Shakespeare Play, Roasted Bunny, Lost Notebook and Pretend Family Reunions!

Although, there are many things that don’t work in my life, I am so thankful for them (usually).  I have come to a really great place, as I realized that we will spend the rest of our life trying to get together with our children.  We will never feel like we can see them enough, once they leave.  So, I have changed my attitude into thinking that our life is just one big family reunion.  We get to talk, eat together and love each other as much as possible.  Yes, we still have to sleep, buy food etc. but let’s soak up as much as we can while we are all under one roof.  I am so thankful for incredible children (and husband) that I truly enjoy and love deeply.


Looking for a third car!  Uggghhh!  We just want an old one that has a good engine and doesn’t cost anything!  🙂  We think we found one that will work out well, we will have to see….

Kevin having an allergy attack at the camp out/play!  😦

Corbin running into problems as he tries to purchase the paint for his Eagle Project.  He finally topped it off with someone taking his cart at Lowes with his Eagle Scout notebook in it!!!  All his signatures, etc are gone!  Not good!

Tessa coming home sick from church!  😦  Although it was fun to pamper her.

Accidentally replacing the word “butcher” with “slaughter”.  It made sense to me.  “She completely slaughtered it!”  🙂

Kevin telling me he still sees my eyes as red (he is very color blind!).  We’ve always joked that it’s like the devil, but he can’t even see the color red, so what is red anyways?

Tessa and Merritt misunderstanding the word brainwashed.  “I can’t remember the answer to that problem, I am brainwashed!  My brain is totally washed out of my head and it can’t remember anything.”  They literally thought it meant to take your brain out (I guess it kind of does mean that).

Trying to have a phone conversation while my kids are playing outside and Dixon is inside!  He unloaded utensils, pulled eggshells out of the trash, hung from the oven door handle while it was open and hot (I couldn’t even get it closed), rode his car around really loudly and dumped all the containers out of the cupboard! 

Corbin:  “Dixon needs an off button, wait his bed is one, but it recharges him.”  🙂

Bryson catching a wild, baby bunny!  It wasn’t good because he was about to roast it!  Thankfully, he let it go….

Bryson and his baby bunny.


Tessa waking up early to make a big breakfast for everyone.  She left little notes all over the place to tell everyone!  Way cute, love my Tessa!  🙂

Tessa making breakfast for everyone. 🙂

Royce adding an “ed” to most words that end with ed.  “I lookeded for it under my bed.”  It’s so cute I can’t correct him.

Canceled party!  It gave us an extra night for a movie, popcorn and snuggle time!

Perfect day and night!  Started with a friends baptism/party, kid birthday party and ended with our End of the Year Home School Celebration/Shakespeare play at the Walker’s house!  It was crazy busy but the evening was perfect!  I love listening to my kids act out Shakespeare and everyone did such a great job!  Go Carol Walker!!!!  The fireflies afterward topped off the night.  I LOVE watching children run around catching fireflies!  🙂  The full moon was great too!

Benedick, Don Pedro, Leonato and Beatrice.
Hero and Beatrice!
Corbin with Hero!

Baskin Robbins! YES! 🙂

Kids talking me into Baskin Robbins ice cream on the way home from the play!  They just added a new location close to our home!  Not good!  I love hanging with them all!  Thanks Bailey for joining us.  🙂

Father/Son camp out at Hulaco!  Royce was soooo excited it just warmed my heart!  They had a blast!  Royce had waited all week for “Friday” to come.  He woke up and said “Yippee, Bryson and Corbin and Dad and me, we get to go to the camp out on Friday and that’s today!”  🙂 

Corbin and Royce at the camp out.

Royce:  “Darth Vader was sad because he couldn’t go to the Hunger Games!”  HA!

Royce:  “Mom, Mom, Mom, the honk on horns says ‘watch out’!”

Royce:  “My paraflying is not working!”  He got a parachute guy at a birthday party and he kept calling it paraflying.  🙂

Addisen getting her Patriarchal Blessing!  Wow!  It was one of the most spiritual experiences we’ve had.  I am so thankful to be raising such special children.  You would think I could have remembered tissues!

Family coming to visit!!!  Yippee for us Alabamians!  More to follow when they get here.

Young Men practicing a sacrament hymn at our house.  I love the Young Men! 

Bryson starting to work as a lifeguard again.  Work is a wonderful thing, minus the bugs, snakes and critters that moved in to the pool area on base!

Going to the temple with my wonderful husband.  I think some of our most precious moments together are our car rides together.  I am so blessed to have such an incredible man!

Flowers from Kev! 🙂

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