Hadley turns 8! Bryson turns 18! Apple Smiles, Breakdown #1 and Hyacinth!

As I wrote this I noticed that my list of things that worked was much longer than my didn’t work list.  With how busy it has been, I love noticing that all the things going on are “good” things.  Kristi Corless quoted in church “If you are too busy to read your scriptures, then you are busier than God ever intended you to be”.  I love this and I am making sure I stop to “fill up” everyday.  🙂  Also, here is Hadley’s Baptism video invitation if you haven’t seen it yet:  

 Also, Corbin’s Eagle Court of Honor Invite:  Corbin-Eagle-Court-of-Honor


Realizing Bryson won’t get to go to Oregon with us.  😦

Chocolate addiction!  Addy:  “Mom, your cookies have the dough in them just to hold the chocolate chips together!”  Actually, I haven’t been eating sweets as much, but during Conference I made some yummy cookies.  🙂

Breakdown number #1.  Corbin made me a CD with our fun summer songs.  It really hit hard how much I love my kids.  I’m so sad to see Bryson go, but I’m so excited for him.  It’s just the close of another phase.

Buying Addisen Root Beer and Sprite for a party and she says:  “Do you know what I look like when I bring Root Beer and Sprite to a party?”  Me:  “What?”  Addy:  “A Mormon”  🙂

Crossing Hadley’s name out on her birthday sign and using it for Bryson.  Whoops!  I was exhausted…

Bryson and Corbin skipping their laundry day.  They went two weeks without doing their laundry!  The mountain filled the entire laundry room!

Suburban breaking down.   Two cars with four drivers is tricky!

Dixon chasing the Choo-Choo train at Bridgestreet while he yelled “Choo-Choo, Choo-Choo !”.  We didn’t have time to go on it and he was so sad!


Kevin making us laugh so hard with his HoneyCrisp Apple teeth!  IMG_4137

HoneyCrisp Apple teeth!
HoneyCrisp Apple teeth!

Tucking Dixon in and taking the time to rub my nose on each paw of his dog.  He is so sweet sucking his thumb, while he offers his dog paws to me.  He has a little smirk behind his thumb.  Love these precious moments!


IMG_0310Royce noticing he can recognize and read words all over the place!  So fun!  Hadley starting in Saxon Math (big kid books).  She amazes me at how quickly she can pick up on things.

Taking a moment to realize this is the longest I have gone not being pregnant since I’ve had Bryson!  YIPPEE!  Loving it!

Matt, our neighbor hanging out after Bryson left.  Hopefully, he is testing it out and will still come over after Bryson leaves permanently !  🙂  Of course, he fell asleep.

Matt asleep on the couch with kids running all over the place!
Matt asleep on the couch with kids running all over the place!

Bryson getting to go to a lake with some friends.  It was perfect weather and so fun!

Bryson at the lake house!
Bryson at the lake house!

GENERAL CONFERENCE!  Need I say more?  I was so spiritually fed.  Snuggling with the kids and being together all weekend was wonderful.  I love our donut, park, special breakfast, cookie traditions!

Taking Addy out for our Young Women Conference dessert (a week late!).  It was so fun to just relax and talk with yummy frozen yogurt.  🙂  Love my Addy!

Favorite quote from YW Conference was from Pres. Uchtdorf .  It was something like this:  “In the Pre-existence we all spoke the language of the pure love of Christ.”  He talked about how some people are fluent in it.  I loved this!  I love it when I am around someone that just radiates their genuine love for someone.  🙂

Park night during Priesthood session!  Addy getting her baby time in with baby Horrocks. IMG_4146 It was great to have a picnic and visit with other great ladies!

Tessa’s last Activity Days Celebration!  She gave a talk and so did I.  It was a really great activity.  She will really miss her fabulous leaders!

Tessa getting her award with her leaders Sis. Cordner and Sis. Corless.
Tessa getting her award with her leaders Sis. Cordner and Sis. Corless.

Finding Hyacinth flowers at Sam’s Club!  I LOVE the smell in my doorway.

Bryson having the sweetest boss anyone could ask for!  More to follow in the next blog….

Tessa, Merritt, Hadley and Royce singing “It’s Hard Knock Life”  at the CC talent show.  It was so cute!

Seeing an album picture of two boys that look like Dixon and Royce from behind.  I was struggling with their craziness that day and I saw the picture and could see the future.  They will be grown up soon enough and I’ll miss them as cute little guys…

Album Cover that looks like my little guys.
Album Cover that looks like my little guys.

Bryson buying the new Brad Paisley CD.  “I only have a month to memorize it all!”

Ward Temple Night!  We had a fun car load of people.  When we got to the temple there were people from our ward around every corner.  It was so neat!

Hadley turned eight!

Hadley during her birthday song at Red Robin!
Hadley during her birthday song at Red Robin!

Bryson turned 18!  It was a crazy weekend celebrating, but very fun!  Love you two wonderful people!

Starting Missionary Prep night with the older kids (replacing Preach My Gospel).  We never even got to the book.  We ended up laughing and talking for the evening instead.  Perfectly wonderful night!


2 thoughts on “Hadley turns 8! Bryson turns 18! Apple Smiles, Breakdown #1 and Hyacinth!”

  1. Your blog made me laugh and laugh. Kevin is such a goof head. Funny. Loved seeing the girls at Red Robin and beautiful Addy. Also, Dixon is now blond. Wow! Love, Mom

  2. The times they are a changin’. Kids growing up so fast, hard to believe! Loved getting your invites too. Wish I lived down the street from both you and Zack! Hmmmm……. maybe I will just become a travelin’ gramma type!
    Love, Aunt Peggy

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