General Conference, Creepy Halloween Mat, Addy’s First Date and Missions at 18!

Life must be getting much better (aka, the Oregon house is done!), for me to actually write the blog two weeks in a row!  It’s still extremely busy, but I appreciate “normal” life so much more!  🙂


Kevin gun shopping.  Actually this works, but I don’t like spending time doing it.  I just want to have it locked up and at our access if it is ever needed.

Hadley saying:  “Are those the 12,000 apostles?” (during General Conference)

Kevin traveling to Chicago for a conference.  We always miss him, but love it when he gets home.  He had an awesome view of Chicago from his room.

Bryson freaking out about the Halloween mat at the front door.  He was taking a test late one night and it kept randomly going off.  He said he was scared to even walk past the front door.  It makes me laugh to hear a big 17 year old get creeped out!

The car breaking when we get ready to take Addy to her driving test.  I guess that’s what you get when you have old cars.  🙂


Addisen’s first date!  Thankfully, it was with a great young man and they had a great time.  Kevin had “The Talk” with him and it went really well (at least from Kevin’s point of view).  It focused on the duty of a father and how he is passing that duty onto the young man while he takes her out.  🙂

Addy and Shadrach! 🙂 He doesn’t really have glowing eyes.

Kevin and I rushing to the temple!  It seemed like we might not get to go, but it all worked out and we had a wonderful time together.  Some of my most cherished memories are our drives there and back, along with our spiritual experiences attending.  Too bad it feels like the drive home is only five minutes, not an hour and half.

Switching clothes to snuggly winter clothes!  I love Fall!  The air is crisp and beautiful, along with warm clothing and socks.  🙂  It’s not fun to spend so much time going through all the clothing, but I am truly thankful for all the hand-me-downs we get!  I have carted buckets full of clothing, all the way from Oregon.  We only have a few items we need to buy to fill in the cracks.  The kids are so cute as they get excited to wear everything!  I’m truly thankful!

Snuggly pajamas on  little people!  Need I say more?  🙂

Snuggly Pajamas!

GENERAL CONFERENCE (  10?lang=eng  )!  We watched all of it from home this time (a little sickness going around).  The talks were amazing and gave us many paradigm shifts.  The snuggling and food traditions made it perfect!  I love conference weekend, especially the time spent together.

Moving Royce out of Merritt and Hadley’s bedroom.  It has been VERY crowded in their room (and a mess).  The girls were so excited to move their room around and have it all cleaned up.  But, Royce topped it off with the way he zipped up to bed and jumped right in.  He is always so quiet and doesn’t say a peep to Dixon (even though Dixon tries to talk to him).  The only down side is that Royce wakes Dixon up when he leaves the room in the morning.   🙂

Tessa making a cute ghost off of Pinterest.  We have found so many cute, simple things to do on there.  Love it!  🙂

Tessa’s Pinterest ghost. 🙂

Royce decorated his side of the room with baseball hats and told me “Now it’s cool!”.

Royce singing “Bringing in the sheeps (or jeeps)”.  It’s a song from Little House called “Bringing in the Sheaves”.  So funny!

Tessa getting a new bunny!  She bought it with her own money and is so happy to have a bunny again.

Tessa and her bunny without a name!

Finding out, during General Conference, that the new age that missionaries can go, is now 18 years old.  Wow!  Once we picked our jaws up off the ground, we just kept looking at each other and smiling.  Speechless would describe us (which is not common for us).  We are super excited for this option and we’ll keep you updated…..

Royce saying:  “Look Mommy, the sky is sweating!”  He was noticing the fog.  🙂

Bryson getting asked to Sparkman Homecoming.  

Watching Anne of Green Gables AGAIN!  I never get tired of it.  When Anne walks along the meadows or on the sea shore, I can just feel how nice it is to walk somewhere that feels like home.  Oh, what I would give to walk along the Oregon Coast or hike the Columbia Gorge again.  Feeds my soul.  It truly is so nice to have somewhere to call home and long for it.  In the mean time, I love the Alabama beauty and a happy life.


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