Goal #48 – Phone in a shirt, Small Airplane Flight, Burning Corbin’s Shoes and Royce is FOUR!!!


Cell phone in a shirt!  Oh my, we were laughing so hard.  We invited a lady from California, that was visiting our ward, over for dinner.  Hadley had really taken to her (as she does with A LOT of strangers).  Hadley was all snuggled up to her and the lady’s cell phone rang and vibrated in her shirt (in her chest area).  Hadley’s head was right on it!  She was freaking out!  So funny!  Maybe that will teach her….

Our confident Hadley 🙂

Royce’s logic:  Kelly “No, you can’t use that glass because when you are little it can fall and break.”  Royce:  “No, I am not a little boy, I am Royce and I am NOT LITTLE.” / Royce to Daddy:  “This is not your house, it’s Mommy’s.”

Needing to talk with Kevin more.  🙂  Kev:  “I love reading your blog, then I find out the cute things the kids say.”

Discussing “Boxer (underwear) purchasing” with two teenage boys!  Ahhhh, I had to close my eyes because they are too descriptive!

Forgetting the little details.  When I went to tuck Hadley in, she had tears running down her face and said, in a dramatic way, “It’s like you don’t even want to watch Mimzy with me”.  She had suggested the movie and I had moved on to something else.  😦  Sad Hadley.  We are getting to it this week.

Corbin starting his Eagle Project!  Yippee for him, but I HATE IT!!!  All the paperwork is such a pain.  Although, it is great to see Corbin go around and talk to a million adults.  🙂

Teenagers!  Kelly:  “Bryson, you are not the most important person on this earth.”  Bryson (with a huge smile):  “Well, I don’t know who it is, it might as well be me!”  Then he went on trying to figure out who it could be and he decided it really could be him.


Corbin ready for take off!
Addy getting ready for take off!

Young Eagles Flight!!!!  Bryson, Addisen and Corbin got to go up in a small (homemade) airplane!!!  It was so awesome!  This can start their Young Eagles path if they want to.  We arranged it for Corbin because he is very interested in aviation, but the other kids got to go too.  Kevin even went up at the end!  They all got to steer and receive a better understanding of gravity!  🙂 


Royce turns FOUR!!!   I’m so sad to see him grow up.  He was the cutest three year old!  I’m sure four will be wonderful too!  He got a new Spiderman bike helmet (good idea, huh?)  and a bike horn.  He couldn’t find his helmet and asked Merritt “Where is my helmet?  It was on my head and now it is gone!”.  


Bryson calling into the Rick and Bubba Show.  There has been a lot of talk about Mormons with Mitt Romney running.  The three older kids were putting gas in the car on the way to Science and Bryson called in to help them understand what they were saying was incorrect.  Go Bryson!!!  He continued driving (yes, he ended up on the phone with them while driving, he had to get to science) saying to himself “I rock!!!”  He really loves listening to their show and even thinks he wants to be a Disc Jockey (that would help him stay the most important person on the earth!).  I wish we could have heard it!

Bryson getting rehired to be a Lifeguard on the Arsenal!!!  When he got the text, he was so excited, he kept running all around the house with a huge smile!!!  He keeps saying how it is all due to Royce being so cute (last year she interviewed him just because he was Royce’s brother).

Bryson ready for the dance

Getting to talk with Ann Byington!  🙂  I was telling her how good I am on my blog and that I really want to say a lot more.  She suggested I have two blogs; one that is proper and one that has attitude!  Made me laugh…

Addisen’s dream!  AJ:  “I had a dream last night that I was driving and a TEENAGER was in the passenger seat!”  Huge smile!  Ahhh, to be young again.

Addisen before the dance

Watching the kids at their Speech/Debate Marathon.  I love getting to watch them, it’s gives me a whole new perspective on how wonderful they are.

Basketball ending!  Now we have time for bike rides, reading, jumping on the tramp, park dates, phone calls, random service and dancing to fun music.

Tessa taking pictures with her new camera!

Tessa's cute bunny (picture by Tessa). Her camera is a lot better than my iphone!

Bryson and Addy going to a Stake dance.  It’s so fun to watch them get ready and leave.  Corbin will be with them soon….  Although, I haven’t decided if it’s better that Bryson and Addy get along now or when they fought more.  Addy used to tell me everything Bryson was doing and now they are in cohorts together.  Hmmmmm….. 

Game night with friends!!!

Getting to have the Smith’s over for dinner!  It’s so nice to have people come back in town and visit.

Bryson and Matthew chopping our tree down.  It fell down last April during the tornadoes!  Whoops!

Bryson and Matthey chopping down the tree!

Working on my Genealogy!  I listened to some recordings that my cousin Carol sent to me.  My Grandparents were on them and I was brought right back to Sandpoint, Idaho!  It was so soothing, as I felt like I was a little kid again just listening to them tell stories.  I love their laughs!  Missing them….

Burning Corbin’s shoes!  Bryson didn’t want Corbin to keep wearing shoes with holes in them, so he had a burning ceremony!


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