Dead Bunny #2, Jones 12 Days of Christmas, Chocolate Bears, and How Many Mom’s?!!!!

Hey it’s Addy this time!!!  I wish I was writing all about how it snowed,….. But not this year! 😦


Dixon getting shots at his well-check! He did NOT like it!  He was on Mom’s lap, screaming, and kicking all over… She ended up liking how clingy he was because he snuggled on her until the medicine started working. 🙂

Dixon wouldn't take his leg off of Mom's leg for 30 minutes!  :)
Dixon wouldn’t take his leg off of Mom’s leg for 30 minutes! 🙂

Dead bunny!  Tessa’s second bunny died. 😦 We were so busy it took two days to actually bury it!  It is buried right next to the other one. 🙂  For Christmas she got a stuffed animal, because she can’t kill it. 😉

Sandy Hook and Oregon mall shootings!  😦  I had a great day, but came home to the news about the Sandy Hook shootings, and it made me so sad.  It made me sad that so many little kids and teachers died, and I was amazed by the stories of the teachers who protected their students.  Also, it made me very grateful that I still have my family to be with.  My mom cried a lot as we watched videos and heard more about it. The day after, my parents were at the mall taking Hadley to a party, and my Dad was looking around, being very protective of his family.

Making so many Christmas treats!  Making that many batches of seven layer cookies was crazy!  We made at least two batches a day, I’m glad we had so many little helpers. 🙂  It sure is fun to take them to people though!

I completely burned one batch of treats!  I had forgotten that I was the only one home, and in charge of taking it out of the oven, so it burned!!  Whoops!


Someone heard I was Mormon and asked my friend how many mom’s I have!  My friend answered, “Just one awesome one!”

Paper snowflakes everywhere!!!  Hadley, Merritt and Royce used tons of construction paper to cover the house in snowflakes and paper chains!  Royce and Hadley wanted our neighbor to have a huge stack, so off they went.  The next day, we saw all of them up in their window!  They’re the best!

Merritt learned more about Santa…. and their relationship. 😉  😦

Who is this?
Who is this?

Looking for a new car was a big pain for my parents!  They finally found one, and right after we got it, the other two cars started to break!  Ahhhh!

My mom does NOT recommend Christmas wrapping for 10 people!  But, I am so glad she did it, because we all had an amazing Christmas! 🙂

My Mom tearing up because it is our last Christmas all together as a family. 😦  Next year Bryson will be on his mission.  Bryson made it harder by constantly reminding us of that. 😛  My Mom was getting so sad thinking about the things she will be putting in a package for him this time next year.  It will be so sad without him here!  So… weird! Not looking forward to that…..

My wool sweaters were put in the dryer, and shrunk!!!  They fit Dixon!

Dixon did NOT like sitting on Santa’s lap!

Dixon loves Santa!
Dixon loves Santa!


Homemade salsa and tortilla chips from the Bordens!  Yum!

The car was totaled!  That’s good news, because we got almost twice as much money back than what we paid for it!

Tithing!  Us kids have our bank accounts, and we pay tithing (10%) on allowance, and any other money we earn. We also put aside 50% for mission or college. Sometimes this is REALLY hard!  But watching Bryson get ready for his mission makes me realize how it really will be worth it.  🙂

Meteor shower!  There was a meteor shower, and they all layed out blankets, and watched it! And it was 34 degrees outside!  Sounds like fun.  🙂

How many Meteors can you see?
How many Meteors can you see?

Hadley went to a build-a-bear party.  🙂  She loved it, and when Mom and Dad came home, she was asleep with her bear.  Cute!

I love having all of these Christmas/New Years parties! So much fun!

Galaxy of lights at Botanical gardens. It was really cool…. we had white trash (one of our favorite Christmas treats) as we drove through, seeing all the lights.

Galaxy of lights!
Galaxy of lights!

Royce helping Dad fix everything, it’s so cute!!!

The fix it guys!
The fix it guys!

Bryson and I going on another double date. 🙂  Tyler Tillman and I went out to dinner, then we met Bryson and his date at the outside skating rink.  Not the best rink… but still fun! We had a great time! 🙂

5 little heads watching Polar Express.  🙂 One of Mom’s favorite parts of this Christmas.

Polar Express
Polar Express

I love all of our Christmas traditions!  One tradition is to do some kind of service on Christmas Eve.  All of us picked up trash on the side of a road. Dad tried to make it a fun contest by giving out awards; an award for whoever finds the coolest thing, and another award to the person that finds the most dead animals.  😉  Tessa found two dead animals and Corbin found an iPad (we told Royce he won with the bone he found!).   Another tradition ( I really like this one!) is going out to lunch Christmas Eve, after our service. 🙂  We went to a Mexican resteraunt, and Dad made us all order in Spanish!  It was really funny watching all the little kids try to say everything right……But the best mess up goes to Bryson.  I don’t really know if he knew what he was saying when he told the waitress the she looked “delicious”.  🙂  She told him what he said, and he freaked out, apologizing, seeming very embarrassed. 🙂  Hahaha, something crazy like that happens every time we all go out to eat together.  😉

Another Tradition I like is reading our testimonies.  During the Christmas season we write our testimonies, and read them on Christmas Eve.  Our testimonies can be about Christmas, Christ, or any part of the gospel.  We have a notebook to save them in.

Hadley’s Christmas Jar was so sweet!  All year she put her money in a jar, and  on Christmas Eve, some of us put some in, too. We dropped it and some other things, off on someone’s doorstep.  We later realized that we left a jar full of money out in the open, in a part of town that is not so good. :/ Whoops!

Hadley’s version of The 12 Days of Christmas.  

Our amazing neighbors gave us a chocolate bear family!  Two big bears, and eight little ones!

Eight little bears!  :)
Eight little bears! 🙂

I really loved this vacation!  No school, relaxing days, and I can just go have fun. While not having to worry about school.  🙂  It’s so nice!  Tomorrow school starts again, and I’m not ready for Christmas break to end!

Mom and Dad’s 19th anniversary was last week. They went out to dinner and a movie. They saw “Parental Guidance”, and loved it!

The new car we got is a Volvo. My Dad wanted a Volvo so much that his phone told him every time there was one for sale.  🙂  The one we got looks like a hearse!  It’s great…..

The Hagelbergs taught us all how to use guns safely!  Since we live in the South and all, we felt a little out of place not owning a gun, so we got a couple, and had the Hagelbergs teach us how to use them!  😉  It was a good experience.

Making pizzas on New Years Eve!  We each had a ball of dough, and we made pizza muffins, and pizzas. They were so good!

Potty training Dixon! It’s going pretty well, He’s learning really quickly!  I don’t get why, but my mom LOVES potty training!  She would potty train all of your kids for free.  😉  She is so sad that this will be her last kid to potty train…. She can have mine!  She will post more on this next week….

Potty Training!  Loving it!
Potty Training! Loving it!

Royce on Christmas morning: “When I woke up I was afraid Santa was still there.” Mom: “why?” “Because that would be naughty to see him.”

Royce: “I don’t know Santa’s magic, but I like it.”

Paper car town.  Mom, Hadley, Merritt and Royce drew a little town for their cars to drive on!  So cute!  🙂

Paper car town fun!
Paper car town fun!

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