Fishing, Rain, Sprained Ankle and Break Downs!!!


Dixon finding Royce’s “stash” under his bed!  Dixon pulls out the boxes and just digs right in…..  It’s too funny, he giggles and giggles like he found the jackpot!  Royce doesn’t think it is so funny.

Dreaming that we were on a houseboat in the “Do Not Fly” area of NASA.  The kids kept opening the door and trying to walk out into the water!  Kevin saved us and hooked us up to our old house in Oregon (literally).   Wow, I must be losing my mind….

Kevin twisting his ankle while running.  He had to leave for Atlanta that night and Dixon kept screaming “My Dad, My Dad!”  So sad!  Kevin is doing much better, but messed up his elbow with the crutches!  He just kept working through it all.  Love you Kevin!

Washing Dixon’s thumb sucking doggy!  He could see it’s little head spinning around in the washing machine and it made him scream like we were killing it.  He was so happy when I let him pull it out of the dryer.  Just so you know I didn’t show him the dog in the washer, he just suddenly appeared and saw it…. 🙂  I got him to stop crying by giving him a cookie!  Great parenting award goes to me!

Dixon and his dog. He only gets it in bed and at church, but we had to get a picture here. It’s a little hard when he moves all the time. 🙂

ACT registration!  It takes forever and they want to know everything about the kids, even what they plan to name their children!  Just kidding!

Getting ready for Girls Camp!  This is crazy busy!  I am the Stake Assistant Girls Camp Coordinator, so I am over the YCL’s.  It’s so fun to learn how to do everything, but it’s crazy to do this at the same time as doing the house in Oregon.  My brain is fried!  I can’t wait to go next week, but sad to leave my kiddies and Kevin…..  I work with Jennifer Kinard and as we were talking on the phone she looked at all her Girls Camp bins in her bedroom and said “Holy Bination”!  It was so funny.

Everything breaking!  Not only am I fixing everything in the Oregon house, things keep breaking here!  Lamp, dryer, vacuum, doors, heater vent, Suburban brakes and tires…. the list goes on….. But it’s just life….

Crying and laughing at the same time (mini break down) last night when I was trying to get kids cleaned up, change a diaper, phone number one rings, then my cell phone and the computer starts yelping at me too!  This is happening all day! But, I am caught up as of now.   🙂

Bryson having to be put in the corner for repeatedly hitting his sister with a pillow.  His shirt was only before, but then he used it as a pillow for his forehead!  Uggghhh!!!

Bad Bryson! 🙂

My three plates of food to Rachel’s one pregnancy sickness plate.  So sad!  I didn’t eat all of it…..  🙂

Love 88 Buffet with our wonderful guys!

Letting my kids help make lanyard pins for camp!  Big mistake!  They cut very deformed stars and they turned out so badly!  Oh well, I guess this is not that big of a deal, right?

Bryson sinking in quicksand while fishing.  It was more like quick mud, but he did survive, thankfully!  His friend had a fish on the line and just couldn’t save him…. 🙂


Royce loving the rain!  It has been raining for over a week!  We really needed it, so we love it and it feels like Oregon.  Royce wore his ducky coat and boots EVERYWHERE!  So cute, does he really have to grow up?!!!

Roycee is ready for the rain!

Tessa’s garden!  Love it!

Tessa’s Lettuce!
Tessa’s Tomatoes!

Royce:  “Mom, you know that part in Star Wars where Darth Vader says ‘Take off my mask’ you know, that’s a scary part, huh?”  He said the Vader part just like Darth Vader.

Margaret McReynolds learning how to text:  “I now have this thing called “messages” it has a green logo with a word bubble in it. Do you have that on your i-touch or i-pad?”  She is a pro now and is updating me perfectly!  Margaret has saved me as we get the house ready to sell!  She makes me laugh almost every time I talk to her.  Thank you Margaret!

4th of July Party!  Sparkler wars, great food, beautiful sunset and storm (helped cool things off and bring the first rains in) and fun fireworks!

Fourth of July, Royce and friend.
4th of July sunset!

Alphabetizing bookshelves and movies as part of school!  Writing down the titles after they are all lined up.  Fun!

Tucking in a four year old boy!  There is nothing so cute as when Royce has to grab his shark, his dog, and his space books, then he get all snuggles in.  After he gets just right, he remembers the little car on the ground and has to get it!  So cute!

Kevin, Bryson and Corbin running out to see the new Spiderman movie at the last minute.  They loved it!

Bryson being called as an Assistant Organist.  It’s so neat to see him play!

Addisen giving a talk on Baptism last Sunday.  She did a great job!  I love going to baptisms!

Bryson singing to Hadley while playing the guitar.  It cheered the sick girl up.  🙂

Banana Bread with chocolate chips!  YUMMY!

Preach My Gospel Night!  Still one of the best things we’ve done with the older kids!  Love our conversations!

Sleeping all night with out moving positions!  It was the most refreshing thing ever!  Too bad it was because Kevin was out of town!  😦

Royce:  “Mom, I really like those shoes that you don’t wear socks with, but you just keep your feet on.”

Bryson’s blond hair before we chopped it off!

Everyone kept asking why he dyed his hair!

Kid’s making dinner to help out this week!  They did awesome!

Bryson, Corbin and friends going to the creek to swing into the water!  With all this rain, they had a blast.  They also got up super early and went fishing in the pouring rain.


3 thoughts on “Fishing, Rain, Sprained Ankle and Break Downs!!!”

  1. Those are the weeks I just sort of write off and go out and stare at the sky, enjoy its blueness, and water my plants.

    1. I love it! That is exactly what I do at different times of the day. I love the blueness of the sky part, maybe that’s in our blood. 🙂

  2. I just love these blogs of yours. So much fun. You continue to amaze me. what gorgeous kids. You are really enjoying life!

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