Prom, Southern Banquet, Suck an Orange, Dinner Silence and Addisen Gets a Job!

My favorite picture!  Audrey and Bryson prom!
My favorite picture! Audrey and Bryson’s prom!


Royce:  “Mom, is it ok to think bad words in your head?”  Me:  “My sweet Roycee, how about when that happens you sing your favorite primary song instead?”  Royce:  “Wow, Mom, that’s a great idea!”

Hadley trying on Merritt’s baptism dress (we were checking the size on her before we ordered her dress).  We could see her bright green panties through the dress (obviously we need a slip).  The next thing we know Royce in on the ground looking up her dress.  We were wondering what he was doing, then we realized that he could get a better view down there!  Uggghhhh!  He had the cutest smile on his face, like he had just figured out something really cool.

Kevin fixing the sink and getting frustrated and blurting out “suck!”.  Royce, his little helper asks “Suck Daddy?”  Kevin: “Yes, Royce, suck an orange….”

Late nights waiting up for teenagers!  We love going to bed early, but they love going out and having fun……  It’s so worth staying up for though.  I love our conversations when they get back.  Love my teenagers!!!!

Addy’s friend’s Mom died last week.  😦   We love the Hull family!!!  🙂

Bryson losing a day of work because of the sequestration.  😦

Staying home from church.  Kevin and I were both so sick on Sunday that we stayed home with Dixon and sent all the other kids.  It was really weird to be in the house with all of them gone, but we slept a lot.  I woke up to dinner made and to my wonderful family eating outside!

Tessa getting silenced at dinner.  After dinner she negotiated to be able to talk the entire time at her birthday dinner.  We agreed and she is really excited for April 23rd!

Spilled milk!  Dixon thinks he can do what everyone else can do, like fill up a cup of milk….  He’s quite pleased with himself.  🙂

I won't cry over spilled milk, I'll take a picture!  :)
I won’t cry over spilled milk, I’ll take a picture! 🙂


Sealing Team at the temple!  Still loving our little group and our monthly trip for sealings.

Royce getting a fun Wal-mart card from Nana and Papa Buzz.  He was so excited to go pick out his present.

Royce and his Wal-Mart card.
Royce and his Wal-Mart card.
Royce and his Wal-Mart purchase!  :)
Royce and his Wal-Mart purchase! 🙂

News that Kevin’s parents and my parents can come for Hadley’s baptism and Corbin’s Eagle Court of Honor at the end of April!!!  Yippee!!!

Bryson’s mission papers turned in and on their way to Salt Lake!!!!!   Now we wait!  🙂  The night that he had his interview with the Stake President he came home smiling so big!  From down the hall he called to me and said “Mom, I’m going on a mission!”  I could just hear his smile.  Love my boy!

Getting asked to be a Ma and Pa for the trek this summer.  I had a hard time not putting this on the “Didn’t Work” portion.  I’m super excited to be with the youth and have the experience, I am just freaking out that it is in Alabama with the heat and humidity.  Not to mention all the bugs and snakes.  But, if it’s my time to go, then so be it!  If anyone has some pioneer clothing I can borrow, let me know….  🙂

Southern basketball banquet.  We loved it!  We couldn’t have loved our kids playing with this group of families.  Here are some quotes:  “We boot stomped ’em!”, “Welcome, all y’all.”, “This one, she is a cross between a librarian and a nun.”, “Next year, give me some beasts, these girls are too small and sweet!”, “That one there, she is the woman from Proverbs.”  🙂

Addisen got a job at Waffle House!!!

Addy and Corbin celebrating that she got a job!
Addy and Corbin celebrating that she got a job!

Hadley:  “I think it would be so cool to have Miss Frizzle as my teacher at CC.”  Royce:  “I couldn’t do that because I am shy.”  (Miss Frizzle is the Magic School Bus crazy, fun teacher)

Folding my little kids clothes.  I have always loved it!  There is something satisfying and special about clean little kid clothing.  🙂

Ordering Hadley’s scriptures and baptism dress.  Corbin turning in his Eagle paper work!  Fun, fun!

Getting monkey family car stickers for the new Suburban.  It’s my last time doing it, due to my children moving on with life, so I had to slip it in.  They ended up a little bigger than I planned.   IMG_3921

Royce and I running errands alone.  He has all my attention so he talked the entire time.  🙂  “Hmmm, Mom, let’s not talk about roads anymore, let’s talk about Disney World!”

Bryson going to prom with Audrey!  They had a great time!  Just beautiful!

Love the black and white version of this picture....
Love the black and white version of this picture….

Getting to goto Time Out For Women in Memphis, Tennessee!  We stuffed eight ladies into the Suburban and took off.  It was wonderful!  Too bad I had a head cold, but it didn’t stop me.  I even ran into someone that I grew up with in Portland, Miranda Poulson!  It was so great to catch up with her!  Kevin did an amazing job with the kids.  He went to dinner with Jeff Cazier and their kids, went to the funeral with Addisen, cleaned up and had fun!  He then turned around and took care of me Saturday night and Sunday when the sickness hit me hard.  Including waiting up for Bryson as he got home exceedingly late from prom.  All while he got hit with the same sickness.  Best husband ever!  Love you Kev!

Time Out For Women in Memphis!
Time Out For Women in Memphis!

Royce and his friend William making a rock house.  So cool!

Royce and William's rock house.  Sorry you can't see how cool it really is....
Royce and William’s rock house. Sorry you can’t see how cool it really is….

One thought on “Prom, Southern Banquet, Suck an Orange, Dinner Silence and Addisen Gets a Job!”

  1. Locate your local herb store. Buy mullein, hyssop and elecompane. Next time you get congestion, colds make up a half gallon of hot tea with it and drink it. Helps alot! You all are amazing~

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