Destin, Holly Molly’s, Slobbery Tires, Heart Bursting and Lots of Family!!! :)

I’m back to the blog!  It was a wonderful vacation and I’m ready for another one!  The three week break from the blog was wonderful but I feel like I should keep going with it.  The memories are so worth it!  I’ll just focus on all the good parts of it and not think about the rest (I do that a lot in my life!).  This is for all of you that let me know how much you enjoy it.  The notes were very special to me and I’ll keep them forever!  Thank you (sweet tears on my face).  Love you all!  I’ll try to keep this short, but the last three weeks were full of so many wonderful moments (even the ones that didn’t work) it will be hard.  🙂

Book quote of the week:  “She looked at him with a smile that was like a hug and a kiss.”  Laddie by Gene Stratton-Porter


Trying to take family pictures in Destin with a one year old!  This one sums it up!  Couldn't a good family picture!We're trying!

Kevin hitting his head on the side of the pool during a Marco Polo game.  Took him out for awhile… 😦

Trying to play a family football game on the beach with a baby crawling through the game!  Of course he kept heading for the trash can.  It reminded me of the Garbage Pail Kids.  That would be my Dixon!  Dixon the Destroyer pushing a tall ceramic lamp over onto the tile floor.  That was a fun one to replace!Baby in football game!Snuggles are worth all the destruction!  :)  We love our Dixon!Dixon conquering the house immediately!

Tessa catching a turtle while fishing!  Poor little turtle.  Tessa's turtle.  Justin and Kevin to the rescue!

Bryson, Corbin, Hadley Merrritt and Royce getting really sick on vacation!  It was so sad to see them just laying around without their enthusiasm.  Of course, Bryson still went to the beach and played in the water.  He would come out and ask if we were all cold?  No, Bryson you just have the chills.  He still got his tan though.

Car battery dead in the little car.  We kept saying we were going to jump it and Tessa asked “Do you really get on it and jump on it?  How does that work?”  It’s obviously been a long time since we have had to jump a car.  🙂

Noticing how wrinkled my eyes have become.  I was looking at our Destin pictures and it really shocked me.  I finally figured out that the faces I look at all day are so young and gorgeous that my mind has tricked me into thinking I’m that young.  I guess that might be good…. ? 

Royce wanting to go play with the big boys in the neighborhood.  I told him to go help the girls with their lemonade stand he said with big tears “But the girls are not having much more funner!” 

Curse you Pinterest desserts!!  Need I say more?

Feeling like a duck out of water in my girls camp calling.  It’s a long learning curve considering it won’t be fixed until summer.

Bryson having four wisdom teeth pulled and four more molars pulled.  Ouch, eight teeth gone and a tough recovery.  Throwing up and a lot of pain.  But, he is all better now and back to working and playing hard.  We really missed his fun personality.  It made me cry to see him not be able to smile or talk.  We got a great video of him after the surgery… 

Talk with Bryson about finances.  We pulled Bryson in to Kevin’s office to discuss his lack of money.  Kevin helped him make a list of all the things he still had to pay for this week (PROM, gas, etc.).  Bryson thought Kevin was making a diagram to show him more about “The Talk”!  You should have seen the look on his face!  Back to the money, he was pretty much out of money and now he realized it.  Since Sunday night, he has acquired many jobs and will have made enough money to pay for it all!  Go Bryson, just point him in a direction and he’ll get it done (if he really wants it!).

Dixon is done with the bottle!  😦  I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.  I have loved babies and bottles since I was a kid.

Kevin’s realization:  “I have finally resigned my life to be utterly inconvenienced by my children!”

Kids going to the beach in their clothing the first night we got there.  They were supposed to just put their feet in…. Will we ever learn? 


Tessa:  “Mom, you have to keep writing the blog, it’s how I find out what happens in our family!”  🙂

Hunger Games midnight showing!  Kevin took Bryson, Addisen, Corbin, Claire and Jack Munster (Trudy and Sadie Walker joined them too) to it.  They LOVED it!  They all came out paranoid and looking all around them.

Listening to the videos done by the Stake Presidency back in Oregon on The Family Proclamation.  I’ve only started them, but what an incredible treasure.  I can’t believe the amount of time that was put into them.  I just kept smiling and learning.

Royce:  “Can I have more Holly Molly’s”  = Hot Tamales in the car on the way to Destin.   Another one was about his flat tires on his bike “Mom, I need help, my wheels are all slobbery!”  He meant slippery.  🙂  Royce wanted more cinnamon bears (I must really like cinnamon on a trip!) and he asked for more “gummy bears hot”.  🙂  Ice cream stop on the way to Destin.  The kids did great in the car, even Dixon!  :)

Visiting another ward in Destin!  We loved it!  It’s so good to step out of what is regular to us and see things differently.  We couldn’t find Kevin after wards, we thought we lost him to a meeting in a ward we aren’t even in…..

Kevin teaching the kids to “index” on the church website.  It was a perfect Sabbath Day activity at the beach.

My Mom losing tons of weight!  She looked like she was going to blow away!  Way to stick to it Mom!  We love you!  Mom and Dad, love you!

Playing a ruthless game of Cranium with my family!  My Dad was imitating death by rolling on the tile floor and hit his head.  It was hilarious (to us at least…).  Here is to giraffes in Maryland!

Golf Carts as a mode of transportation!  So fun!

Family togetherness!!!  It was so great to have Uncle Justin playing with the kids and to get to see his kids!  My parents were so patient and wonderful.  I want to just keep saying wonderful things, but I will stop.  🙂  Shelbi, Chelsea Justin and Jake Miller!  Love you guys!

Going to Pirate Island and playing Hook-up Tag.  As we crossed the bridge, Royce asked if the pirates were nice pirates?  🙂

Kevin, Tessa, Corbin and Bryson snorkeling!  Bryson and Kevin Snorkeling!

Listening to General Conference on the car ride home.  It helped it go by so quickly.

Cleaning lady coming while we were gone!  It is the best feeling to come home to a perfectly clean home!  I wasn’t bugged anymore by all the dust and spots on my cupboards.  Love it!

Free circus tickets for the kids from the library.  We scored with our big family!  They only had to read five hours!  Silly library, make it much higher.

Deciding and signing up for classes next year for the kids.  It is so exciting to get ready for next year.

Egg hunt and picnic at the church!  Fun!  Neighbors giving us the cutest Easter Dessert! 

Temple with wonderful friends!  Ahhhh, lasts me all week.

Kevin getting a nap in his “Man Chair” recliner!  Man chair recliner

Making dinner, leaving for a nap after we eat, then coming downstairs to a perfectly clean kitchen.  I LOVE chore charts and good kids!

Dixon playing Peek-a-boo and saying “Booey-boo”.

Having time to really watch my kids and think about each one!  I love them so much that my heart feels like it could burst.  I can see their amazing potential and how special each one is.  Kevin and I are truly blessed to get to live with these amazing kids!

Amazing friends that love and support me.  I love having friends that know me so well and can strengthen me with their words.  It’s a true treasure  on this earth to have friends like that.

Kevin’s new account in New York….  Kevin:  “Which style of videos do you want me to make?”  Guy:  “Either, I like the party planning one, but I love the talking head one too!”  Ha, I love Kevin’s talking head too!  🙂  You can see his videos here:

Dixon 15 1/2 months old!Royce 4 years old!Hadley almost 7 years old!Merritt 8 years old!Tessa turning 11 years old on the 23rd!Corbin 13 years old!Addisen 15 years old!Bryson 17 years old on Saturday!


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