DIXON IS POTTY TRAINED!!! Homeschooler Gets Into College, Tessa’s First Babysitting Job and Bunk Beds!

DIXON IS POTTY TRAINED!!!  I know this may not be too exciting to you, but he being my last child and just turning two, makes it huge for me.  I LOVE POTTY TRAINING!  So, I had many tearful moments as I sat with him and loved him up.  This experience definitely had things that worked and things that didn’t work.  I hope to write up a separate section with details.  Some highlights were:  Doing a great job the first day, but not doing well the morning of the second day (almost lost it)!  Kevin working from home and helping with the other kids (mainly Royce, as he was moaning at the lack of attention).  As of now, Dixon takes himself potty throughout the day and even got up from his nap dry today, got his pull-up and pants off, ran to the bathroom and was done by the time I got to him.  Yippee!  Two weeks later and he is doing great!  I love little people (and big people, but especially little people)!

Dixon exhausted after a day of potty training.  :)
Dixon exhausted after a day of potty training. 🙂
Dixon potty training!  He preferred his shirt off too!
Dixon potty training! He preferred his shirt off too!


Missionary transfers!  It breaks our heart when we get close to a missionary and then they get transferred.  For some reason, I still feel like I’ll get to see them soon, when in reality, I will probably never see them again in this lifetime!  😦  IMG_3526IMG_3519

Sister Missionaries.  Sister Gehrig left us!  :(
Sister Missionaries. Sister Gehrig left us! 😦

Forgetting the words to one of our engagement songs!  We spent the evening of our anniversary trying to piece the song together.  It made us feel the years more than we wanted to.  On the positive side, I bought the Michael McLean CD “One Heart in the Right Place” the next day and have been singing it at the top of my lungs ever since!  🙂

Starting school again!  Uggghhh!  I was expecting the first day to be great (it usually is nice to be scheduled again), but it was a nightmare!  I’m sure Dixon’s potty training added to it, but I was way in over my head and in tears by that evening.  Kevin let me vent and we came up with spreading the kids out all over the house.  It worked!  They were done much faster and it was so quiet and no one talked to me.  YES!

Dixon potty training and playing dress up at the same time!  NOT GOOD!  I often wonder if he will ever wear pants again…. 🙂

Putting the crib and changing table away after 18 years!  😦  I wept as I folded the last crib sheets and baby blankets.  Love the new bunk beds and my big boys!

Gotta love bunk beds!
Gotta love bunk beds!

Kevin traveling!  We miss him tons, but then again we eat the food he dislikes, go out for donuts and do girly things.  Kevin had a blast speaking at a Lowe’s Conference and meeting with some great people.

Bryson getting shots and his ears cleaned out at the doctors.  He was really dizzy from it.  That, along with having to donate blood to find out his blood type were traumatic for him….  Those mission papers really like details.  🙂

Dixon getting into the syrup!  Uggghhh!!!!  I was enjoying how quiet it was with the kids all spread out in their rooms, but I didn’t check the table, the syrup had been left out.  Dixon had poured it into another cup and all over himself (head to toe), the table, benches, chairs and floor.  No matter how much I clean it up, I don’t think I’ll ever get all of it!


Going the Castillo’s family two year old birthday party!  Most of the people were speaking Spanish and it was so fun!  We love our friends the Castillos!  Their little Pablo is the cutest.  They even had a Pippi Longstocking as a visitor!  Pablo kept saying Peepee, peepee (meaning Pippi).  So cute!


Getting to have the Cazier’s over for Jeff’s birthday!  He is so nice to lead us into our 42nd year.  🙂  We LOVE their family!  They have the cutest kids.  The time just goes by too quickly…..

Cute Cazier kids!  :)
Cute Cazier kids! 🙂

Getting to go to the temple on a double date!  Great people, great conversation and great fun!

Royce getting fun boy toys from our neighbor Matthew.  Royce quoted him saying “It all works, I give you toys, you give me cookies!”  🙂

Playing LDS.org videos in the background on Sunday.  It was such a relaxing day and so uplifting.

Seeing the movie Les Miserables!  I loved and disliked it!  I thought it was really well done, I just felt very depressed the rest of the night.

Getting Christmas cards!  I hang them on the wall and I just can’t take them down.  Thanks to all of you that sent cards and pictures, we loved them!

Christmas cards!  Love them!
Christmas cards! Love them!

Bryson getting accepted to BYU-Idaho!  We are still waiting on some others, but I am sighing a huge relief that our home schoolers can actually get into college!

Dentist appointments for half the kids (especially Bryson for his mission papers).  No cavities!  YES!

Getting to go to the temple with Bryson, Corbin and Sis. Collins.  It was ward temple night and Kevin was out of town, so I arrange for the boys to do baptisms (since Bryson had to miss the last youth temple trip).  Sis. Collins jumped in at the last minute and the boys got to do some of her family names.  🙂  Happy night!

Kevin coming home from his trip.  There is nothing quite like getting to see him after a trip.  The kids were so cute and excited too.  Royce kept taking Kevin around to show him all the things that broke and they should fix.  🙂

Tessa getting to babysit for the first time out of our home!  She has waited since she was born to do this!  I love her enthusiasm and attitude.  Go Tessa!

Addisen’s quote:  “You have been replaced Bryson!  When I was with my friends they used to always talk about you, but now all they care about it Dixon.”  🙂


2 thoughts on “DIXON IS POTTY TRAINED!!! Homeschooler Gets Into College, Tessa’s First Babysitting Job and Bunk Beds!”

  1. Hi K and K and Kids, I love the new bunk beds and hearing all the news. The syrup story made me kring (is that a word). Congratulations to Dixon, Tessa and Bryson. Love you all, Mom

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