Decorating Our Lives

At church this past Sunday a speaker said, “Our home is now decorated for Christmas…”  I didn’t hear anything she said after that, because I had an impression that filled in the rest of the sentence for me.  A question, in fact.

“Your home is decorated for Christmas, but is your life decorated with Christ?”

Newtown, a place that needs so much healing this time of year, started taking down Christmas decorations.  Although I can understand given the circumstances (having lived through a similar tragedy in my home town), it was sad to see that they are removing the very symbols of the season which should point them to their only real Source of healing.  Yet, at the same time, maybe those symbols have been so far removed from the true Spirit of Christmas that they, indeed, do not represent what they once had in times past.

Either way, not being in their shoes, I can’t judge their situation.  But these two thoughts combined impressed upon me the question: Is my life decorated with Christ?  The One who can heal all wounds? Have I decorated my life in such a way throughout the year that there is no doubt in whom I represent?  Have I decorated myself with the characteristics that will point others to Him?

If I were given a grade I know an A+ would not be on the report card. Although I am working on it, learning more every day, I hope I can become a person whose life is decorated with the same attributes I have seen in Him – those I have seen in so many others: my wife, my children, my extended family and dear friends.  And many of you who are reading this now.

This Christmas I am thankful for those who have blessed my life, and the life of my family, throughout the years.  Those who have been so generous to us in time, example, love, concern and service.  Thank you.

I hope I can decorate my life with those attributes and pass your gifts on to others who are in need.  In time, I hope we all decorate our lives with the attributes and testimony of Christ.

Merry Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Decorating Our Lives”

  1. Kevin, I know we all are aware of our own need for improvement and I grant you that, but I do want you to know that Yes, you are a representative of Jesus Christ. I doubt there is any confusion on the part of anyone that associates with you or your family. You carry the light of Christ. Your efforts have not been in vain. Thank you for sharing your impression and allowing the rest of us an opportunity for reflection as well.

    Merry Christmas to all of you! May the peace that comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ continue to guide you through all your decisions and adventures this coming year. Kisses!

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