Trek, Ink, Fountains, Funny Mouths and Sleastacks!!!


Taking the kids to the downtown library!  A skinny, pretty lady asked me “How many kids do you have?”  I only had the younger five with me, so I told her I had eight (as I smiled, ready for the dropped jaw reaction).  She then said she had 13 kids!!!  I was speechless!!!  It was so cool to be have that happen to me!  🙂

Royce:  “Oh, today is the different kind of Sunday.”  Meaning Saturday.  🙂

Taking and making a million phone calls everyday because of the flood in our Oregon home!!!  My poor kids have to deal with my time being sucked up!  Uggghhh!  Hadley said:  “I know, I know, you just have to communicate and communicate some more….”

Dixon turning all the sinks in the house on, then shutting the door, climbing to the top of the piano, getting ink on his new clothes and eating an ENTIRE tray of chocolate chip cookies then sitting on the white couch!!!

Dixon ink clothing….!

Royce calling out to Kevin and saying “You can’t get me”.  Kevin grabbed his shirt by the front and Royce said “Hey, that’s just like when they say ‘I’ll make you pay!!’ in Peter Pan”.

Kevin traveling to New York City for the first time.  It was for business and it went well.  Do you ever wonder what he does?  Visit  and then you’ll see a little of it.

Losing my patience after a long day of Dixon screaming because he was sick.  Dixon and sickness don’t work!

Finding the “Land of the Lost” movie at the library.  In my busyness, I let Royce watch it with the older girls and he was freaking out about the sleastacks (not sure what they are really called, Royce called them Green stacks!).  I was so scared of those when I was little, but the show was so silly now!  Kevin had to teach him that they are just actors with costumes on.  This didn’t work, so he resorted to telling him to just say “Boogie, boogie, boogie” and they will go away!  Oh my….

Not being able to decide whether I should correct my little kids language mistakes.  It’s so adorable and they will fix it soon enough…..  Maybe?  🙂

Dealing with teenager things in Oregon from Alabama.

Cleaning the house out!  Takes time but really helps.  Kevin came home to his office looking very clean and not being able to find his things.  Whoops….  🙂

Dixon’s stuffed dog losing another ear.  We keep having to cut parts off of it as it gets too moist and mildewy.  Poor Dixon was pulling on the empty ear spot, but finally resigned to the tail.  He also fell asleep on me in the rocking chair. Warmed my little heart!  This is a toddler that never stops unless he is in his bed.  Royce saw us and said “You two just look so cute!”.  🙂

Dixon and his earless dog.


Royce’s funny mouth!  Cracked me up!  

Bridgestreet fountains!  

Corbin having a blast at High Adventure!  They canoed for 4 days and his face showed it!  🙂

Corbin after High Adventure. Looking handsome! 🙂

Dinner at Pie In The Sky with only five kids!  Royce said: “This place is soooo deeeeeelicious!  They even gave the kids dough balls to play with while they watched them make pizza crust.  It was so fun to do things with just the younger kids.

Five kids at the pool! 🙂

Taking a moment to realize how much I love Kevin!  I got a little teary as I realized that I can live anywhere as long as I have my Kevin!  🙂

Kids sleeping all over the house as the older kids were gone.  I would go to tuck them in and not be able to find them.  Great summer fun!

Listening to the Sound of Music soundtrack. Hadley then saying:  “Mom, do you know that feeling when you really want to do something and your feet start moving your body?”  She has my genes!  🙂  I get that feeling a lot when I am truly inspired.  Such a sweet way to describe it.  Love my Hadley!

Getting a new calling at church!!  I was called as second counselor in the Relief Society!  Yippee, I am working with amazing women that will teach and inspire me.  So happy!  🙂

Reading great books for the class I’m teaching this year!   Also, getting organized for it, e-mails, lists and ordering notebooks.  🙂

Addy and Bryson going to Oregon for visits and a Trek!  They had so much fun and we saved so much on our food bill!

Girls teaching themselves the dances from Sound of Music.  They even made outfits for it.

Taking 20 minutes a day with a different child.  We do whatever they want.  This has been the best!  Tennis, driving the car, bike rides with crashes, boardgames, ping pong, Pinterest desserts and fun hair styles.

Tax free weekend!  We got a new computer and an Ipad.  This should help eleviate school stress.  Also, some cute outfits for the kids.

Dixon and Royce in their “Big Green Tractor” shirts! Best picture I could get with Dixon staying in one place. 🙂

Breakfast cake for  dinner!

Home Depot Kids Clinic!  We took the six kids and made a bulletin board.  So fun!  Royce stuck his letters on backwards. But wrote his name all by himself in his book today, forward!  Great job Royce!

Home Depot Kid Clinic
Royce putting his name on backwards.

Merritt making fairy wings and a wand for Royce.  He didn’t have his own, but his sisters did, so she took care of it.  🙂  So sweet!

Royce’s fairy wings made by Merritt. 🙂

Addy and Bryson coming home from Oregon!  It was so great to have them home and stay up super late talking and laughing!  I am very blessed to have them as my kids.  Love you guys!

Tyler and Bryson on the trek.
Addy all dressed up for the trek.

Collecting food for the Manna House.  The kids went to the neighbors and explained it to them.  They were so generous.  🙂

Royce:  “Mommy, why can’t there be cows that jump over them moon in this world?”  This was after he listened to me read “Good Night Moon” to Dixon.  🙂


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