Addisen Turns 16, Homecoming, Failed Mommy Moments, Dreams of Kelly Dying, Primary Program Pokes and Oregon House Closed!!!


Royce and Kevin both dreamt I died on the same night!  Not good!  😦  Royce dreamt I was run over by a lawnmower.  While Kevin dreamt that I fell off a truck and was run over by it!  I then proceeded to go lead music at church with my arm hanging off.  Lovely dreams boys!  At least I got to snuggle with Royce because he was scared.

Almost getting hit by a car while running!  I am usually very careful, but I was so distracted by my memorizing that I didn’t notice I was on Douglass Rd. (a very busy street in the morning).  I looked up and a red car was about to knock me off this earth (maybe those dreams meant something!).  🙂  I am presently working on focusing while I run.

Failed Mommy Moments!  Another parent took Royce’s space shuttle toy home to glue it together because he was so sad it broke.  He told her he knew I would throw it away (which is true, I love throwing toys away).  Also,I threw Hadley’s clay structure away that she made in her class.  She was supposed to keep it around to paint the next week!  Uggghhh!!  Lastly, (for now) I forgot to take Royce to his playdate.  I walked in the door and he had been waiting patiently for me to take him, but it was too late!  So sad!  Of course, I let him have the friend over later that day, but uggghhh!

Bryson had to get up super early, before seminary to refresh his memory for two tests on Monday morning.  He was so good about not studying on Sunday.  His comment was “I’m getting up way to early on a Monday morning if the hour hand has a four in it.”  🙂

Bryson constantly clueless about what the family is doing, because he is gone so much.  We spend dinner with comments from him like this “What, she held his hand!” or “Nana and Boppa are coming?” or “There was Home School group here in this house today?” or “Disney World, we are actually going?”

Kevin losing it (we hope he returns to his normal self) on any topic that has to do with Addy dating.  Addy says she just has to break him in…..  🙂  Good luck Addy!

Bryson getting pulled over  by the police twice!  Of course, he didn’t get a ticket either time.  I told him that happened to me when I was a teenager, but by the third time I got two tickets!

Bryson playing his electric guitar outside.  He loves to do this!  It’s usually during the day when our neighbors are gone (hopefully).  The sign says it all….  

Dixon getting into Addy’s make-up.  He put the lipstick on the right area.  🙂  He runs out of the room yelling “Addyeeeeeeee!”  At least he tells us when he is doing something bad.

Dixon eyeing the lipstick!

Dixon eating bread one loaf at a time!  

Bryson’s Psychology teacher saying to him, in front of the entire class, that he is cute for a white boy!  

That horrible feeling when you hear the garbage truck coming up the street and you wake up realizing you forgot to put the trash out!  Thankfully, my “knight in shining armor” ran out in time to save our family from garbage build up!

One child having to redo her math many times while having a break down.  At one point she took a break to do chores, she stomped around saying “IT’S NOT FAIR, IT”S JUST NOT FAIR!” and crying really hard.  I remember doing that as a child.  It felt so good to just get it all out.  By the time she came down stairs, I gave her a hug and she was doing much better.  I think I might try this as an adult in my closet…. 🙂    By the way, she is doing much better with her math.


Addisen AndiLee Jones turned 16!!!  Our beautiful Addy girl is growing up too fast, but we love having her wonderful personality bless our lives.  This all means dating, drivers license and her very own pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet.  We’re still working on the drivers license, but as Royce puts it:  “Addy needs to get to be a gooder driver everyday.”  🙂  

Sweet Sixteen! Love you Addy girl!

Taking a break from Facebook.  At the beginning of August I stopped reading FB, but still check my kids pages and some events.  Every once in awhile I get sucked in….  It has really helped me have more time for the kids and not wish I was doing all those fabulous things (especially during the summer in Oregon!).  🙂

Royce asking “Do we get some examples?”.  We were at Costco and he wanted some samples.

Bryson setting up an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament.  Fun, fun, fun!

Kevin and Corbin camping at Walls of Jericho.  They loved the huge hike uphill!

Movie night with my students.  We watched Amazing Grace.  I love that movie!  Natalee Ricks staying with us for the weekend too.  🙂

Corbin giving a great talk in Sacrament Meeting.  He said he couldn’t feel his legs during it, unless he looked at them.

When Bryson passes through a room he usually says “I love you, Mama”.  Warms my heart…..

Finally closing on our Oregon house!  It was kin to that feeling right after I have had a baby and I’m so glad it’s over with.  We are so happy it all worked out and the person that moved in is friends with many people we know.  I am also happy to have my time back to help the kids and gain my sanity back!

Kevin and I celebrating the sale of our home at the Melting Pot!  We loved it!  Yum!

Kevin loves the Melting Pot! 🙂

Bryson going to Homecoming at Bob Jones.  He had such a fun group of youth to go with.  He borrowed a huge truck and loved it!    

Homecoming! 🙂

Perfect Primary Program!  My favorite Sunday of the year is the Primary Program.  All those sweet children and the wonderful songs…  We were laughing through most of it because Royce was in the front and he kept turning around during the songs, this way he could watch all the kids, but we saw his back.  Royce also had a little girl poking him over and over.  He had the funniest look on his face and some of us in the congregation could see where it was heading.  She finally stopped and we were all relieved, until he suddenly poked her back!  OH NO!  Thankfully, Kevin and I both snapped our fingers and he heard us.  He stopped, but then the girl started up again.  We were laughing so hard we almost fell off our bench.  The girl’s Dad came up and helped her stop.  I’m still chuckling over it.  🙂

Royce drinking pop and saying “It puts spiky things on my tongue and throat!”  I hadn’t realized how long it had been since he had drank pop.  So cute!

Bryson and his friend Matt making a cheesecake for Emily Ray.  It was so funny to see them trying to figure it all out.  Of course, it was while I was making dinner and all the kids were in the kitchen….  A little crazy!

Finally finishing the Old Testament!  I started it last year when the kids were reading it for seminary.  It was torture!  I loved reading the stories first hand and learning the order of things, but it’s so gloomy and repetitive!


3 thoughts on “Addisen Turns 16, Homecoming, Failed Mommy Moments, Dreams of Kelly Dying, Primary Program Pokes and Oregon House Closed!!!”

  1. Don’t know where to start with the comments, but I will tell you we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your posts. And it’s so fun to be able to picture your house now, and your chapel, and your neighborhood! We love all of you! The kids want to come visit again. Why, oh WHY did we not start visiting you guys as soon as you moved there.

    Goodness gracious I’m happy you finally closed on your Oregon home, excited to hear all the reports of Addy’s wild dates, laughed while reading of Corbin not feeling his legs during his talk, and loved that you both snapped your fingers at Royce during the program. My kids also know that if they hear a snap that it’s coming from their mom and they’d better shape up or kiss something goodbye.

    And as my last comment: MY KIDS ARE DOING SO WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to all TEN of you. You look great!

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