Merritt Turns Nine!!! Piano at the Airport, Caramel Dies, Summer, Camp Outs and Messed Up Eyebrows!!!

Merritt's Nine!  :)  Just love this face!  He and Merritt look alike to me....


Tessa’s bunny Caramel dying!  😦  So sad!  Bunny was happy and jumping all around in the morning and then 3 hours later Tessa found her completely stiff.  Could it have been a snake or spider bite?

Royce:  “Caramel is dead and doesn’t have any money.  Caramel is poor.”  We kept wondering why he was saying this (of course we can all be off topic some days).  Finally, I figured out that we all kept saying “Poor Caramel”.  🙂

Doctor appointments!  They are only well checks, etc. (thankfully we don’t have ongoing health issues!) but it sucks up the entire day!

Royce’s nervousness about his shots!  He has been asking if it was the day for shots almost every morning for the past year.  That’s how traumatic it was for him last year.  Just before we left he said “Oh, I know, we will get a new toothbrush there!”.  I guess the dentist visit two weeks ago stayed with him!  🙂

Royce getting two shots at the Dr.’s office.  The nurse that gave the shots to him last year was getting nauseous the night before because last year was her worst experience with a child (he pulled his leg out of our grip and the needle went flying away!).  She was nowhere to be found as soon as she finished with us this year.  😦  It went well this time, we had back up nurses to help.

CTR FHE with special “smile” treats, they fell apart!  😦  FHE "Smile" right before it fell apart!  :)

Getting ready for my trip to Oregon!  Scheduling everything is crazy!

Bryson heckling Addy about boys!

Getting our Oregon house ready to put on the market in July!  This is not a fun way to spend my time!  Hopefully, it will sell or we will have to go back to renting.

Dixon and Addy having to stay home from church with sickness.  It would have been Dixon’s first day in nursery!  We finally made it!!!  If he will go…..  Church was so easy without Dixon!  I didn’t even have to pack a bag, I just walked out the door!  I was able to just sit and listen!  Wow!

Royce:  “Mom, when I am big like Dad will I be old like him and as big as a house?”


Merritt’s 9th birthday!!!  We love our sweet girl!  She got a huge bear from Costco and we hid it in our closet.  Dixon noticed it and all of a sudden said “Oh, oh, oh,”  He was ran up to it and said “Hi”!  So cute!  I always wanted to win one of these bears at a carnival.  So, now I’m living vicariously through my children.  Tessa, Dixon and the bear!Merritt and her bear!

Merritt being honest about seeing her bear present before her birthday!  Go Merritt!

Bryson playing piano at the airport while we waited.  Person after person kept coming up to him asking him to keep playing.  It was so fun!  Could be the airport didn’t want anyone playing considering there was not a bench to sit on… 

Bryson making Sunday dinner!  Bryson made Clam Chowder, yum!

Missionaries over for a lesson and dinner.  They even did Preach My Gospel with us!  It was so great to have their input!

Camping trip at Smith Lake.  At the last minute Dixon got a high fever and I had to stay home with him. 😦  The tent is up!Campout watermelon!  Yum!I did enjoy the alone time but I was really looking forward to the camp out! I went a little crazy with my eyebrow waxer and took a chunk out of my eyebrow!  You gotta love my eyebrow!  :)

Royce “I get smurf’s still right?”  He meant smores.    🙂

Relief Society “14 Day Walk With Christ” potluck at my house.  It was a great night with great ladies as we discussed our experience.

Public school getting out and our shortened schedule!  I love summer with the friends and the kids friends in and out of the house!

Bonfires, thunderstorms and water balloon fights!  Love them!  Vicious!  Water ballons are ready!

The Clark family visiting!  Love them!  Move back now!!!

Park day with perfect weather and lots of great people!  Hadley on the monkey bars!  Dixon wants to swing longer!  Dixon and Royce dressed the same at the park.  A lot of little kids thought they were twins (three years apart!).  :)

Bryson’s young men group making homemade pizza at our house.  YUMMY!  Thanks for the leftovers!

Lazy pool days (leaving Dixon napping at home gave me a glimpse of my future life without babies!  Yippee).  Bryson was playing Marco Polo with the kids on his break from life guarding. The other lifeguards kept saying “There are little Bryson’s running all around!”  Great memories!

Using our last box of Oregon Bithell Fruit Farm strawberries to make tons of freezer jam!  Yummy!  Crepes here we come!

Royce practicing reading, then Dixon grabbing a book and pencil while sitting right next to him.  So cute!  Best way to do school work!  :)

Baby delivered at my doorstep!  Too bad I couldn’t have gotten all my kids this way!  Baby delivery!

Daddy telling Royce to unplug the bath water.  Royce quickly pulls the plug and jumps out, then turns and says “I don’t want it to drink me up!”.

Royce worried during the Lorax movie when the kid leaves town.  He said “He’s leaving town without his Mommy, I would bring my Mommy”!  Good boy Royster!

Finding scooters and a toy lawnmower in a pile on the side of the street.  In Huntsville, you just put the stuff, that you would normally take to the dump, on the side of the road.  Then people come along and take what they want.  It’s so easy and great!  Dixon and his lawnmower!


I can hear my own thoughts in my head.  I can sit in a silent room for hours and love it!  I can line my shoes up and have them stay there all day!  I can come back to my computer and have it still on the same music and page!  I can leave things out, like a glass with water in it, and not have it moved or tipped over.  I can work on something, then get up and have everything in the house still be in the same place.  I can not be talked to for 24 hours and love it!

All this said, I would still choose my wonderful husband and children!  It’s just nice to remember how other people live!  🙂


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