Braces Off, Boppa Here,Young Women Camp, Bruised knees, House Flood, Chewing Tobacco and Rooooyyyycccce!!!!


Dryer breaking!  Having to squeeze in the time to purchase a new one and catch up on laundry (let alone the price!)!

Royce:  “Mommy, don’t go to Africa, because animals there will eat your body parts.”  🙂

Kevin’s “chew” experience with Bryson.  We asked Bryson to come home from a friends house because we needed to talk to him.  He was freaking out saying to himself that he has been so good lately, so nothing could have happened.  Kevin had bought some chewing tobacco to help with the swelling of his ankle (it really did help), he took the empty cans and told Bryson he found them in his car.  He was freaking out, while denying it.  Then Kevin started cracking up.  Bryson couldn’t even laugh for awhile, he was shaking so badly, but then he loved it and said he can’t wait to have fun with his kids when he’s a dad.  Just so  you  know, Bryson is the only child we would do this with….

Huge flood in our Oregon home with out anyone there!  Uggghhhh!  The refrigerator water line burst and sprayed water inches deep all over our kitchen and carpets!  Thankfully, the inspector and other Realtor were scheduled and found it before it did even more damage.  Now for clean up!  The house was all finished after 2 1/2 weeks of a million workers being there.  Thankfully, good friends and my parents could be my eyes for me.  Thanks for all the help everyone!  Special thanks to the buyers that went the extra mile to clean it up!

Getting the news about the flood at the end of a Mary Kaye facial!  Chaos broke loose, while lots of kids got home from swimming and she had to experience it all!  Another uggghhhh!

Dixon not going to me when I got back from camp!  It was so sad, but Kevin loved it!  Now I know what the nursery leaders feel like!  🙂 

Corbin finding an old camera in the garage and figuring out how to upload old pictures off of it.  The photos were from when Hadley was a baby and all the kids were so little.  It was in our Oregon house and I kept crying as I saw it (it was the day we accepted the offer on the house).  We had so many great memories there and we love that house.

My baby Haggy! 🙂
My little people in our Oregon home! 2005

Corbin gone all week at High Adventure.  I miss him!  😦

Royce constantly saying “I need a new bike”.

Dixon pushing a chair to everything he wants to climb on!  Our phone and dog shock collar will never be the same!  He even turned on the garbage disposal this week!

Bryson grumpily accusing us of making him late.  “You made me have prayer, so now I’m late.”  Hmmmmm…..  Maybe it was the half hour long breakfast that put you behind, not the two minute prayer?


Bryson and Addy getting their braces off!!!  Gorgeous!

Braces are off and they are excited! Love and miss my kids!!! 🙂

Dixon using his stealth like attributes to take the Ipad and play on it.  He chuckles to himself as he plays with it.  🙂

Dixon mastering the Ipad.

Relief Society Mother/Daughter activity!  Daughters feeding moms pudding, electric slide and relay races.  So fun!  Love my girls!

Royce helping Bryson blow the driveway.  🙂  Royce helping Corbin mow the lawn.

Corbin and Royce mowing the lawn! So cute!

Tessa dressed up as a cow at Chick-fil-A!  She had so much fun with the Capps!

Tessa at Chick-fil-A!

Dad visiting!  Yippee!  He has business down here and just adds us on to his trips!  Dinner was great with Bryson and Matthew.  Thanks for coming Dad, we love you!  🙂  Royce said:  “If you leave, you have to promise to come back!”

Dinner with Dad!
Dessert with Boppa!

Awesome rope swing at Indian Creek Park! 

Girls Camp!  I survived it and learned a lot.  I was able to meet wonderful women and young women, climb a rock wall, do a zip line, slip n’slide, and mess up a One Direction skit (see Addy’s facebook page, I can’t bare to put the video on here).  It was a lot of work, but a great experience.  Camp Hulaco is a beautiful place!  Kevin did an amazing job with the house and kids.  All the kids helped and worked wonders!  I came home to a perfectly clean home and happiness, minus Dixon….

My wonderful Addisen at camp!
This is where I got my extremely bruised knees! I freaked out half way up, but I was coached to the top. Where was that coach when I was doing natural childbirth?
YCL’s “honoring” Jennifer and I with their “padded” candy leftovers! 🙂
One Direction skit. Yes, I realize I am a foot taller than everyone else!

Getting an offer on our home in Oregon before we even put it on the market!

Oregon house! Look at those awesome new garage doors!

Royce getting to go to swimming lessons!  When the life guards called his name off they all went “Roooyyyycccce!!!!”  They love Bryson’s little brother!  🙂  He smiled so big!  Royce:  “Mommy, my swimming lessons are adult swim for little kids, with a slide.”  🙂

Royce:  “Dad, are those hockey talkies?”  Asking Kevin about his ear phones.  🙂

Three little girls getting to go to basketball camp!  Fun!

Pulling lettuce from the garden.  Such a great feeling.  🙂

Family bike ride in the evening.  The evenings are so beautiful and it was great to be on the backside of Girls Camp, enabling me to just be outside with the kids.  On another night we played kickball and different neighbors kept coming by, some with Popsicles!  It’s the simple things that I love most!  One neighbor picked up Royce and took him on his four wheeler.  He loved it! 

Sending Bryson and Addy off to Oregon for 10 days and a trek!  I miss them already.  Five kids is so simple and easy to clean up after though.  Kevin and I are looking forward to getting in bed earlier while they are gone!  🙂

Getting to go to Abbey Roland’s sealing!  She was beautiful and glowed.  It was so special to witness the beginning of two lives together. 






4 thoughts on “Braces Off, Boppa Here,Young Women Camp, Bruised knees, House Flood, Chewing Tobacco and Rooooyyyycccce!!!!”

  1. Congrats on selling your Oregon house, even with all the horrible floods, etc. That must be a relief! Glad Jim gets to visit more often! What is a sealing? Love to all, Aunt Peggy

  2. Kelly I love your blog! It is honestly a 100% better than reality TV and 150% more uplifting. I wonderful if when we were asked to each keep a journal if a blog counts. I miss and love you all and I’m sooo glad to be able to keep track. All my love, Beautiful Aunt Vicki

    1. Oh, My Beautiful Aunt Vicki! You warm my heart! I do feel like I am living in a reality TV show! Thankfully, there are not cameras everywhere! 🙂 The blog better count, as far as family memories go! Wish we could see you again this summer! Love you!

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