Car Crash, Dog Dish Pee, Magic School Bus, Car Sales Man, Pink Unicorns and Giraffes!!!!

It’s been four weeks since I last wrote!  This is the longest I’ve gone since I started writing!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Making Valentine's cookies!
Making Valentine’s cookies!


Dixon figuring out how to go get whatever food he wants!  Thankfully, I showed him what food is “ok” to snack on and he seems to be going along with it.  Every once in awhile he suddenly has a bag of Reeses Mini’s and is just popping them in his mouth!

Dixon making his own fire truck cup!  :)
Dixon making his own fire truck cup! 🙂

Tessa trying to remember what Shakespeare play she is doing  “What is the name of it, something like Sleepless in Seattle?”  It’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.  🙂

Buying tons of food for our storage!   That part worked, but then after I unloaded it, rotated it and smiled really big, I turned around and Dixon had silently unloaded my purse and make-up bag!  It took me days to find everything in the couch (some things are still missing, maybe he ate them!).

Realizing how much I miss the past but how much I love our life now.  Then moving on to how much I want to move on (that may not make sense, but it was really deep at the moment).  🙂

Bryson labeling Tessa as “Phoebe” on Friends and Corbin as “Kramer” on Seinfeld.  Corbin asked if he could be someone else, but we were all laughing so hard we never got around to it.  Of course, we had to explain to them what the shows were….

Kevin and I having our 41st birthdays!  Uggghhh, we would rather not get older, but we do appreciate the wisdom that comes with experience, we think.

Kevin's present for me.  :)
Kevin’s present for me. 🙂
Happy me on my happy birthday!  :)
Happy me on my happy birthday! 🙂
My birthday present!  Kevin made me my corner in our room.  I can read and look out the window.  He thought of the chair, rug, pictures, shells and all the wall hangings.  LOVE IT!  :)
My birthday present! Kevin made me my corner in our room. I can read and look out the window. He thought of the chair, rug, pictures, shells and all the wall hangings. LOVE IT! 🙂

Dixon starting to get creative with his choice of urination locations!  Peeing in the dog’s water dish, on his bedroom floor AFTER he takes off his dry underwear in the morning, in a popcorn bowl while we are making cookies.  I’m sure there are other spots we don’t even know about.  Thankfully, it’s only every once in awhile!  🙂  The hard part is not laughing when he looks at you with those puppy eyes!

Peed in a bucket!  NIIIICE!
Pee in a bucket! NIIIICE!
Guilty Dixon!  How can I punish those eyes?  :)
Guilty Dixon! How can I be upset with those eyes? 🙂

Hadley with 3-D glasses on.  We were laughing so hard at her perfect expression.  Can you say “Lucky” from Napoleon Dynamite?!!!


Flee response right before I gave a talk in church.  I love to give talks or lessons, but right before I get up there I always have a slight flee response.

CARS and CAR ACCIDENTS!!!  First of all our cars are all old and falling apart!  This is a good thing considering we have teenagers that keep crashing them.  Addy was taking someone home and the doors wouldn’t unlock on the Suburban, so they had to climb out the windows.  We chalk that up to an awesome teenage memory!  Bryson and Addisen got in a bad accident a week and a half ago.  They had their friend Rachel with them and she was hurt pretty badly. We are just so thankful that they were not killed.  You can see the details on Bryson’s FB page.  We are so thankful they all ended up at home and in their beds that night.

Car accident.  :(
Car accident. 😦

Royce not wanting to turn five next week!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  It’s because we told him he has to start eating our dinner food the day after his birthday  (he does not like any dinner, I mean any!).  Also, he gets bumped up to the older kids chores.  Kevin said to him “Roycee please don’t grow up”.  Royce said “That sounds good, because then I won’t have to turn five and eat my food at dinner”.

Researching and looking for our third car this year!!!  We are getting a newer Suburban so we can drive back to Oregon this summer.  Now we will have two white Suburbans!!!  Why are they always white????!!!  Boring!!!!  We were planning on trading our Suburban in but with the accident we had to keep the Suburban!  Still thankful though…. 🙂

Royce announcing that he doesn’t want to be Jack anymore!  Why, because no one remembers to call him that!  😦


Being extremely thankful for the way my crew cleans up after dinner.  Kevin or I take Dixon up for a bath and come down to a kitchen that is all cleaned up!  Cleaning up after ten people is not a small thing!  Thank you to my awesome kids!

Royce’s “Magic School Bus” quotes (we just bought the entire series, so the kids have been watching them whenever they can!) :  “This learns us of things that we don’t know, but we likeded.”  “Mom, can we watch Magic Flying Bus?”  “That’s just like Miss Frizzle says.”  This one was on his Daddy date:  Kevin said “I’m going to have to eat you up Royce.”  RJ said “Cool, then I can go on a field trip in your body like on Magic School Bus!”  (the body one is his favorite!)

Royce starting to read.  He loves to take a piece of paper and write down words that he can sound out.  This is one of my favorite stages!  I love watching the lightbulb come on!  🙂

Getting to go bag potatoes!  Our great neighbors told us about a gleaning place that provides food for the poor.  We had such a great time helping out.  There were so many families there that it went by quickly!

Potato bagging!  :)
Potato bagging! 🙂

Hauling all the kids into our Classical Conversations Home School Group.  Normally, it’s just Tessa, Merritt, Hadley, Royce and I.  This time we were introducing our family during the opening portion.  It was so fun to line everyone up by age and let them meet everyone!  No one even embarrassed me (Bryson had to really hold his tongue!).  🙂  I loved the questions afterwards… “Are they all from your body?”  “You had that many?”  “How do you keep your sanity?”  “It was so nice to get to see all you kids at one time.”  🙂

Love me some Classical Conversations!
Love me some Classical Conversations!  This is a Giotto picture.  🙂

Dixon saying prayers!  I keep my eyes open just to soak up the expressions on his face!  It’s the cutest thing!

Snuggling on the couch with blankets and popcorn!  The girls and I watched Little House and painted our nails while the boys were out.  Happy night!

Bryson and Corbin taking Kevin shopping for clothes!  Yes!  I love teenagers that know the styles.  Our kids are really trying to help us in this area!  We hate shopping and spending money, but Bryson says “I love to spend other people’s money”.  🙂

Bryson and Corbin playing with the little boys!  It’s so fun and cute!

Bryson and Royce snoozing.  :)
Bryson and Royce snoozing on a Sunday. 🙂

Bryson took Royce fishing last weekend and he loved it!  🙂

Bryson and Royce fishing!  :)
Bryson and Royce fishing! 🙂

My friend Rachel Hansen posting our old pictures from college on FB!  We were so fun, spontaneous and crazy, oh and awesome!  I had so much fun catching up with people as they commented on the pictures!  We were both singing at the top of our lungs, across the country at the same time.  Our kids thought we were crazy!

My Dad visiting!!!  He got to see Addy and Bryson play b-ball and we loved having him here!

Merritt asleep on Boppa.  :)
Merritt asleep on Boppa. 🙂

Getting this hilarious letter from a car sales man!  Awesome southern experience!  By the way, we never said we were going to pray about the car.    IMG_3721

Royce quote:  “You know how Dixon pees on the floor in the morning?”  Me, “Yes.”  RJ, “I sometimes do that too and miss the toilet, you know I can get kinda wobbly sometimes.”   Isn’t that great?…….

Addy helping Royce be a giraffe!  🙂  He was so happy, but we couldn’t stop laughing and he didn’t like that.


Dixon as a pink unicorn!  He’s going to love these pictures later in life!  🙂  IMG_3731


8 thoughts on “Car Crash, Dog Dish Pee, Magic School Bus, Car Sales Man, Pink Unicorns and Giraffes!!!!”

  1. Dixon comes by his creative pee places righteously. His Uncle Lloyd picked the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator. Thank goodness Grandmother saw it and we didn’t have to eat seasoned vegetables!

  2. Hug them all for me — car accidents aren’t any fun. I had a few in my first couple years of driving. Once backed into a corvette with Dad’s pickup truck and the trailer hitch thingy ripped his car apart! He let me go cause I was crying so hard! Glad all are o.k. And those cookies look good enough to munch on!!! and the Giotto painting is excellent! Real creativity! Think about PAFA for him!
    Love, Aunt Peggy

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