Addisen is Mature :), Youth Conference, Oregon House and Blow Up Water Slides!

Happy 4th of July!!!


Addy’s realization that we don’t always think she is mature.  Mom:  “Wow, Addy that was really mature of you.”  Addy:  “What, I wasn’t mature before?”.  She was so cute when she said this, but she had a good point that I should have seen her as mature before the incident.

Hadley’s confusion about Dr. Baker on Little House.  “Mom, I don’t know why Dr. Baker keeps kissing that lady so much!”

Dixon still screaming in nursery (on and off).  He cries so hard that someone said he sounds like he is hurt.  That is not the first time someone has said this about Dixon.  His cry really sounds like he must have something broken.  Thankfully, his nursery leaders are so loving and wonderful!  I feel horrible that they have to endure him, but he should adjust someday, right!

Turning over our Oregon house!  The amount of money put into it is making us sick!!!  I would much rather be buying a nice, new car or go traveling somewhere.  It’s all worth it, but uggghhh!!  Organizing it all from Alabama has actually been sort of fun, thanks to the great people I’m working with.  I think my phone hours these past two weeks have been at least 20 hours!

Days of 106 degree weather!!!

Corbin jumping off the high dive! Awesome!


Royce swimming well enough to go off the diving boards and get to the side by himself. 

Youth Conference!  Bryson, Addy and Corbin all got to go to University of North Alabama in Florence, Alabama, for 3 days.  There were six stakes there for it and they had a blast!  Fun and the spirit all wrapped in one!

Our ward at Youth Conference.
Addisen, Brooke and Kaitlin at Youth Conference!

Neighbors asking if they can set up a “blow up water slide” in our front yard.  Our answer “Why, yes you can!”  🙂  We have the best neighbors! 

Hadley’s thought provoking ideas about one of the Muppet Movie (the new one) songs.  Hadley:  “If you had the whole wide world in the palm of your hands, you’d be a giant.”

Royce laying on the floor in the strips of sun to keep warm, just like a dog.  🙂  The kids keep saying it’s so cold in the house with the air conditioning on.

Royce in a strip of sun, just like a dog. 🙂

Doing all the logistics that I am assigned for Girls Camp!  It’s been really fun.  I can’t wait to go!

Kevin’s business with other companies picking up!  It’s so fun but crazy!  Thankfully, this happened at the same time as we turn our old house over.

Writing workshop for school!  It was so fun to do a fun activity and then have all the kids write.  I love school in the summer.  🙂

Royce always mistaking the word “muse” for use.

Julianna having the three girls and Royce over for a party.  They loved it!  Painted nails, food and fun!  We love Julianna!

Addy and Julianna at the pool!

Last minute shopping at Krogers on Fourth of July.  It was so fun to see a lot of people hanging out and chit chatting.


3 thoughts on “Addisen is Mature :), Youth Conference, Oregon House and Blow Up Water Slides!”

  1. Elsa used to cry so hard when she was in the Nursery that she would throw up. She must have adjusted at some time, but I am not sure if the Nursery leader ever did.

  2. Zachary and Jason both had screaming points. One thing I did was double check they were getting some more one on one time, figuring that screaming could indicate need for more attention when at home. It seemed to help. You know — start carrying them again more so they have that sense of comfort. Dixon is heavy — maybe a child-pack again, like when you got marketing? He might need more actual touch time. Just a thought.

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