Kids Growing Up, Corbin’s Voice Changing, Fire Pit and Wireless Callers!!!

Well, three weeks flew by and I had to get myself to just sit down and do the blog.  I don’t like to spread it out this long because then I have to leave so much out.  I’m going to start doing better from now on!  🙂


School work breakdowns.  😦  It’s so sad when a child has to work hard through something and not get away with a job half done.  At least I now have the experience to know that it’s worth it, they learn to do things better if they can just do it right the first time.

Spending date night buying a new printer!  I hate printers!

Royce drawing tattoos on Addy’s friend Kaitlyn’s arm.  Royce has watched Bryson come home from lifeguarding with all these Sharpie messages on him, so Royce thought he would do it too.  Royce signed his name and tried to draw a flower.  He was so proud of himself.  Nice Bryson……!!!   

Royce and his autograph tatoo

Trying to talk to my Mom on the phone for a week, but couldn’t find one quiet moment!  Uggghhh.  She was so patient with me.  We finally did get to have a real conversation.

Addy getting ready to date!   Kevin says he is buying a gun for her birthday!  🙂  We are having a hard time with the entire daughter/dating thing!

Bryson figuring out that if he has people trim his hair before I start to want it cut, then it won’t get cut super short by us.  He has me all figured out!

Corbin’s voice changing.  Does anyone remember Peter Brady on the Brady Bunch?  When it’s time to change…..  He makes us all laugh so hard when he makes it crack continuously.  Bryson almost crashed the car, he was laughing so hard.

Hadley answering the phone!  It was our past Stake President and he wanted Kevin.   So, Hadley goes over to the bathroom door and asks “Where’s Dad?” (knowing he was in there).  Then she says “Oh, in the bathroom.  Dad it’s wireless caller on the phone for you.”  He was really embarrassed, but we were all laughing so hard.

Dixon trying to get in the toy truck!  He really wanted to drive it and kept screaming because he couldn’t get in.  So sad and funny!  


Pump It Up all to ourselves!!!  I had such a wonderful experience just sitting there watching my kids play.  Royce and Dixon were reminding me so much of Bryson and Corbin at that age.  Their little bodies running all over the place while trying to keep up with the other kids.  Dixon learned to do everything himself.  The first time he climbed up the big slide by himself he kept checking back toward me to make sure he was doing ok.  I would give him a thumbs up and tell him to keep going and how good he was.  He was so happy with himself.  I wanted to not let him grow up and move on like the other kids.  Just keep checking back buddy, keep checking back…..  These amazing children grow up so quickly and are very unique and full of great potential.  I’m so thankful they are sprinting forward in their lives, but there is a part of me that just wants them to not forget to look back, I’ll always have my thumbs up, cheering them on.  What a wonderful life!  

Corbin making a calendar to count down to Christmas!   Corbin has always been so enthusiastic about his love for the holidays.  I’m holding off on the Halloween decorations, but these kids don’t make that easy.

My Mom and Dad booking a trip to come see us for Halloween!!!!  We are sooo excited to get to see them!  🙂

Squeezing in swimming as much as possible until Labor Day!

Bryson’s last day of life guarding! 😦

Home Depot football goals for the kids!  So fun!

Addy’s 16th birthday party!!!  We finally made a fire pit in the backyard!  I have always wanted one.  There were tons of teenagers eating s’mores and playing night games while listening to great music.  I sat by the fire with a huge smile plastered on my face and just soaked it all in.  Life is great!

Happiness at our fire pit! 🙂

Bryson spontaneously bringing new families over to our house.  We ended up playing new speed games and meeting great people!

Three day weekends with great people!

Temple, temple, temple!  I love it!  We spend our drive discussing the class we are teaching.  It’s so inspiring and makes the trip fly by too quickly!  🙂

Bishopric Breakfast on Labor Day!  The food and company were great!

Kevin and the kids sleeping in their newly purchased hammocks.  They slept in the backyard under a tarp!  Fun for them and for me (I get the middle of the bed, in the quiet house).  🙂

Tessa getting to go on a camping trip with another family!  We missed her so much, but she had a blast!  She even got to ride in a huge motor home and have fun with her friend.  That is something she has always wanted to do.

Father/Daughter camp out at Hulaco!  I got to have a boys night with my four boys!  We all went to dinner, yummy!

Hadley and Addisen at the Father/Daughter camp out

Addy making me a CD with all my favorite countryish songs.  When I put it in the player and played each one, I realized how well she knows me and I smiled through the entire thing (while singing at the top of my lungs!).  🙂  Thank you my girl!

Family Home Evening barbecue, then a lesson around the fire pit.  We had s’mores and guitar playing with singing too!  It was the best!’

Three little girls taking an Irish Dance class!

Booking our trip to DISNEY WORLD!!!  We have wanted to go since we moved here and we finally get to go!  Corbin made a countdown calendar for this too!


One thought on “Kids Growing Up, Corbin’s Voice Changing, Fire Pit and Wireless Callers!!!”

  1. What a great time recently!!! Firepits, tattoos, laughter, Addie dating. Wow! Really nice to read about. Give the kids a hug for me.Love. Peggy

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