Falling Down Stairs, College Applications, Mission Papers, Thanksgiving, Bob and Barnaby!

Sorry this is long, but it’s been three weeks.  I’ll try to be better about doing it weekly, but the time just flies by!  🙂  We’ve had a wonderful three weeks and life is just amazing!  I almost did a blog just about all the things I’m thankful for…..

Love my kiddies!
Love my kiddies!
Almost two and super cute!
Almost two and super cute!


Getting some of our wood floors replaced in our kitchen.  Water had rotted it away all the way down to the crawl space.  It’s taken us a year and a half to finally get to it.  My advice is to not have wood floors in your kitchen, if you have little kids!  It was fun for the kids to watch the workers though.

Royce watching the floor guy.  :)
Royce watching the floor guy. 🙂

Buying a new fridge to make sure water doesn’t leak onto the new wood floors.  Also, a new dishwasher…. Why buy that too?  Oh, just because we were already there and it was on it’s way out too!

Bryson losing his phone in our huge pile of leaves.  He was jumping on the trampoline and it fell out of his pocket.  He kept calling it and could hear it vibrating in the leaves!  Ha!  The kids helping to look for it wasn’t any help because they were too loud in the leaves.

Corbin forgetting to put on Dixon’s diaper after his bath!  I went to put him to bed and thankfully he hadn’t wet his pants.  I’m still very thankful that Corbin gave him a bath and got him ready for bed!  🙂

Corbin parking a friends bike at the end of the drive way, so they could pick it up Thanksgiving evening.  The reason this does not work is that Addy backed up (with the missionaries in the car) and ran it over.  Completely twisting it.  Please realize it was very dark and she could not see it.  The missionaries got to witness a good fight between Corbin and Addy.  It added great memories to our Thanksgiving…..  We were already laughing about it that night (maybe not Corbin!).

The dog rolling is some kind of dead animal’s blood!  Gross!!!   It took three baths to get the smell to go away!  Uggghhh!!!

Watching “Frosty the Snowman” on TV with commercials.  Royce couldn’t understand what they were, he kept thinking each commercial was a different TV show.  I guess this shows how much TV we watch.

Royce:  “Mom, is it ok to cry when it’s almost Christmas?”  He had been listening to the song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” with the line “You better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why”.  I told him it was perfectly fine to cry and that he was such a good boy.

Hadley taping leaves from random bushes, all over the house.  She is really into mistletoe and keeps trying to get us to go kiss under the leaves.  🙂

Finding time for my Statesman class!  I love teaching the class, but getting the books all read and the schedule prepared can be hard.  The youth are so fun and it’s always worth it.

Dixon getting into markers!

Three days later and it's still won't come off all the way!
Three days later and it’s still won’t come off all the way!


Kids having too much energy to behave well in the house.  The reason this works for our family is that it adds up to many hours of yard work!  So many leaves everywhere!

Bryson taking a break while the leaves burn...
Bryson taking a break while the leaves burn…
Royce in the leaves!
Royce in the leaves!


NASA finally signing Kevin’s contract!  It only took two months to get it done.

Going through Pinterest with the kids, while playing Christmas music!  We had so much fun!  It is really not a good idea to do it when you are hungry though.  But we picked some new food ideas for Thanksgiving 😉

Temple baptisms.  🙂  There was major holiday traffic down to Birmingham (we had forgotten what traffic was, unless there is an accident).  We got to the temple too late to do anything, so a friend and I were asked to do youth baptisms.  I haven’t done that in over 15 years.  It was so neat, but a little hard when you are not prepared.  🙂  I was looking pretty funny when I left…..

Stake Conference with Elder Meredith!  It was such a wonderful weekend as we got to hear many wonderful talks and Elder Meredith was truly inspiring!  We went to Baskin Robbins with some friends after wards and caught the end of the Oregon/Stanford game!  So much for having Kevin or Bryson’s attention on our date!  🙂  It was perfect timing though!

Kevin getting to go with the Stake Choir to sing at the Gardner’s home.  It was such a touching time for them.  Bro. Gardner used to stand right by Kevin in the choir and he has been so missed this year.  So they brought the Christmas choir to him.

Kevin getting to speak at a TEDX Youth Conference.  One of Kevin’s goals in life is to speak at a TED Conference (we often make fun of his lofty goals, so this made the joke on us) .  This was local and not quite there yet, but on the right track.  Go Kevin!  🙂

Extra time during the week of Thanksgiving!  I loved reading with the kids, playing games, jumping on the trampoline and doing puzzles.  Wow, why can’t every week be that way!  I’m working on it….

Going to Bryson’s and Addy’s basketball games.  It is SOOOOO fun!   I love watching them play basketball.  The teams they play are so respectful and just all around great kids.  I’m dying to play real basketball again!  The driveway just isn’t cutting it for me…

Perfectly wonderful Thanksgiving!  Turkey Bowl, yummy new recipes, time to be together, missionaries over, fun games and lots of laughter.  The wonderful feeling in our home was just perfect!  I’m so thankful for our little family and wonderful guests!

Devouring our Thanksgiving appetizers!  :)
Devouring our Thanksgiving appetizers! 🙂
Trampoline fun!
Trampoline fun!
Girls pealing potatoes!
Girls pealing potatoes!
Yummy turkey!
Yummy turkey!

Kevin, Bryson and Corbin going on a 100 mile bike ride!  They rode from Anniston, Alabama to  Atlanta, Georgia in two days.  They had a great time with everyone and they were VERY tiered when they got back!

Setting up Christmas the day after Thanksgiving!  I love this tradition (I miss my guys that were biking, but it’s still great!).  It’s so charming and sweet!  I love the Christmas tree (our first fake one, due to living in Alabama), all the lights, snuggles, books, movies and the great Christmas letters in the mail.

Royce after watching Frosty the Snowman:  “When I go to bed I still hear those voices form the TV.”  🙂

Realizing how thankful I was for awesome parents!  I was showing Addisen how to drive back from Decatur on Googlemaps (40 minutes away, over the Tennessee river, with very confusing streets). As I told her that we would always come and get her if anything happened and what to do if she had to pull over, I got very teary eyed as I realized my Dad had always said the same thing to me.  My parents never had to come get me, but they gave me great confidence in feeling like I could conquer anything and they would be there to help me if I needed picking up.  I’m so very thankful for them!  🙂

Nana and Boppa!
Nana and Boppa!

We were telling Royce about Barnaby, our elf that checks out how everyone is behaving in our house during Christmas, when he said “Wow, he must be really good at hide and seek”.

Having the Faith In God, end of the year recognition party, at our house.  The girls leaders are fantastic!  I loved getting to see my girls and their cute friends present their accomplishments.  It helps me stop and notice how fast they are growing up!

Home School Mom’s Meeting here.  Great ladies, great ideas and great examples!  They teach me so much and it’s great to get to hang out afterwards to visit and laugh.  I’m truly thankful for all of them!

Bryson finishing his college applications!!!  This is an entirely new experience for us.  He did such a great job doing all of it by himself.  He just had us proofread his essays.  The process wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Bryson starting his mission papers.  If this seems odd, it is.  He is applying to college so we can see what happens and then it will all be in the computer in two years when we have to do this again, during his mission.  He hopes to leave on his mission this summer, after he graduates.  He is so excited, as are we.  As we go through these last holidays with all the family here under one roof, I tend to get a little emotional.  But, I am so thankful for his willing heart.  The spirit has been so strong in our home and that is what is the most important thing for us.

Watching the SEC championship game at our neighbors, the Ray’s home.  We had yummy food and a great time.  Minus the part when Dixon fell down the 20 step (I’m guessing how many) wooden stairs.  He was fine minus a lot of bruises.

Dixon was rooting for Alabama!
Dixon was rooting for Alabama!

Super Saturday!  We had the best get together at church.  We made great decorations, ate yummy food and visited with great women!  I haven’t done one of those in years, so it was fun to do it again.

Our wonderful neighbors hiding “Bob” the penguin each day.  She puts it in a different spot for the kids to find, then they write down where it is and put it in her mailbox.  It’s the sweetest thing!  We truly do live by the greatest people!


Family Home Evening Disney reminiscing activity.  It’s so fun to go through the fun pictures and get all excited again!

Temple trip with the youth!  I love the leaders and the youth!


2 thoughts on “Falling Down Stairs, College Applications, Mission Papers, Thanksgiving, Bob and Barnaby!”

  1. Okay. Dixon in that elephant suit wins everything. Hands down. You must NOT lose that picture. And I want to be a neighbor like your “Bob” neighbor. I bet she loves having all you kids around.

    Alright, alright, one more thing: PUTTING IN MISSION PAPERS?!?! Aughh! The next thing you know Royce will be passing the sacrament! (Sorry – I’m sure that isn’t helpful for a weepy mom’s heart, but yikes!)

    Love you all!

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