Corbin’s Broken Septum, Circus, Stolen Razors and 50’s Music!

FAVORITE QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “If I had made that morning myself I couldn’t have done better.  It was sunny, spring air, but it was that cool, spicy kind that keeps you stopping every few minutes to see just how full you can suck your lungs with out bursting.  It seemed to wash right through and through and make you all over.  The longer you breathed it the clearer your head became, the better you felt until you would be possessed to try and see if you really couldn’t fly.”  Laddie

This is how I feel after I go running and I am cooling down on my walk.  At least I know that at one point of the day I felt like I could conquer the world!  🙂

Let’s conquer the world! At least for a few minutes. 🙂


Finding out that Corbin has a VERY broken septum and has to have surgery!  We are not sure when he broke it.  The only thing he can remember is swimming at someone’s house in Oregon, around 4 years ago, and someone landing on his nose.  It bled and hurt badly.   He will have a Septoplasty/Inferior Turbinectomy done.  Big scary words huh.  He has a 100% blockage in one nostril.  Uggghh!!!  Poor Corbin.

Bryson and Addy thinking they are entitled to our razors!  Kevin got me a “nice” razor for Christmas a couple of years ago and they just go for it (Bryson  uses Kevin’s).  We didn’t have nice razors until our 30’s, they can buy their own “nice” razors or use disposable.

Finding out said child hadn’t told us the entire truth about last summer.  Each time we have an experience with our kids it amazes me how it can turn into a neat discussion and end up a great learning experience.


Going to the Circus!!!  We got free tickets for the kids at the library and it was an amazing experience!  It’s not the circus I went to as a kid!  I loved watching the kids faces throughout the event.

Hadley, Royce and Addy at the circus.
Just before the circus!

Playing 50’s music and dancing with the kids!  One of my favorite things to do!  I showed them how to do the twist like my Dad did when I was a kid.  I won’t bless you with a video of me doing it!  🙂  Tessa added back bends to our fun!   So cute! 

Going camping with the YCL’s at camp Hulaco.  I had fun and got to know the girls a little better.  I was so impressed with these great young women!  I only got nine mosquito bites, but I am still having bad dreams about all the bugs that were flying around me!  Especially the one that I smashed on my neck while I was sleeping!  🙂

Neighborhood party!  There were great people, food and a jump house!  The temperature couldn’t have been better.  I LOVE our neighborhood!

Hadley:  “Who made our house and that dress over there?  I know that Heavenly Father can make anything he wants to and really fast!  He can even do more than Santa Claus!”  🙂

Stake Conference!  Even though Kevin was a little stressed as he helped get things ready for Stake Conference, it was so worth it!  I loved the talks and was truly inspired!

Royce asking if Joseph Smith was at Stake Conference.  🙂

Hadley asking if President Vaughn was a prophet.  He looked like the prophets that spoke during General Conference.

Royce listing off his favorite foods:  “Yellow cake, frosting, brownies, bionicles, cars, brownies.”

Three older kids getting to work a lot!  Addy babysitting and the boys working outside.  They have a lot of camps, etc. to pay for, so we are very thankful (we also love having them work!).  🙂

Tessa:  “Mom, how old were you when you stopped playing with dolls?”  Me:  “Around 12, but I wanted to keep playing with them, I just didn’t have anyone who would play it with me anymore.  Then I started babysitting and I could ‘play’ dolls with the kids.”  Hadley:  “Why don’t your friends play dolls with you now?”  🙂



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