Family Video, Addisen Gets Her License, Dixon Climbs Out of His Crib and the Intoxicated Man!!

Kevin and I decided to make a vlog (I guess that means a video blog).  🙂  It is about families and we’ll be making a video each month about different topics.  We have only made the introduction video and we still need to do the first topic video before we really get it going, but I thought I would put it on here for you to see.  Mainly so you can have a good laugh.  The video itself is ok, but the outtakes afterwards make us laugh so hard.  We keep watching it over and over.  I can’t get over Merritt’s laugh.  It makes me smile!  We’ve decided that at least we have fun doing this as a family, whether or not anyone watches them.  Kevin is still working on the site and it isn’t officially “launched” yet.  There are still tweaks and the other video to do, but we are getting there.


DIXON CLIMBING OUT OF HIS CRIB AND OPENING THE DOOR!   Now that it’s been two weeks, his is much faster and getting much less sleep.  Goodbye 15 hour nights!  I do love to hear his little feet run across the floor and then he yells “Hey, Mom!”.  

Presidential debate watching!  I have a love/hate relationship with this!

Watching a grumpy child take it out on other siblings.  Makes me sad….  😦

Yard work marks!  This is a good and bad thing.  It helps fix the way they speak to each other, but takes time to enforce.  Hmmm…

Having the Red Robin waitress recognize me and bring our special sauces with an order fries (without us asking)!  You now know my favorite restaurant!  We obviously have been going there too often!

Bryson getting home way too late from a Homecoming dance!  Uggghhh!  Then he talked with us for an hour and a half (this part was good!).  I wonder if I’ll still be able to do this when Royce and Dixon are teenagers?  Probably not, I’ll just send them to their brothers house….    He had a great time out for the evening with Jaclyn.  🙂

Homecoming with Jaclyn! She is so sweet! 🙂

Royce getting dressed in his clothes for the next day and sleeping in them.  Just to save time in the morning.  🙂

Dixon grabbing the milk jug and drinking straight from it!  Thankfully, it wasn’t full!

He is very independent! Is it in the genes? 🙂

Kids that were previously trained, end up growing out of it by the time they are 17!  🙂  I have trained my kids to not take candy from a candy dish on the counter.  I have it there to train them to ask and then they will get it after lunch or dinner.   At 17 they revert back to a one year old and just take what they want.  I’m just kidding about caring about this, but I did think it was ironic!

Feeling a little nervous about Addy driving by herself after getting her license.  On the way back from getting it, I said to her:  “You do realize you can die in a car accident and I really want you to live and have babies and be happy.  Please don’t kill my other kids either.”  She told me to go back to the happy excited mom, that existed right after she got her license!  Ha!

An intoxicated man trying to join our simulation (for our Statesman class).  We were at a nature park and he just couldn’t hold back his comments (it’s hard for us not to jump in too, but you just have to let the youth run it).  It actually added to the experience, until he refueled and over did it.  Thankfully, Kevin was there!  🙂

Going to a fun birthday party for one of our friends, but Kevin ending up really sick and having to leave early!  😦

The art of letting go with teenagers.  Two steps forward, a half step back.  There are a lot of discussions, thoughts and decisions.  I love it, but it does take time and energy!  🙂


Addisen getting her Drivers License!!!!  She did it and is changing her life and mine.  I didn’t realize how much of the driving was for her.  She did a great job! Her voice was gone when she got it and she said “I would be screaming but I’ll have to wait until my voice is back!”   Go Addy!

You go girl!

Royce making Kevin wear his matching leather jacket everyday!  So cute!

They love their leather jackets!

All my guys accidentally matching their Sunday pants (actually Bryson put his on for the picture).  Love me men!

White shirts and tan pants and really cute guys that I love!

Autumn!  Love it!  

 Along with visiting our neighbors horses (well, actually it took 30 minutes to walk there, it’s much faster when I go running.  I really misjudged that!)

We love horses! 🙂

Having a “Mormon Neighbor” meeting at our house.  In our area, the church made a 30 minute presentation to show anyone that is interested in finding out the truth about the rumors they have heard.   It’s not a political thing, but since people are more interested at this time, it helps answer questions.  Neighbors actually came (we were a little worried) and it was an amazing experience.  They asked incredible questions and everyone was so nice and kind.  We LOVE our neighbors so much!  We had such a good time, we want to do one every Sunday!  So, if anyone wants to come, let us know.  🙂

Our neighbor Matt walking in our front door (because he knows it’s too loud for us to hear him knock and he is welcome to come right in!).  His comment to us was “Dixon is going to be so shocked when he finds out I’m not his brother.  I’m pretty sure he likes me better than all ya’ll!”.  🙂  Dixon always runs up to Matt and hugs his legs.  This says a lot, considering how particular he is about people.

A perfect walk around a beautiful lake, with perfect weather and great kids.  Filled us right up!  

Dixon exploring at the lake… 🙂

Sitting Dixon on the counter while I cook or bake.  I give him the spoon of cookie dough and he loves it.  It’s never to young to train them up, is it?

Dixon and his food! 🙂

Corbin reading all the Work and the Glory series of books!  He did it to have permission to buy an Ipod.  He really liked them and now he wants to go see church history sites.  🙂  Go Corbin!

Corbin getting to work for people.  I love it when my kids have work so they can earn their spending money.  I’m very thankful for those people that hire him!

Royce:  “Bryson said he would give me his Captain America shield when he goes on his mission!”  🙂  Also, “Mom, can I have a cell phone?”  “No Royce, not until you are 16, you are only four.”

Merritt:  “I’ve been trying to decide whether I like Halloween or Easter better.  I’ve decided on Halloween because it’s not a competition to get the candy.”  🙂

Little girls doing cartwheels EVERYWHERE!  I don’t think they know how to walk normally anymore.

Studying John Deere tractors with Royce.  He loves their webpage and sets up his tractors and the farm in the playroom.  It’s so cute.  He came in my room and asked me a good question:  “Mom, where does the tractor live and sleep?”

Getting to go to a great neighborhood party (not ours, although ours are great too) with a fun band playing.  The kids got to play outside and run all over the place.

Getting to help Haley Thomason Robinson potty train her two year old!  It was so fun!  I truly LOVE potty training and can’t wait to do Dixon!  Thanks Haley, you did a fabulous job!!!

Doing a simulation for our Statesman class!  It worked out great and the students really got into it.  I love how simulations teach so much and help students to look at things in a different perspective.  Love these youth!

Saturday morning crepes!

Saturday morning crepes with homemade strawberry jam! Yum!

Playing 50’s music on a Saturday!  I love it!  It is so happy and I think of my parents, while I dance around the house.  After I had been singing loudly to a song Corbin said “Well, that’s a funny song.”  My reply “It’s great isn’t it?”  (me trying to get him to buy into the happiness).  CJ asking:  “And then he ditched me?”  Me:  “No Corb, and then he kissed me!”  I couldn’t stop laughing at that one!

Studying Gandhi!  Wow!

Having grateful moments as I think about the youth leaders and our Bishop that have such a wonderful influence on my kids.  As Bryson is making some big decisions, I really appreciate how they take time to spontaneously talk with him.

Dixon ripped Royce’s crown that said “I can be Honest”.  Royce wanted to fix it, so I said “You can staple it or tape it”.  Royce said “Ok, I’ll taple it.”  Ha!

Dixon getting into reading!  🙂

Dixon and his bean bag with a book! 🙂

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