School Starting, Swimming, Falling Flat On My Face, Potatoes and Father’s Blessings!

Well, I fell off the radar.  It’s been three weeks since I last posted.  Too many things happened at once and it all went down hill fast.  School is going now and we are feeling normal again.  If we ever finish the house in Oregon, then life might be normal again!  We took school pictures while the kids were still tan.  🙂   Also, we just had to add this cute picture of my parents with the kids in Oregon.  🙂  Love you Mom and Dad/Nana and Boppa!    


Bryson finding out ,from another lifeguard, that he had bought the same sunglasses as his mother!  He wouldn’t believe the guy until he came home and compared them.  In his defense, I was the one that grabbed male sunglasses, but he has not lived that one down….

Heading to the temple and getting stuck in construction!  I think we went two miles in an hour.  We didn’t make it!  Uggghhh!  But the next week we got to go and it was perfect!  I think I smiled for two hours straight!

Two kids getting wasp bites at Bryson’s Ultimate Tournament.  It was so sad.  Merritt’s bite ended up itching A LOT the next day at church and she itched it.  Too bad the location was on her ear and it swelled up just like an elf ear!  Funny for us, but not for our sweet Merritt.  😦  Bryson’s tournament was wonderful though.  Beautiful weather and scenery, we loved sitting and watching him play.

Bryson playing Ultimate!
Enjoying Ultimate Frisbee and the weather! 🙂

Part of our gutters falling apart at our home here.  I was pricing gutters on our home in Oregon and here at the same time.  I kept getting mixed up on where I lived!  🙂  We also had to have a guy climb way up in a tree and saw that thing down!  Scary but very entertaining!

Falling flat on my face while running.  I HAVE NEVER FALLEN WHILE RUNNING!  I always catch myself.  But my shoe laces were tied way to big and one shoe caught on the bow of my lace and I slid on the pavement.  Of course, it was right in front of someone.  🙂  She was very sweet, but I just got up and kept running.  It took two weeks for the scabs to heal and it actually stung for days.  I’m such a wimp in my old age!  🙂  I think I am way too distracted these days, my reaction time is down.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.


Girls setting up a home made slip n’slide.  It cooled them off, but didn’t work very well.

Royce pointing to a freezer full of ice cream cakes at Baskin Robbins:  “See all those cakes, if I ate all those I’d be chrunck!”  Meaning drunk, I think he got this from Mr. Edwards on Little House.  Whoops….

Dixon drinking pool water while with our neighbors.  They called out “Oh no, he’s drinking the water”.  I responded “Oh, he does it all the time, along with his own bathwater.  We gave up on that along time ago, actually we gave up on him before he was even born!”.  They loved it and said I needed to put it on the blog.  Gotta love having eight kids.

Trying to borrow potatoes from our neighbors.  Matthew (15 years old) didn’t knowing what a potato was!  Ha, Addy was trying to describe it to him and he looked in the refrigerator.  🙂  He called his mom and got some for us!  Thanks Matt!  🙂

Bryson wanted to change his religion to Buddhism for one day so he could go to the concert on the Arsenal on Sunday.  Someone had offered him a ticket, dinner and backstage passes.  To make up for it, he is going to head to Atlanta for a Brad Paisley concert.  🙂  Love you my awesome boy!

Going to a “Classical Conversations” orientation and finding out I was supposed to bring my kids.  I hate that feeling when I realize I made a huge mistake and I can’t change it.  It feels like being underdressed for a big event!

Trying to goto Pump It Up, but never getting there.  Royce asked:  “Is there a place that is called ‘Pump it down’?”  HA!

Corbin dragging Dixon around on his belly (Dixon liked it, but Mommy didn’t).  🙂  Dixon ended up with a rug burn on his forehead!

Bryson killing a snake in the office at work!  Uggghhh!

He says the snake was actually much bigger than it looks in this picture. 🙂


My family thinks your beautiful!  

Making Kevin the Stir Fry he wanted.  🙂

Going to the different elementary school parks.  The kids loved checking them out.  These are not the playgrounds I grew up with.  Wow!  We had some beautiful weather, low 80’s, without humidity.  I pretended I was in Oregon.  🙂

Royce singing “O Susanna”.  RJ:  “Ho,Ho, Santa!… Don’t you cry for me…. lalala Alabama! Banjo on my kneeee!”

Kevin taking all the kids to the pool while I cleaned the main floor of the house.  I have not actually done that all at once in three years.  I was sweating and exhausted, but it felt really good.  We had a post camp meeting here and that is good motivation.  🙂  Thank you Kevin, you are the best!  He even showered and PJ’d them at the pool.

FHE kickball and volleyball game at another family’s home!  It was a blast and there was even some competitive spirit going on, from the boys side of course!  🙂

Pinterest light box!  Merritt and I wanted to make a fun box with lights poking through the top of a box.  Of course, we saw this on Pinterest, but we didn’t have a big box.  Out of know where, a neighbor calls, two days later, offering her barbecue box!  Awesome!  The kids did a great job and had so much fun laying in it while reading.

Pinterest box!

Swimming at our neighbors pool.  We had so much fun ordering pizza,  flipping, chicken fights and visiting.  Best part of summer!  


Chicken fights! 🙂

Royce after watching diving on the Olympics:  “And I will go to a flipping place and I will show them my flips and they will say I won!”  🙂

Me:  “Wow, you are getting big Royce.”  RJ:  “I know, I will grow and grow and then I get a bigger room.”

Father’s blessing  for the beginning of the school year.  Oh, what a sweet spirit was in our home that night.  Kevin gives all the kids and I a blessing for the school year.  So thankful!

Watching the John Adams mini-series again.  LOVE IT!  The language used is so eloquent.  They say things in such a way as to get their point across so simply, yet effectively!  A talent I lack!

School, seminary and classes starting!  I love seeing all the buses running and it even felt like the weather shifted (probably my imagination).  I love using our time to learn.  I cherish spending those precious moments with my kids as we learn together.  It’s amazing that they can take a month off of school, but still progress.  I was surprised by how much they had “bumped up”.  Having more computers has made a huge difference in my stress level.

Starting our home school group again.  We have it at our home and all the ladies do a fantastic job teaching the enormous group of kids.  I love the feeling in the house as it all takes place.  Great kids, parents and families!

Going to our first Classical Conversations day.  Wow, I am blown away!  I have Tessa, Merritt, Hadley and Corbin signed up.  It based on the Classical Education model and truly inspired us.  You can check it out here

Girls making their own swing.  Love it!  It ended up causing harm to many  heads, but the older kids helped get it set up correctly.

Great Visiting Teaching appointments this month.  I am so thankful for the organization of the church.

Last days of swimming on the arsenal.  We are getting as many afternoons in as we can.  There are a lot of huge home schooling families there, making it fun for my kids to be there with them. I met a women with 11 children, her youngest is 7.  Wow, I learned so much from her.  I’m so thankful for optimistic, peaceful women that can teach me.

Going to see “Annie”!  Loved it!


5 thoughts on “School Starting, Swimming, Falling Flat On My Face, Potatoes and Father’s Blessings!”

  1. When your kids or you get hornet stings, grab fresh clove of garlic, cut it in half, and rub it on the sting. The pain reduces a huge amount, and swelling goes way way down. Do it!!!!
    (And sometime I will send you some salve I make — helps wounds heal and pulled muscles heal!)
    What a time! — Oh I think exploring parts of Buddhism is good! There is much to those beliefs that have excellent points of view for handling life and all it throws at you! If it was me, I would have encouraged Bryson to go!!!! Love ya, Peggy

  2. Kelly, thank you for your blog, I love it and it makes it special for me to see the whole family in action. I love you all. And I have told everyone that we have to have a family get together without a funeral. Arrgg….. I am the oldest and hope not to have to attend
    from the spirit world.

    1. Oh beautiful Aunt VickI! You are the sweetest person and I love you! I agree, we need to get together for a reunion not funeral! Wish I could just run over and see you! 🙂

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