Car Accident, Dixon is TWO, Oral Exams and “Jack”!!!

I made it!  It’s only been a week and I’m writing again.  Yippee!  We are done with Christmas Festival Choir practice, two homeschool groups, dance, birthdays, the orthodontist, piano and the rest…….  Basketball still dominates, but I am looking very forward to the rest of the holiday season and getting to choose what we do each day.  🙂  I even took a 20 minute nap yesterday!  I think being busy is overrated and I am never going to be busy again!  I just need to convince my kids that they never need to leave the house!  😉


Addisen getting in an accident!  Uggghhh!  Thankfully, no one was hurt and it was a good lesson on how easily it can happen.  We can’t wait to get our third car back or a new one!  Addisen can’t wait to pay higher insurance and the deductible! 🙂

Royce changing his name to “Jack”.  Oddly enough, we have never had a child do this, but we are up for new things.  🙂  Royce:  “Mom, remember how you said I could change my name?”  Me:  “I did?”  RJ:  “Yes, so please call me Jack.”  He even corrects me when I mess up.

Electrical problems downstairs!  Not good when we have freezers full of food.  Thank goodness for extension cords and electricians.  Just one more thing…..

Letting Corbin go babysit at a house with cats!  He is allergic to them, but I didn’t think about it.  The family was very nice and gave him Benedryl (he promptly fell asleep, just kidding!).  Thankfully it worked and he had so much fun with their kids!

Dixon slicing his eyebrow open in the shower.  He was trying to get away from me washing his hair and slipped, hitting his head on the metal frame.  So sad!  😦  Thankfully, it has healed really well.

Dixon pouring all the sprinkles out on his cake box!  He is too quick for me!

Dixon poured his sprinkles out way too early!
Dixon poured his sprinkles out way too early!


Bryson’s psychology presentation videos.  My kids crack me up!  Bryson’s Psychology Project

Bryson and Corbin Pschology

Dixon is starting to talk so much!  We all love trying to translate what he is saying.  Bryson’s favorite is to say good bye to him.   Dixon is saying “Seeyalata, Bubba!”  He also says “Love you more….”, when we leave.  Melts your heart.   

Dixon turning TWO!!!

Dixon was exhausted at Disney World so we gave him this to put him off.  :)  Worth it?
Dixon was exhausted at Disney World, so we gave this to him to put him off. 🙂 Worth it?
My relaxed guy!
My relaxed guy!
My happy boy!
My happy boy!
Happy Birthday Dixon!
Happy Birthday Dixon!
Happy Dixon!
Happy Dixon!
Please don't grow up!  :)
Please don’t grow up! 🙂
Love those eyes!
Love those eyes!

He was so cute!  When he opened his blocks he just kept giggling.  He stacked them up and knocked them down all day.  🙂

Kevin singing in the Christmas Festival Choir!  I LOVE LISTENING TO THEM!  I would go to every performance if I could!  They sound like a mini MoTab choir.  I’m very thankful for all the hours people serve to make the festival happen.  The live nativity is so great too!

Piano recital with Sis. Trappett!!  Addisen, Tessa and Merritt take lessons (I guess Hadley takes lessons too, from the girls).

Piano recital
Piano recital

Home school group Christmas party!  We had a wonderful, yummy cookie exchange too.

Home school group.
Home school group.
Cookie exchange!
Cookie exchange!

Oral exams for the Statesman class.  You never know how it will turn out, but the students did a fabulous job!  It was great to see how they applied what they have learned so far.

You want to know what really works???!!!!  That I have a two year old and I’m not pregnant and won’t be ever again!!!!  I can’t tell you how elated I am for this next year!  It’s been over 18 years since I have been in this place!  YES, YES, YES!!!


7 thoughts on “Car Accident, Dixon is TWO, Oral Exams and “Jack”!!!”

  1. When Juana was born we always called her Jenny.
    She decided when she was about 6 that her name was Juana and NEVER allowed us to call her Jenny again. You were the only ones she allowed to call her Juanie. She loved that name when it was spoken by you and your little ones.

  2. Melt my heart Vicki!!! I did not know that sorry at all! I love it. I’ll have to tell the kids, especially Royce. The problem is that we LOVE the name Royce, so it can’t be permanent!

  3. Tell “Jack” I always have liked that name. A boy down the street didn’t like his name Donald, and changed it to Allen. He likes his new name far more!!
    What a time you had! Accidents, sprinkles, shower injuries! Goodness! Hugs to all, Peggy

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