Goal #49 – Atlanta, Stone Mountain Run, Underwear and Bi-Ankles!!!

Kevin and I got to go to Atlanta for two nights!!  Kevin had business there so I got to be ALONE in the hotel room for 6 hours!!!  I am a new person now!  We had a blast! 

On top of Stone Mountain!


Finally watching The Last Mimzy with Hadley!  We got to watch it alone and hold our “Mimzy” together.  When we were in Atlanta, Hadley made sure she tucked Mimzy in each night (Mimzy lives on my nightstand and I smile every night before I turn the light out). HJ:  “Why didn’t you take Mimzy with you last night?  Were you sad without her?”

Our sweet Mimzy!

Atlanta!!  We left the kids in charge and they did great!  Addy was the mom (the older boys went on a camp out for half of it).  She rocks! She even had the house in perfect condition when I got home!  Awesome restaurants!  Talking with Kevin the entire drive there.  His business stuff is so fun to hear about.

Atlanta Temple! Running together in the morning!  Climbing STONE MOUNTAIN!!  We loved it there!  We ran the entire mile back down, jumping off the rocks.  So fun!

Super windy on Stone Mountain!

Addy’s party with the little kids!

Addy's party for the kids!

Hadley’s sneaky phone call while we were gone “I don’t want to hang you up!”

Memorizing Joseph Smith’s First Vision (1) while I’m running.  It’s so good to memorize again.  I’ve been still going over the other stuff I memorized, but this is great too.  🙂

PINTEREST!  I love it!  It’s like a dream come true for my organizational mind!  Minus the part that some people made me follow their disgusting pins and I couldn’t figure how to unfollow them!!!  Addy saved me….  Kevin showed me this quote “Men are from Google+ and women are from Pinterest”.  🙂

Royce quote:  Addy:  “Now we will eat Dixon!”  Royce:  “No!  We can’t!  He doesn’t have frosting on him!”.  Royce also says Bionicles as By-ankles.

Hadley quote:  “You older guys aren’t really home schooled, you leave all the time for your classes!”


Tessa’s enormous tick!!!  Tessa had a blast at a fun birthday party.  They all played in the forest, etc.  The next morning she asked me to look at her neck because it hurt.  I freaked out at a huge tick that was trying to burrow it’s way into her head!  Ahhhh! I quickly removed it!  Poor Tessa, she and I really hate ticks!

Tessa's awesome mask!

Bryson’s quote:  “You know, you are just like me without all my bad parts!  You have your own things that are messed up, but all my good personality traits.”  Hmmmmmm….


Underwear!  Me to said child:  “When was the last time you changed your underwear?”  Child that knows better:  “A couple of days ago.”  We reviewed (meaning we have talked about this before) how disgusting that is!  You should know this child took a shower the night before but put the same underwear back on!  Can you guess if it was a boy or a girl?!!!!

Mad neighbor about our dog.  A lady that I haven’t met before came over, furious about our dog being in her yard all the time.  I completely understand, I hate it when dogs chase me when I’m running!  The kids happen to be playing with the gate open at that very moment.  So, the shock collar is going back on and the kids are scared that she will end up in the pound and left there.  The lady left calm and happy that our dog is nice.  We took cookies and a note to her.  Hopefully, we can keep Bentley in the yard!  Ahhh, kids and gates!


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