Royce is 5, Bryson gets into BYU-Provo, Bill Cosby and Corbin Gets Braces!!!

My Merri Merritt!
My Merri Merritt!


Royce telling me how Kevin goes to the rocket center for work.  He thinks he goes into space each time he goes to NASA.  AWESOME!  We’ve tried to explain it to him, but it only makes it worse.  🙂  We’ll just have to let him think that until he is twenty!

Note Royce wanted me to write to Kevin.  :)
Note Royce wanted me to write to Kevin. 🙂

Depositing the State Farm Insurance check from the car accident and having it bounce!  We took the cash and bought the other car and a week later it bounced!  I have never had a check bounce!!!  I freaked out!  State Farm said it was an accidental “Stop Payment”, she pushed the wrong button!  Niiiiice!  Thankfully, I caught it the day after it happened.

Corbin trying to remember the name of a movie.  CJ:  “What was it, The English Job, The Irish Job?”  Me:  “No Corb, The Italian Job.”  🙂

Dixon initiating our friends brand new home!  We lost track of him and he tried to do the bathroom all himself with his shoes on.  Lovely moment…

Royce doing my hair.  I’ll do anything to have my hair played with!  🙂

My lovely hair!  :)
My lovely hair! 🙂

Royce getting all mixed up as we counted down to his birthday.  He kept counting up, then finally he said “Oh, I get it, we’re counting backwards”.

Addy’s mouth staying numb for hours longer than normal.  It was actually pretty funny!  She was slobbering all over the place…

Figuring out I missed the last episode of Downton Abbey!  I watched the third season over Christmas break but didn’t realize it didn’t include the last episode.  Seeing everyone’s comments on FB, I couldn’t figure what they were so upset about.  Soooo, Kevin found it for me and I watched late into the night (it took forever to download).  Royce happen to wake up and was very surprised that I was still awake, he said “Why are you up in the night?”

Not being able to listen to everyone!  I was sitting in my chair at the dinner table with Royce talking to me on my left and Dixon screaming/talking as he climbed on my back.  Then Addy was trying to tell me something and the last thing I heard was “You never listen to me”.  She said it sweetly, but I lost it.  I can only handle so much.  Uggghhh!   I wish they could all talk one at a time and I had double the hours in a day.  Also, another pair of arms, ears and eyes….

Corbin revolting against our “Hours of Yard Work” consequences.  We stayed up late with the three teenagers “listening” to Corbin’s explanation of why he shouldn’t have six hours of yard work.  It was very humorous until it wasn’t.  Although, there were a lot of emotions and we were exhausted, we have all solved some of the issues.  I just kept looking at our teenagers and thinking these kids are so amazing!  They make me laugh (that was in between the crying).

Addy telling her coach that her mom would want to play in the parent/player game, he said he thought I was too old and might get hurt.  He has another thing coming!!!  I hate getting old!

Tessa asking Bryson “How did your whole date thing go?”, not knowing that his date was right behind him.  She was pretty embarrassed.

Royce falling off his skateboard onto his face.  Thankfully, he had his helmet on.  He said “Mom, I can’t goto CC with my face looking like this”.  We helped him turn it around by making it his presentation.

Royce's poor face, three four days later.
Royce’s poor face, three four days later.

Queen Amidala girls.  They had just watched Star Wars and then I come out to this….

Many Queen Amidala's.  Tessa's eyes got a little out of hand. :)
Many Queen Amidala’s. Tessa’s eyes got a little out of hand. 🙂
Merritt as Queen Amilada
Merritt as Queen Amilada


Doing the blog!  I took a four week break last time.  After I did the blog, I was liking my family a lot more.  Reflecting on all the fun things that happen and laughing about it, makes it all seem easier.  🙂  Love my family!!!

Buying a newer Suburban on Valentine’s Day!  Kevin and I had to drive out of town to get it and we had lunch in Lynchburg.  We loved the cute little town (not the name so much).  It was a beautiful sunny day and we had so much fun together.  Now we have our car to take on our Oregon/Utah trip this summer!  🙂

Happy Kevin at our Southern Valentine's lunch.  :)
Happy Kevin at our Southern Valentine’s lunch. 🙂
Lynchburg with our new Suburban!
Lynchburg with our new Suburban!

Addy:  “Mom, thanks for being normal.”  Me:  “Normal?”  I wasn’t sure if this was a compliment.  🙂  Addy:  “I meant, not dysfunctional.”  Ahhhh, there’s the compliment….

Last minute dinner with our great friends the Caziers!  We ate at Cheddars!  Yummy!  It was so fun!

Seeing all the mission calls come into everyone!  So excited for all these great young adults!

Making my Mom’s yummy stew recipe.  I really love making recipes from my family and friends.  I think about them constantly while I cook.  Makes me smile….  A little piece of home.  🙂

Preach My Gospel gone crazy!  The kids made me be weird with the hairdo Roycee gave me.  We were laughing so hard!

At our Classical Conversation Homeschool group the kids pretended to paint like Michelangelo.  They were laying on the ground on their backs and painting under a chair.  Like he did in the Sistine Chapel.  So cool!

Royce painting like Mikelangelo
Royce painting like Michelangelo

They also made volcanos and activated them.  We had so much fun that we had to try it out at home too.  🙂

Addy and Tessa’s “New Beginnings” at church.  Addy conducted and it was Tessa’s first Young Woman’s experience.  It was so well done and I loved the spirit there!

New Beginning!  My girls are growing up!  :)
New Beginning! My girls are growing up! 🙂

Royce turing FIVE!!!  He has been so excited and so were we!  It’s been a long wait for him to make it to his birthday.  He was so excited on his birthday eve, that he went to bed early so it would come sooner.  🙂

Royce is Five!
Royce is Five!

BRYSON GETING INTO BYU-PROVO!!!!!  Last Friday night he got the e-mail to check his BYU account (just so you know, I didn’t think he would get in, it’s extremely competitive these days).  He couldn’t get logged on for 15 minutes, which built our anticipation.  After torturing us as it loaded, it finally came up as accepted!  We just kept screaming and jumping around!  It was a really cool moment.  Just to clarify, he will defer his acceptance for two years while he goes on his mission, but then he can go when he gets back.  CONGRATS BRYSON!!!  Now we wait to find out where and when his will go on his mission.  We should know in the next month.

Addisen getting to go to a basketball tournament in Nashville for three days.  She had so much fun being a silly young lady!  Her coaches advice to her over the break is “I don’t want you to practice, I just want you to eat lard!”  Ha!

Going to the Adventure Science place in Nashville!  It was such a fun day with the five youngest (a glimpse of my future).  We went up for Addy’s b-ball tournament game and made an entire day of it.

Magic School Bus at the science center.  :)
Magic School Bus at the science center. 🙂

Hadley wanting her hair cut short!  She looks so cute and a little younger (this makes me happy, as I am trying to keep them from growing up).  🙂

Hadley's cute haircut!
Hadley’s cute haircut!

Kevin and I getting to see Bill Cosby live!!!  It was a blast!  We were worried he would be too old to do it, but he was hilarious!  We were laughing so hard!

Bryson asking Audrey to Prom.  He had Red Robin write it on a dessert plate.  She loved it and they had a fun night.  Including this funny picture at Old Navy.  I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it!

Bryson's fun night!
Bryson’s fun night!

Shelf Reliance party!  I loved having this at my home.  The food is yummy and I am so excited to build up our fruits, vegetables and meats!  Kevin took the kids to dinner while I cleaned.  It was amazing to be in the house alone with silence.  He is the best!

Laura Cazier bringing me an entire box of gluten free food.  So sweet!  I love sweet acts of kindness.  Thank you Laura!!!

Corbin getting braces!  Thankfully, he is not very sore.  He looks so cute!  Love my Corbin!  We don’t have orthodontic insurance, so I told him, whenever he doesn’t like them that he has to be sooooo thankful for them.  🙂

My handsome Corbin!
My handsome Corbin!

Royce:  “”Spring is the flowers birthday.”  Me:  “Why?”  Royce:  “Because the water comes and the flowers get born.”  So sweet!

Pictures of our the homeschool group at our house.

I had to take this picture before I jumped in it.
I had to take this picture before I jumped in it.

Along with my Statesman class (one student is skyping with us).

Statesman Class
Statesman Class

One thought on “Royce is 5, Bryson gets into BYU-Provo, Bill Cosby and Corbin Gets Braces!!!”

  1. Royce is 5! Happy Birthday!!!!! A big guy!!!! I loved the prom invite, Bryson. Really cool. And Hadley love the haircut. Corbin, Braces look just fine. Merritt — very cool costuming. You all had a great time again! Hugs to all, Aunt Peggy

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