Corbin is 14! Nose surgery, A New Car and a Cop, Aunt Peggy’s visit, the Number “5” and “Mommy’s Don’t Have to Choose the Right”!!!

Well, two weeks sped by!  My Aunt Peggy came in last week, so the blog didn’t happen.  It was so worth it though!  It was wonderful to have family here and she was amazing with the kids!  Thank you Peggy for driving all the way from Montana!!!  Can you guess which side of the family she is from, my Mom’s or Dad’s?  🙂

Aunt Peggy!


Spending money on a third car, then the check engine light coming on within the week!  Having three cars has really helped though!  I think we are cursed to always have check engine lights on in all of our old cars!  🙂

Filling out five kids grades and registering six of them for next year!  Uggghhhh!  I hate paperwork!  I need a secretary!

My scary children making up songs!

Corbin’s nose surgery!  Thankfully, it went really well and he healed extremely fast.  As they wheeled him away he threw a tissue back to us like a handkerchief.  He had us laughing instead of crying. There wasn’t any bruising and he went to all three hours of church two days later!  He did great until he had to do a special wash on Tuesday that went into his throat!  It took him an hour to do it and he felt extremely violated!  He cracked me up when he came in my room saying “The directions on the box makes it sound like it will be so much fun, but they are lying!  It was the worse thing in my life!”.

Corbin’s nose job! 🙂

Bryson suddenly putting his white shirt and church shoes on as we were all winding down at the end of the day (this will make sense later).  I asked him why he was doing that and he said he was too lazy to go upstairs and put it away, but he didn’t want it to go in the bucket!  Ha!

Swallowing a bug at the Ultimate Frisbee game while Addy was taking a picture!  Just my luck!

at the ultimate game
and then she swallowed a bug….

Addy asking what movie I got and I said “The one with Queen Tequila and Dolly Parton!”.  🙂

Getting pulled over by a cop on the way home from Corbin’s surgery!  Kevin had put the new license plate on the front not the back (in Alabama, you only have to have one license plate).

Hadley falling out of bed!  Kevin runs up there to see what the loud boom was and asked her if she fell out of bed.  She just gives him a huge smile.

Royce:  “Mom, you don’t have to choose the right because you are big and a mommy!”  🙂

Going to church with a moody teenager.  Surprisingly, by the end of church it had flipped around and that same child had some really neat experiences.  We were prepared for the worst!

Royce:  “I’m not going to be dead, because I don’t like to be dead.”  Thank goodness!

Getting frustrated and giving up on helping Bryson with his education.


Corbin’s Eagle Project!  It went awesome and it was completed in one day (we were hoping it would work out that way).  We are so proud of Corbin!  The room looks so cool!  Now to move on to the board of reviews! 

Corbin’s Eagle Project! They painted 14 silhouettes and the “S”. Also, the crimson color on the bottom.

Dixon’s new white shirt and tie (I got some church shoes this week, which will help the outfit).  He looked so grown up that Hadley kept saying “He’s looks like a real boy now”. 

Bryson finding some old EFY music I used to listen to.  The tape had died, so we hadn’t heard the songs in a long time.  “Whatever it Takes” by John McVey and Felicia Serensen and “I Will Not Be Still” by Kenneth Cope!  Love them!

Aunt Peggy’s visit!  Although we had dentist appointments and well checks (which took days to get all the kids done!) she just went with the schedule.  She took Tessa and Dixon to the Botanical Gardens, won Dixon over, went on the trampoline, had a tea party, went to an Ultimate Frisbee game, celebrated Corbin’s birthday, grocery shopping, went to Dublin Park and got upset at Nancy Olsen when she is mean to Wilbur (hahaha  Addy read this, and realized the boy’s name is really Elmer!)on Little House!  She has more energy than me!  She was amazing!  Peggy winning Dixon over.  :)

Kevin putting up the number “5” all over the house and garage.  The kids were asking for days what it meant.  He finally explained the five second rule.  It only takes five seconds to help pick up things when you walk by them and they are out of place.  Now, if something is left out, it goes in the bucket (with the lid).  If they want it back (before the two week dump) they have to do an extra chore.  It’s working out really well so far!  I’m getting extra things done around the house and I don’t have to ask anyone to put their stuff away or look at their junk.  It just goes in the bin!  Royce was worried that we were talking about taking away dessert.  Ahhh, the mind of a four year old!  🙂

Royce:  “Will I get your surgery if I touch you?”  He’s just learning about germs.  🙂

Preach My Gospel night!  The kids got to make up the scenarios this time and Kevin and I were the missionaries.  They loved playing it up!  They were so funny!

Rotating who prepares Sunday night dinners!  Addy made lasagna and all the side dishes!  It was so amazing to not even think about it!  Thank you Addy!  Bryson is in charge next week.  🙂

Royce:  “I pedal like this…”  He was showing me how he swims and he called his strokes peddling.  🙂

Watching Bryson and Kevin’s Ultimate Frisbee game!  :0

Best Mother’s Day ever!  Everyone was so sweet and took care of me!  I think the best part was that I stopped to enjoy it all!  Kevin gave me the entire series of Little House on the Prairie!!!  So happy!  🙂

Loving hand me down clothes!  Thank you Kinard family!  🙂

Corbin turned 14!  We had to celebrate it two days early because of his surgery.  Corbin is such a great kid!  He is growing like a weed and we love him so much!  🙂

Getting to go to “Classical Conversations”  three day training (I only went in the morning).  We are doing this for Tessa, Merritt, Hadley and Royce next year.  It was fantastic!  It works hand in hand with the schooling we have been doing, it will just add a little more structure for us.

Family Council on the front steps.  We have had the most amazing weather this May!  The last two years had torturous weather in May, but this year has been beautiful!  So, we just HAD to get outside.  Our neighbor came over and took pictures of us.  Ha!  He took a video too.  We’re not quite sure what he’s doing with that (Bryson was playing his guitar).  🙂

We lost Dixon to the yard….

Kids washing the Suburban and then Aunt Peggy’s car! 

Even Dixon loved it!
Washing Aunt Peggy’s car!

Moving to our Summer school schedule!  Yippee!  Much shorter but we still have structure.

Being mesmerized by fireflies!  I think the best part of Alabama are the fireflies.  Watching the kids catch handfuls is so enchanting!  🙂

Water on the trampoline!   So fun! 


2 thoughts on “Corbin is 14! Nose surgery, A New Car and a Cop, Aunt Peggy’s visit, the Number “5” and “Mommy’s Don’t Have to Choose the Right”!!!”

  1. Impressed, Kelly. Great blog. Fun way to keep updated. Glad Corbin’s surgery went well. Remember — you and Kevin are amazing!

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