Bryson’s Mission Call to Tacoma, Washington!!!! Corbin Passed Eagle Board of Review, 25 Dinners and the Pest Control Man!

There has been so much going my head is spinning!  I am going to miss many things from the last three weeks.  I forgot to write down so many cute things and now I can’t remember them!  Oh well….. 🙂

Before we opened the mission call!
Before we opened the mission call!

BRYSON GOT HIS MISSION CALL TO TACOMA, WASHINGTON!  He reports to the MTC on May 15th!  Most of my family is in Portland, Oregon and my sister lives in his mission!


Royce accusing me of stealing from him.  I bought a huge thing of batteries at Sam’s Club and he paid $.07 for two batteries.  He didn’t quite get the concept and thought he paid for all of them.  He said to me “I gave you my money , now I want all the batteries.  You took them from me.”

Hadley looking at the shampoo the kids all got in their stockings and asking Tessa “Wait, why are these made in China, if Santa gave them to us?”

The pest control guy standing at the door (for quite awhile) telling me that over the last year and a half he has watched our family and how the kids behave.  He said he was so impressed and looks forward to seeing what kind of yard work they will be doing next.  I promptly told him they were doing yard work so often because it was their punishment.  🙂

Hadley writing this letter to me:  I had to laugh at the part that she said she was glad that I don’t smoke or get drunk.  She told me she got it from a John Bytheway CD.  I guess that one was a little too mature for her.  🙂  IMG_4125

Letting Corbin drive in the neighborhood to celebrate passing his review and a cop pulling in behind us!  I was freaking out, but Corbin kept his cool and pulled into the driveway perfectly.  I don’t think I’ll be doing that again.  He’ll be 15 soon enough.

Falling asleep in the car while the kids played at a park (Tessa was out there with them).  They started running the bases on a newly lined baseball field and a lady started huffing and puffing outside my car.  Whoops!  If she only knew how lucky I, as a mother of eight, was to take a little teeny nap.  I promptly got my kids off the field.  Thankfully, there weren’t any signs telling us to keep off the community fields.

Tessa realizing that most families watch movies straight through!  Ha!  We are always having to pause the movie as people get home, help littles get back in bed or to explain something.


Loving my Kevin!  I just think he is so handsome!

Love my Kevin!
Love my Kevin!

Corbin passing his Eagle Board of Review!  We are so proud of him!

Corbin passed his Eagle Board of Review!  Isn't he so cute?!
Corbin passed his Eagle Board of Review! Isn’t he so cute?!

Chocolate covered strawberries with dinner!  Yum!!!

Finally, taking the time to “show” Royce how things are made.  He constantly asks about batteries, lightbulbs and glass.  We looked it all up on google and he now wants to be a glassmaker.  🙂

Royce eating 25 dinners in a row.  Thus, allowing him to stay up  after dinner.  🙂

Royce coming home from a friend’s house wanting to make a teeter totter at our house.  He starting digging holes all over the yard!  Help!

Special moment during a closing song at church.  It was “I Believe in Christ” (one of my favorites).  Kevin was on my right, Bryson was on my left and John Ricks was behind us.  They are all amazing singers and we were just belting it out (me pretending to sing well).  The spirit was so strong!  Needless to say, my face was covered in tears.   🙂

Spring Break!!!  We loved having time with each other and the kids having time to go lots of places.  We watched “Parental Guidance” with the kids for FHE and loved it!  So funny!

Girls night with make-up and masks!

The best mask!  Go Tessa!
The best mask! Go Tessa!
Make-up practice!
Make-up practice!

Getting to go to the Bradshaw’s house with their seven wonderful children.  We played a fun new game called Burst.  So fun!

Easter Cantata!  Kevin sang in the choir and it was wonderful!  Minus the part that I got the times wrong on the Saturday night concert and showed up for the last 15 minutes.  😦

Carol Walker and I wearing matching outfits!   Who knows, maybe we planned it?

Matching outfits :)
Matching outfits 🙂

Royce saying “The law says not to take something from someone who is playing with it!”  after Dixon had tried to take something from him.

Random talks with our amazing teenagers!  I love how we just end up all over the house talking.  The topic on Sunday was what we do that bugs each other.  It was all said nicely and we were laughing so hard.  My three oldest will be gone in four years…. 😦

Bryson pulling Royce out of bed to join their band.  So funny!  

Getting to go to James Miller’s 75th birthday party.  We had so much fun bowling on four privates lanes, eating yummy food and spending time with their wonderful family and friends.

75th Birthday Bowling
75th Birthday Bowling

Bryson’s mission call!  We had to meet in the Hardee’s parking lot in Gurley, Alabama.  Kevin and Corbin were on a camp out and we didn’t want to have to wait until Saturday night to open it.  We pulled our two white Suburbans up together and got Kevin’s and my parents on the phone.  It was a surreal moment for me.  I didn’t want it to end.  It’s just so special!  🙂  Bryson put his availability date as May 15th.  Knowing that no one ever goes on that day, usually a month later, at the earliest.  He planned on having a bit of summer lifeguarding outside and enjoying his wonderful Alabama heat and humidity.  He also wanted to save that money for his mission.  So, to have to get him ready in less than six weeks is scary (you should see the list in the packet!).  Not to mention, three birthdays, an Eagle Court of Honor, a baptism, family coming, getting the priesthood, the temple, home schooling, signing up for next years activities and all the end of the year things (school ends in mid-May here).  I started hyperventilating late Friday night, but we are making great headway and all is well.  Somehow, my hours are being multiplied and everyone is happy.  🙂  Most of my family is in Portland, Oregon and my sister lives in his mission!  It’s back to the Northwest for him!  🙂  He’ll be breathing my air and looking at my trees….  Congrats Bryson!  🙂


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