Hadley and Bryson’s Birthday, Bryson’s Prom, Kevin in Germany and Kelly Swallowing a Bug!

Hey y’all!  This is Addy, I get to write this time!  I think Momma is enjoying a Little House break…   🙂  At least I can take one thing off of her list.   Now I can show you how life in the Jones home really is…….


Dixon the destroyer.  He is all over, into everything, and so loud!  Even Royce noticed. He said, “We should make Dixon get out of here, because he is a destroooyyyerrr!!!”

On Hadley’s birthday, Royce whined that it was not his birthday. He said he needs to be a birthday boy. It was a very long day!

ahhh, he looks so innocent and perfect....

Dixon is so cute, even if he destroys everything!  He opened a card that sings; “I like to move it, move it.”  He dances to it, and it’s super cute!  Especially because he is fat! 😉 


Bryson is finally making money!  He worked for our neighbor, Rusty Counts (as Corbin compared him to Well-Oiled Counts).  He is actually making money before he starts life guarding.  Yay Bryson.

Fun Relief Society night for mom!  They played games, and apparently it was so fun, they almost peed their pants!

Bryson had Prom and the ACT on his birthday!  He was so busy, but those are two great things to be doing on your birthday, right?

I don’t know why I am putting this under things that didn’t work, but my mom thinks its bad…  Earlier this week I said “It’s going to be a sad week without the iPad!!!!”  Dad is in Germany for a week, and I miss him but the iPad was a great friend to me. 🙂  We are all missing Dad too!

Mom swallowed a bug while running! hahaha  She gagged on it over and over, but it never came out! Hahaha  I wish I would’ve seen that! 🙂

Dad is at Germany speaking at a conference. Awesome business opportunity!   Mom says she is so busy that it isn’t too bad. 🙂  She was fine until she dropped him off at the airport, then cried a bunch!  Then she sucked it back up, and moved on with her day.  (Oh, and his room is pink!)


Dixon loves being outside! We all love taking him on walks.  He tries to run away, and points out the birds, and tries to pull out the rocks in the pavement. 🙂   So cute!!!!!

Hadley’s Birthday!  She is 7, getting way too big. she says the cutest things, but she is really sneaky!  Ahhh, love her! 

Bryson and his tux

Bryson’s prom on his Birthday. He loved it! He said one of his favorite things about it was wearing the tux, and smiling. Haha  He had a great time with Ana, his date. Mom called it a wonderful Mommy moment. Thank you Ana! 

Mom and Bryson went to lunch on his b-day.  He told her another one of his confusing, strange theories.  “You are just the best mom; not a good or bad mom.  Just perfect. Most kids gauge it on what they can I get away with, but you are like my best friend.”  Okay…  What I got from that, was that mom is the best.  Or something like that.

We went to the thrift store and got a dress for the dance this weekend.  I didn’t fit right, so Karalee Arnell is fixing it for me. Yay!  Thank you!

Dixon sleeping 15 hours!!!  Also down to one nap! Mom gets so much  more done in the morning now. We are loving the peace and quiet.

Corbin loves Reese’s!  We are practicing for a Shakespeare a play that we are doing, and he doesn’t want to act in love!  He can’t!  The only thing he can be in love with is Reese’s.  He is pretending McKenna is a giant pile of Reese’s. 🙂 Poor McKenna. But he is doing it perfectly.  I was telling Royce that Corbin and McKenna will have to fall in love, and kiss, and he said, “Oh, fall in love with the Reese’s?! And kiss it?!”  I have no idea how he knows about that!

Corbin loves his Reese's! 🙂

Stocking up our food storage at Costco again.  You would have loved the comments I got!

You gotta love my 10 year supply of taco seasoning! 🙂

Mom signed up for LEMI training in Oregon!  She is so excited to learn more and go to Oregon!!!! Yippee for her.

This summer Bryson, Corbin, and I are going to the Trek in Oregon!!!  Our stake isn’t having one, so we get to go  to the one in Oregon.  I can’t wait to see everyone!


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