Bryson Music Mania, Dixon’s Car, Tessa is 11, Church Formal and Beautiful Walks!


Dixon stuffing all his food in his mouth at once!  Lovely!

Dixon's lovely table manners!

Kevin getting home and the next day lamenting that he is not in charge of his own schedule anymore, the kids are!  🙂

Royce eating an Apple Jolley Rancher and he just kept saying “It’s so spicy and peppery!”.  🙂

Me staying out until 2:00 am, then sleeping in while Kevin make biscuits!  Royce opened the door and yelled “Mom, it’s not your birthday, so you don’t get to sleep in!”.

Hadley’s present to Tessa:  “Dad, do you know what I am giving Tessa for her birthday? It’s that red neck thing. I found it in Bryson’s trash, so I got it and I’m giving it to her.” Only our Hadley…

Hadley the trash lady:  “Mom, I don’t like emptying your trash because of all the disgusting stuff!”  This with a dramatic face.  “Like what, Hadley?”  HJ:  “Like that underarm stuff, yuck!”  🙂

We read a General Conference talk each school day.  They sign it after they have read it, then we talk about it.  Hadley, who is in first grade, has started reading them.  She underlined the entire first page!  I underline what I think is important and she was following my example!  Too funny, but the poor talk was attacked by her pen!

Merritt creating nose art?

Merritt's pointy nose?!!!


Bryson and Claire Munster singing at Music Mania!!!  Claire’s school sponsors this.  They have been practicing for months!  It was a “Happy Mommy Moment”, my grin was plastered across my face!  Great job you two!!! 

Kevin getting home and me running into his arms.  A week is too long!  We did great this time, but it has been so wonderful to have him home again!

Huntsville Times field trip.  We even brought Dixon (he is in training, by this I mean training him to come when I say, etc.).  He did great, but my arms were exhausted after the room that had ink.  Many thanks go to my children that helped with him.  🙂

Huntsville Times field trip.

Three weeks of beautiful weather and incredible walks.  Also, training Dixon to follow me.  I take extra time to let him learn why it’s worth it to come to me.  He loves the birds, trees and the cement.  He kept rubbing the pavement with his hands!  So cute!  He also said “Hi” to the trees as the wind blew through them.  He thought they were people.  When he decided to go a different direction than us he would just say “Bye!”, then giggle and take a step into someone’s yard.  He was adorable.

Dixon figuring out his car (pretty good for just learning to walk).  It’s helping him not get into as many things. 

Girls making Royce’s bed.

Royce enjoying his freshly made bed!

Formal church dance.  Addy and Ashley were beautiful!  🙂

Addisen and Ashley going to the church formal. Beautiful!

Tessa’s 11th birthday!!!  Yippee!  She is a fantastic 11 year old.  She blesses us with her enthusiasm everyday and is very caring and helpful.  We love our Tessa!  Royce was still upset that it wasn’t his birthday!  He offered to share Tessa’s presents with her.  Tessa passed on that idea!  🙂  We have added the tradition of going around the table and saying what you like about the birthday person.  Loving it!  The birthday person is grinning ear to ear  by the end!

Tessa is 11!

What home schooled children do when it’s lunch time!  Ha!  It’s so loud!  Thankfully, the baby sleeps through it! 

Royce noticing Dixon’s runny nose said:  “Dixon has snort and buggers!”  🙂

Home school group planning meeting for next year!  AWESOME group of ladies and a great year to look forward to!

Celebrating Maddie Smith’s 13th birthday.  Happy birthday Maddie!

Smith's! Happy Birthday Maddie!

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