!  379875_501385263243523_1843124396_n

Realizing what it feels like to be the Mom when your daughter brings home a guy friend.  I’m so used to Bryson, so that was a new experience.  A good one, but very different.  🙂

Tessa trying out make-up.  She went to Young Woman’s and everyone kept asking her what was wrong with her face.  She ended up going to her Bishop’s interview in tears,.  When she came home and told us the story, I couldn’t stop laughing.  Thankfully, it was funny to her by then too.  Addy was so sweet and helped her get fixed up at church.  I can’t stop giggling.  Reliving the things I went through is so much funnier after 40.  🙂


Bryson getting the Melchizedek Priesthood and becoming an Elder.  It was very special for all of us.  Watching all the changes is beyond what I imagined.  He moved right into getting his Temple Recommend.  We are all set to goto the temple on May 4th.  🙂

Bryson and his temple recommend!  :)
Bryson and his temple recommend! 🙂

Royce doing educational games on the Ipad “Mom, I pulled it right out of my brain up here and got it right!”  🙂

Passing the leadership torch in our Home School Group!!!  It all pulled together perfectly.  These great ladies were ready to step right up and make the change.  I think it strengthens a community to rotate leadership.  This way it can carry on no matter what family is in charge.  What a blessing to spend life with these wonderful families.  Oh ya, we are moving locations too!  I’ve loved having it at our house for four years, but we are outgrowing it.

Ward Talent Show!  It was really fun.  Aryn Ricks did a great job putting it together.  Our three girls sang a couple songs.

Girls singing at the talent show.
Girls singing at the talent show.

Addy making Bryson a 18th birthday video.

Getting to goto the Stake Activity Days event with Tessa, Merritt AND Hadley.  For a week and a half they were all the right age.  So cool!

Stake Activity Day event with all three girls.  :)
Stake Activity Day event with all three girls. 🙂

Neighborhood picnic!  It was perfect weather and the older kids had friends with them.  It was great fun.  Then they got ready for the Stake dance and off they went.  It’s fun to have the house full of great teenagers.

Off to the dance!
Off to the dance!

Bryson and Addisen going to the Stake Dance and dancing to their song for the last time.  Some tears followed.  Every time they have heard “The Trouble With Girls” by Scotty McCreery they sing it  and dance the night away.  Love my kids!

Loving my little family!  The spirit has been so strong and my hours have been lengthened.  We are on top of things and we’re so excited for this weekend when family comes!

Having Audrey over for dinner and a gospel talk.  Bryson went to Prom with her and it was great to get to know her better.

TESSA turned 12!!!  She has been waiting to turn twelve since she was two!  She had a fun birthday!  Mrs. Darby, our fabulous neighbor took her shopping and bought her a make-up case.  She also came home with things for the little kids.  Sweetest Neighbor!  We love our Tessa so much!  She also got 32 Degrees frozen yogurt, make-up, home made pizza and no punishments for the day.  🙂  

This is going to be weird, but I just have to point out that I don’t think my entire face has ever been completely zit free since I was in 9th great.  But this week, the miracle has happened.  I’m sure it will be over soon…

Getting the couches, windows and house cleaned for our big weekend.  Loving it!


2 thoughts on “Tessa’s 12, Torch Passed, Zit Free and It’s All Clean For Now!!!”

  1. That was quite a week! Birthdays, Bryson becoming — what did you call it? Mormons are definitely into rites and passages. Do they do that for girls too? Hope so. Think we need more equality rather than less. I side with the Hadley on the difficulties of trying out things like makeup for the first time. Not easy trying to grow up. Hugs to all — Love, Aunt Peggy.

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