Mom in Oregon, Addy Rules, Kids in Mud and Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Mom was gone for the week, and since I was the mom, I get to write the blog.  By the way this is Addisen!!!  🙂

Mom and Uncle Justin at dinner.
Merritt’s note next to her bed to welcome her home.
Dad sent this to Mom on her way home…. 🙂

Mom left for Oregon on Tuesday.  Dad was already gone, and didn’t get back ’til Thursday night.  So I had the kids all to myself for a couple days. It was kinda crazy by the end, but it was all fun!

Having a “party”.  Every time Mom and Dad are out of town on the same night, I give the kids some treats, watch a movie, and call it a party.  🙂  They are perfect the whole day, just so they can go to the party.  It’s so cute!

On Wednesday, Dixon slept for 4 1/2 hours!!!!  It was amazing!  It also helped that Tessa and Bryson were gone, and the kids were outside.

Took the kids to Chic-Fil-A while Mom and Dad were gone.  That was crazy!  Dixon would only eat on my lap, and that made things hard. 😛

Royce quotes!  While watching Little House on the Prairie, Albert was dying. Royce was so confused who was dying!  He kept thinking anyone that cried was dying.  🙂

We were watching a band play a song, and Royce said, ” I bet he doesn’t know ‘Hey Hey.” (Hey Soul Sister.)

Royce was watching me on Pinterest, and he asked, “If you click on it, do you get it?”  I wish I did!

The girls thought of the craziest things when I sent them outside! Washing the car with a sprinkler, making a well for the playhouse,…..

Their “well”

…and they found the mud.

they loved it!

Water fight!