Goal #50 – Nerf Guns in Church, Shells, Dixon the Destroyer and Royce the Thief!!! (Bryson the Perfect, Addy McCreery and Corbin the….) They made me do it!!!!

First thing I need is an idea for our shell box thingy!  When we went to Neskowin Beach last summer, my Dad found a whole sand dollar for me.  I have NEVER found a whole one so I was so excited.  Then the next morning when I was running I found seven more and two more the next morning!  I was sooooo excited to be at my favorite beach and having such special luck.   Kevin helped me get this shadow box and we glued the shells down to represent the kids, Kevin and I.  We need to write something in the middle that represents us, the beach or anything!  Please give me your awesome ideas!  I am not creative at all!!!

Give me ideas for what to write in between the shells!


Going to a Stake Young Women Camp Kick-off Meeting with out my make-up on!!!  Oh the horror!  I have never done this in my entire life!   No one else noticed, but I looked so washed out!  It was like a real life dream when you forget to put your clothes on.  Do you think that will be next?  I must be really losing it!

Tornadoes!  Good reevaluation of our resources.  We spent our Friday like this:  School, basement, chores, basement, movie, basement, school, basement….  🙂

Addy and Royce worried about the storm!
Tornado going north of us

Royce opening the bottom of one of our upstairs windows (we only open the top so little kids won’t fall out and die on the concrete).  I explained to him why we need to be careful so Dixon won’t push the screen out.  He responded with:  “Yes, Dixon would die and then we wouldn’t have a baby anymore and we wouldn’t be happy!”

Teenagers making little choices that are not what we teach them.  It’s disappointing but necessary to let them figure it all out (just so you know, it wasn’t anything that big, just whether to be prepared for things they need).

The need for a silent Nerf Gun during Sacrament Meeting!!!  If anyone can find one for me I’ll pay you for it!  I can’t reach all my kids at once to “help” them be reverent (especially my teenagers!).  I used to love to watch other big families during church but I’m not so sure I like being one of them!  🙂

Kevin traveling!  Although, we have all the meals he hates, watch movies and the little girls rotate sleeping with me, we still miss him.  🙂

Dixon learning to say “uh, oh”!  It’s so cute, until he learned to drop EVERYTHING and say it!

Dixon the Destroyer climbing out of his crib!  Tessa kept saying “It sounds like he’s getting closer…”.  🙂

Dixon hiding things in heater vents, toilets and cupboards.  Socks in toilets, bottles and Star Wars guys in heater vents.  At least I know where to look for things that are missing.  He also figured out how to pull drawers out one by one and climb up them onto the counters!  Unloading drawers is a talent he has.  He spent this week throwing things from the rooms upstairs through the banister at everyone’s heads!  Bryson was wondering why his bathroom stuff was in the kitchen!  🙂

Corbin helping Bryson with yard work (as a punishment).  Bryson:  “Corbin has snotty teenageritis!”

Clothes not fitting!  I have finally gotten my weight down to my college weight (my shape will never get there, or my poor stomach!), but my clothes are too baggy!  This is a big problem because I HATE to go shopping and I HATE to spend money on clothing (not just for me but for any person in this family).  It’s something I’m going to have to learn to get over.  I bought a few shirts and jeans and they are not cutting it.  🙂


Bryson playing guitar on the deck!  Love it! 

Royce and Bryson playing guitar! 🙂

Tessa dressing Bentley up!

Poor Bentley!

Dixon loving the egg timer.

Dixon loves his egg timer. 🙂

Fiesta party without a reason!  Girls set it all up by themselves!

Fiesta Party

Corbin getting his Eagle Project and Fundraiser approved!  If you have never had a son get his Eagle, count yourself blessed to not have to go through this horrid process.  I love the project and the work, but all the signatures and lack of knowledge is so hard!  One person has the power to stop the entire process!  Corbin turned in his completed form that he worked so hard on only to find out that it was an outdated form and he had to start all over, signatures and all!!!  I love potty training any two year old, but I plan on hiring someone to help guide my last two boys through their Eagle Projects!

Bryson watching Arthur on PBSkids!  He was so happy to see his old friends!

Family late night run through the neighborhood.  We all (minus Dixon) ran in our bare feet and yelped it up.  It had been a long day in the house during the tornadoes.  🙂

Things becoming more important than family!  Royce:  “But Mommy, I don’t want to be in this family.”  Mom:  “Why, Royce?”  RJ:  “Because Noah’s family has so many Legos and computer games and I just need to be in their family!”  Mom:  “Won’t you be sad when you go to bed at night?”  RJ:  “No, can I carry my bed up to their house?  Do you think they have room?”  The wonderful Tina Darby told him he needed to stay in our family so he could help teach Dixon how to play with Legos.  Royce never said another thing but was very sad.  🙂  It’s so hard to help a little guy to understand life.

Royce’s legs sticking out from under beds.  I went to turn a light off in the boys room and Roycee was stealing some of their special things.  He claimed that they only gave him ONE thing and he needed more to put under his bed.

Memorizing my little girls faces and hands.  They each rotated into my bed while Kevin was gone.  They were sound asleep and I had time to just soak up their beauty and realize how much they had grown.  Their sweet noses and pretty little hands.  I sent all my Mommy love right to them!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Goal #50 – Nerf Guns in Church, Shells, Dixon the Destroyer and Royce the Thief!!! (Bryson the Perfect, Addy McCreery and Corbin the….) They made me do it!!!!”

  1. You wanna know the first thing that popped into my head for the shadow box? “I’m shell shocked!”

    hahaha. Really, though, creativity is not my forte. Good luck! 🙂

    Anyway – loved the post, grateful for the heads up about Eagle Scouts, adored the end of your post about memorizing your girls and sending all your mommy love to them. I’ve done that many times myself. Oh, and forget the silent nerf gun, I’m in the market for a silent stun gun. Seriously – 3 kids and we are THAT family in church. Oy.

    1. Cheri you always make me smile and giggle! “I’m shelled shocked” cracked me up! I’m all over the stun gun! 🙂 Wish we lived closer to you guys! 🙂 Love ya!

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