NANA AND BOPPA VISIT, DISNEY WORLD, Teenager Forgiveness, Spiderman Buildings and “I Lost my Secret”!!!

Wow, wow, wow!!!  I could just stop there and it would sum up our last three weeks!  We had such a wonderful time with my parents and then in Disney World.  But as we came home last night I loved the feeling of home.  I love our life, our home, our health and the sweet spirit that is here.  I am truly thankful for our little family and their happiness and helpful spirit.  Next year, Bryson won’t be here and it will be so different.  I am cherishing all our last moments together a family. 🙂  

First day at Disney World!


Cleaning up leaves!  They fell down before we had them cleaned up!

Getting everything done two weeks in advance (lessons, callings, school, trip preparations).  This went better than I thought it would, but it still was a little crazy.  It’s so worth it when the fun begins though!  I had so many lists that it was hard to find the right one when I needed it!

Hadley working it!  Hadley was unwrapping Hershey Kisses to help make a treat for Visiting Teaching.  I told her I needed eight.  At the end she looked up innocently and said “Oh no, there is an extra one.”  With that sheepish grin, how could I not give into her?…..

Kids revealing EVERYTHING they can to the Home Teachers!!!  We have new, wonderful Home Teachers and the kids decided to let them really get to know us.  At the end, one of them asked us what they could do for us and we told them to bring duct tape next time!

Bryson baring his testimony.  The only reason this is under “didn’t work” is that he forgave me over the pulpit!  It was a lovely moment…..  You too can be forgiven by your teenager if you ask him to wear his suit jacket to church!  Of course, I could have been more tactful, buuuuut…….

Dixon skipping right to talking in phrases.  If you know the topic he is talking about you can understand him.  It is so exciting to understand him.  “Hi Bubba!”, Thank you Nana.”, Bye, see ya later.”, “Here ya go, Bentley.”, “Yay, let’s go!”.  It usually is whatever the group of kids is saying.

Sad moment when my parents left…. 😦  Still sad!  😦

Driving over 10 1/2 hours to Disney World!

Kevin taking a business call for the first 30 minutes of our drive to Orlando.  We had to keep 9 people silent for that entire time.  Everyone did great!  Addy suggested “Maybe we should pretend Dad is on a call the entire trip?!!!”.

Driving over 10 hours home from Disney World!  Actually, the kids did great for cramming 10 people into a nine seater Suburban.  Dixon especially did well.  He never screamed!  This is a big deal for him!  🙂

“Can I go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride?  But, I can’t see the movie!”  I’m not allowed to say who said this…. 🙂

Kevin:  “I’ve never counted to eight so many times in my life!”  This was after two days at Disney World.  We had them wear matching shirts each day, so we could keep track of them.

My small town girls quote:  “Wow, those are huge buildings!  Are they spiderman buildings?”  This was as we drove through downtown Atlanta.  🙂

Kevin during It’s a Bugs Life Ride:  “Cool, little kids are crying!  That means it’s a great ride!”  My Disney World die hard husband.  🙂

Dixon crying to get IN the stroller!  He used to hate the stroller, it wasn’t even worth bringing places.  Now he loves it!  That’s what four days at Disney World will do.

Bentley chewing up our scarecrows while we were gone.  She tends to chew things when we leave her for more than a couple days.  Our hymn books and tissue box didn’t fare too well either.


Addisen and Bryson going to Homecoming.  So fun to watch them get ready and go.  🙂  Addy had her dress made and it was so cute!  Sadie Walker came over and did a great job on her hair!  Thank you Sadie!  Getting ready for a dance is so different with a girl!  🙂  They both had a great time.

Matthew Ray, Emily Ray and Bryson

Shadrach and Addy.

Pumpkin carving and home made pumpkin bread!  Perfect night (because we put Dixon down before we did it!).

Dixon loved the Jack-o-lanterns!

Trunk or Treat at church.  So fun!

Weather switching over!  I love cold Fall weather!

Shoulder angel/devil pictures.  So funny!

Shoulder angel and devil! 🙂

Royce:  “There are a lot of different worlds.  There is Oregon, Destin and then there is Disney World!”  🙂

Mom and Dad coming for Halloween!  We had a perfect day!  We went to Lyon Farms, had our own party with pumpkin bowling, donuts on string and apple bobbing.  Then fun Trick or Treating!  Dixon wore our favorite koala bear costume.  He ran from house to house with his ears bouncing all over the place.  Loved it!  An exhausting, perfect day!  


Halloween bowling

Kevin and I going to Chattanooga with my parents for two days.  We stayed at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast on Lookout Mountain.  We loved our time there!

Kevin and l loving the view at Ruby Falls!
Love this picture of Mom at Rock City!

Dad and I at Ruby Falls. 🙂

Nana:  “When I look at Bentley (the dog), I think she is going to talk.”  Ha!  🙂  Also, “After a week with you all, I finally feel normal, peaceful and whole.”   So sweet!

Royce:  “I lost my secret!”  He meant his fortune, from 88 Buffet.  My parents took us there as our finale dinner.  It was so yummy!

Nana and Boppa doing school work with the younger kids.  Great memories!

Mom attending our Statesman class.  It was so neat to have her there.  We discussed “The Chosen”.

Driving to Orlando….  Singing together, reading books out loud, talking, EATING, laughing, fighting, sleeping, eye fighting, watching two movies each way.

Bryson asked Kevin:  “Dad, does the oldest person just always win the eye fight, or is there actually skill to winning?”  This is a family tradition in Kevin’s family.  Kevin just always says he wins.  🙂

Royce while we were at church in Orlando:  “Is this Disney World’s church?”  We got to see their Primary Program.  It was so cute!

Thankful for the Sabbath Day!  By Sunday, I felt so beat up that I was very grateful for a day of rest!  It was such a nice family day.  We all took naps, ate, played games and watched TV.  I was addicted to the Hallmark channel.  Good thing we don’t watch TV at home!  Loved the day!

Our wonderful neighbor Tina Darby bringing us Mickey Mouse treats so we wouldn’t be so sad to be home!  They were so yummy!

Love the yummy mouse ears!

Thunder Mountain is still my favorite ride!!!

My favorite part of Disney World was the sweetness.  I loved how clean and family friendly it is!


4 thoughts on “NANA AND BOPPA VISIT, DISNEY WORLD, Teenager Forgiveness, Spiderman Buildings and “I Lost my Secret”!!!”

  1. Yay for Dixon and learning to speak in phrases! Fun, fun!
    The angel/devil picture is awesome.
    Hadley – so glad your “oops” turned chocolatey (wink)
    Addy – GORGEOUS. Really.
    So cool that you can have a legitimate Halloween party with just your family.
    Love that your parents LOVE to be with all of you!

    Here’s to a great transition back to home and school! Keep up the good work everyone!

    1. Cheri you’re awesome! I’m ready for a Cheri update! Send me all the gooey details! 🙂

      Thanks for pointing out that we have enough people for a party, that helps my attitude toward all the work! 🙂

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