Visits, Pools, Broken Clavicle and Frustration Taken Out on a Mirror!!!


Tessa breaking her clavicle (collar bone)!  She was flying/racing Corbin on a scooter at a Memorial Day barbecue and it slipped out from under her.  She’s been doing well despite the pain.  Not the best way to start the summer!  Hopefully, this will be it!  Love you my sweet Tessa!

Tessa in the ER!

Kevin realizing that he has turned out to be a very organized man (compared to when he was younger).  The only problem with this is that his children have taken over and they don’t care as much as he does.  He finally lost it when one too many times he got in “his” car and had to move the seat, adjust the mirrors, then he hit his forehead really hard on the visor that was left down.  He took out his frustration on the visor!  When he was finished he felt better but the mirror is no longer functioning (code word for he shattered it).

Hadley:  “Mom, what is the 5th Gospel Standard?”  Me:  “I don’t know, I haven’t memorized that yet.”  Hadley:  “Oh ya, you were Jewish when you were growing up!  Good thing I’m not Jewish or I wouldn’t know my Gospel Standards.”  This didn’t work, because every religion has their own gospel standards, but for a six year old that has watched way too many episodes of Little House (with Percival and Nellie) she is just starting to put things together.  🙂  So cute!

Putting all the Andersen’s and Jones kids to bed in one room.  I told them to all close their mouths and stay in bed.  Five minutes later Royce asked if he could just put his lips together while he slept.  🙂

Hadley trying to understand why Bryson was with a Becca all the time while she was visiting.  She kept coming to me with questions and all the girls were reporting every move they made!  Gotta love it, but poor Hadley is very confused..

Hadley was playing a tickle game with Addy, Royce and Dixon and all of a sudden she stops and says “Wait, I forgot to tell Bentley (the dog) about the circus (which was over a month ago).”


Becca Smith visiting Bryson (and Addy) all the way from Oregon!  She was such a pleasure to have here, we only wish she lived closer.  Trips to the Rocket Center, dinner out, swimming, bowling, dates and lots of fun! 

Bryson and Becca. 🙂

Cheri Andersen (Kevin’s Cousin) visiting!  Her three kids were so wonderful and fun!  Having Cheri and Becca in our home was such a blessing and it felt so empty when they left!  Loved our time with all those wonderful Andersen’s!  Late night talks, eating out, ice cream and lots of fun!   Thanks for driving from Austin, Texas.  We love you!

Joneses, Andersen’s and Becca! So fun!

Tessa making cookies with Jacob.  🙂 

Otter Pops on the trampoline!

Otter Pops on the trampoline! Summer is here! 🙂

Preach My Gospel Sunday night with Becca and Cheri.  It was great to have two more people bless us with their thoughts!  🙂

Getting a wonderful card in the mail from Megan Bruening.  When I was in Young Women, another leader gave a lesson on the temple and gave the girls cards to mail back to a leader when they get married in the temple.  She sent it to me and made me cry.  I’m so excited for her to get married next month.  Congrats Megan!  Love you!

Corbin and Addy going to a Hunger Games party!  It was awesome!!

Hunger Games aftermath! Corbin and Addy!

Hunger Games!

Getting test results back for Corbin, Tessa and Merritt.  They all did great!  It’s such a relief, considering I am in charge of their education!  It was Tessa and Merritt’s first time too.  🙂

Pool opening!!!  First day back in the water with cousin Cheri and kids!  So fun!  Dixon had a love/hate experience on the slide.  He would scream and giggle at the same time, but kept going back for more!  

Bryson and Becca on a triple date to Point Mallard water park.  They had so much fun!

Royce calling a G.I Joe movie from the library E, I, E, I, O!  🙂