Goal #52 – I MADE IT!!! GOAL ACHIEVED!!!! :) :) :) Sticker Collection, Hurt Feet and Marshmallow Thieves!

Well, I made it 52 weeks writing in my blog (I did combine my Oregon weeks into one though)!!!  I have a love/hate relationship with it all.  I love waking up the morning after writing it and watching the kids read it.  I love having the history down for our family.  I LOVE any comments I get from others.  I love reading a past blog post, getting hooked and going back farther and farther.  I love helping people (a little) as we all make this great journey with our families.  BUT, I HATE writing it and putting myself out there in fear of offending someone, making them feel badly and the time that it takes.  Soooo, we are leaving for Destin, Florida for Spring Break and I am going to decide whether I’ll continue or not after we get back.  I’m going to order the blog into a book (not sure how to do this).


Dixon scrapping/burning the tops of his feet off!!!  It was so sad!  He was playing in the turtle pool in the driveway and the cement took off the tops of his feet.  It’s really hard to help his feet heal because he just keeps injuring them again.  His feet are almost healed a week later.

Dixon's poor foot! 😦

Dryer breaking, vent blocked, car breaking, Kevin dropping his Iphone resulting in shattering his screen and a hard drive dying, all in one day!  Wow!  Then we spent the rest of the week with people coming in to fix things, etc.!  Not good timing with a trip coming up.  Thank you to the Capps for letting us borrow your truck!  🙂

Changing winter clothes with summer clothes!  I hate doing this, but love it after it’s done.  We had enough hand-me-downs to fill everyone’s dressers.

Thinking it is vacation all week.  We are all having a hard time focusing as we get prepared and excited to see family at the beach!

Dixon in the whining at your feet while pulling your pants down phase.  I’m sure it will go quickly, right?……

Dying hair the wrong color!  Hmmmm, a little too red, but I think it is ok….

All the kids hogging my computer for school!  I guess I should be thankful they want to do their studies, but….  I told Addy I had to send a quick message on FB, she allowed me to (after moaning that I would get lost in the great abyss of FB)  and then I let her back on.  A little while later I checked something else and told her she needed to read the response from Annette Bell.  Her response “I already did!”  Wait, I thought your were studying  and not on MY FB!!!!  Ahhhh!

Hadley says to me: “I wish I could just make a copy of you!”  I’m thinking, “Oh no,  she feels neglected”.  Instead, she says she wants the copy to be her, because she wants to be just like me.  Melt my heart…  🙂

Snakes!  Spring brings bugs and snakes!!!   I will not even comment on how I feel about snakes!

Yucky big snake! We had to go back to look closer!


Finishing 52 weeks of my blog!!!

Home School group marshmallow thieves!  Some cute little boys found their way under the pool table, around the ping pong table boards and into the food storage and were stuffing their faces with a bag of marshmallows!  It was so funny (the mom didn’t think so).  🙂

Proud Mom of the Marshmallow thieves. 🙂

Royce wanting to be like Dixon with his sippy cup.  I love having these two boys next to each other.

Two little boys in their chairs with their sippy cups! 🙂

Girls night at our house with the Munster ladies.  We loved having Sandy and Claire over.  We never even got to watch our movie because we just ate and talked.   The boys went and saw a movie.

Setting up Easter!  I love Spring and Easter!  The weather has been in the high 70’s/low 80’s!  The kids have played in water every afternoon!  The smells are overwhelming, in a good way!  When I go running I jump from yard to yard smelling different trees and flowers!  I must look crazy but I’m happy!  We also got to have our first barbecue!  Loving it!

First barbecue!

Finding my old sticker collection (three photo albums) from when I was little.  Oh the memories it brought back for me.  The Scratch n’ Sniffs were the best!  I felt like I was 10 years old again!

Puffy, googly eyed stickers were the best!!

Finding an old high school photo album!  Wow, this really sent me back in time!  Prom, camps, my parents house before they redid my room and the kitchen.  The kids were drooling over the pictures. I had to tell them “We worked really hard on those bangs!”.  🙂

Jenn Greisbach and I on the Oregon Coast!
My Dad, me and Kimmy on Mt. Batchelor in the summer!
Malibu, Canada. It's hard to pick me out with all our hair! At least the same styles are coming back.

Dinner with Elder Bleuth.  I learned so much in just an hour.  I tried really hard not to drop my food, trip, say something silly or mess up at all!  Thankfully the mission president and Pres. Vauhn asked great questions and we just got to learn.

Awesome Preach My Gospel night with the three olders!  We only went over one page “The Law of Chastity”.  We ended up talking  for an hour and a half about everything!  It was really neat and we think we have the greatest kids!  🙂

Royce as he cries:   “I don’t want Jelly in my hair!”  Bryson was doing Royce’s hair for him and used gel.

Royce:  “Mom, when I turn five, I’ll be five.”  He was so excited!  🙂

Royce:  “I don’t like storms!  The good clouds say ‘Oh, no!’ and the bad clouds say ‘Roooaaaarrrrr’!”

Corbin, Tessa and Merritt going to school testing.  They did such a great job and loved it.  They said they wished they could do it every week!  It sure was quiet with only five kids home.

Surprise box of fun kid things from Nana and Papa Buzz (Kevin’s parents)!!!  The kids loved all of it.  🙂

Making two new desserts from Pinterest.  Thankfully, we were giving most of it away…..  I LOVE PINTEREST!!!  When I go to my own page I see all the things I love in one place.  It really is my happy spot other than the temple.  🙂 If you need an invitation, let me know.  🙂

Dixon sitting still for a haircut!  This is the first time he has done this.  He snuggled right into me and let Kevin do it.

Dixon's haircut!

6 thoughts on “Goal #52 – I MADE IT!!! GOAL ACHIEVED!!!! :) :) :) Sticker Collection, Hurt Feet and Marshmallow Thieves!”

  1. I have totally loved reading your blog, and you have inspired me to start writing down some of our family history now too. If you want to have your blog printed up I would check out blurb.com My friend Karen uses it to print up her blog every year. I made a book last year off of blurb, but It wasn’t transferred from my blog. If you want to see what the book looks like let me know and I will show you. Hope you guys have a great trip, and that Dixon’s foot finished healing up.

  2. You did it!!! I hope you continue… it has been great to keep up with the Jones’ (in a good way!). Hope y’all have an amazing trip to Florida!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I hope all goes well with your house. Know that there is some jealousy going on here as you head back! 🙂

  3. I’ve enjoyed your blog this year. For what it’s worth, it would be missed if you discontinued your writing. Have a great trip.

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