Shadow Pictures, Blueberries and Braces Up For Negotiations!

I know I’m writing early (strange for me!), but I’m actually ahead of the game as I get ready for my trip to OREGON!!!  I won’t have access to a computer to do my blog there and life will be too crazy to do two weeks worth after I get back.  🙂  We had such a cute week with the kids, I am still giggling about the things that were said.  My heart is aching as I leave them, but I know that once I go, it will be a good break for me and I get to see my family and great friends.  I just really LOVE being with my kids and Kevin!

Father’s Day with my guys!


Taking Father’s Day shadow pictures (see photo) but the clouds kept blocking the sun!  The kids kept doing a sun dance!  Fun!

Addy doing the sun dance!

Dixon screaming on and off in nursery!  He stayed for the entire two hours, thanks to wonderful nursery leaders that had to suffer through helping him!  I hated not going to him, but I know it will be worth it after awhile.  He knows how to work me if I am in the vicinity.  We’ll see what happens next week….

Corbin watching me go through my Pinterest page.  Guys say they’re not really interested, but can’t help but look….   It’s so funny to notice what a boy picks out as “cool”!

Royce not understanding the concept of time!  It was like a Three Stooges act of “Who’s on First”.

Dixon climbing all over the table at the pool and stealing everyone’s crackers.  He was stuffing them ALL in his mouth at the same time!  🙂

Dixon stealing everyone’s food and stuffing it in his mouth!


Sitting in the second seat of the Suburban on the way home from the pool.  It’s an whole different world back there!

Father’s Day!!!  We made Kevin Lemon Cake from scratch (he wanted something that wasn’t chocolate!).  We all endured it, but decided it would be so much better with chocolate chips baked into it!  🙂  He got a hammock from us.  I gave a talk in church on the priesthood and Kevin got to handle all the kids on the pew.  🙂  He did a great job and was so cheerful!  I am grateful for my Dad and Kevin, they are wonderful Fathers and we couldn’t be more blessed!  Thank you two for all your love!  Kevin had to fly out to Boston right after dinner and we were sad to see him go….

Father’s Day Lemon Cake (without chocolate chips!!!)

Kevin leaving me a card on my pillow when he flew out to Boston.  It brought wonderful tears to my eyes as I read it.  It was one of those cards that really expresses how we feel about each other!  I love great cards!  I am truly blessed to be married to my best friend!!!

Blueberry picking for FHE!  It was the perfect activity with perfect weather!

Blueberry picking! 🙂

Bryson negotiating with the Orthodontist!  He worked the entire office!  Promising Subway sandwiches, etc!  He and Addy really want their braces off for their trip back to Oregon at the end of July.  Soooo, two days before, they are getting them off.  Addy’s negotiating was “Ya, what he said, along with Disney World tickets.”  🙂  I think my kids are leaving their mark!  At least they were laughing……

Corbin going to Boy Scout Camp!  He had a blast!  It’s so fun to listen to him tell all his stories!  He got to do a COPE class and loved it!

Filling myself up with watching my little ones learn how to do things.  Dixon is adamantly learning how to hold a pencil and write on paper.  It’s so cute!  I love the brain (especially those neurons!) and the learning process, it never gets old!  🙂

Hadley going to Vacation Bible School with Julianna Darby.  She had a blast!  Julianna also got a goodnight kiss from Dixon.  This is a huge step for Dixon to branch out past the family….  Great job Julianna (of course, she is a great choice)!  🙂

Royce:  “Mom, you get two juices on the airplane to Oregon and two juices on the way back!  You are so lucky, I want to go to Oregon and play in the little house in the backyard.”  😦  By the way, we are not allowed to laugh at all the funny things he says.  He REALLY doesn’t like us to laugh at him at all!

Royce:  “What is Darth Vader’s last name?”


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