Goal #47- Remote Tooth Extraction, Royce, Hadley and Corbin Quotes and Slobber Naps


Buying Dixon his first pair of “Walking Shoes”, then losing one within 15 minutes!!!

Hadley not allowing me to help her get her front tooth out.  Kevin was too busy to help her and it was dangling from her mouth. I said “But Hadley I did such a good job when Daddy was out of town.”  HJ:  “But Dad says he’s a professional.”  🙂

My first “Girls Camp Dream”.  Of course, I didn’t have what I needed and spent the entire night trying to find it and I was late to everything….  I can’t believe I am already dreaming about it when I have never been to girls camp!

Corbin’s quote:  “Nobody laughs when I try to be funny, but they all laugh when I try to say something smart!”   Bryson’s response was “I’m not sure which category your comment would even fall in!”

Bryson and Corbin discussing whether Captain America or Spiderman is better.  It even took over our dinner conversation.  They really need to know whether you all think Captain America was defeated in the end or not? Help us end the disagreement.

Corbin telling Royce it’s more fun to be the bad guy!  Ahhh!  Royce will do anything Corbin says and worships the ground he walks on, so this is not good.  🙂

Roycee loves his Corbin!

Doing school in odd places!

Hadley on the counter!


Hadley’s remote control tooth extraction!  

Royce’s excitement about the Muppet movie at the $1.00 theater.  “I’m going to go see the Nuppets!  I want to be the blue Nuppet.”  🙂  By the way, I loved this cute movie.  It brought back so many memories from childhood and it was sweet and clean.

Holding Royce on my lap during the movie.  I’ve decided that one of my favorite things in life is to hold a little one on my lap and have nothing else to do but love them.

Haircuts for all my boys!  I love how clean and handsome they look after a fresh haircut.

Dixon scrunching up his face when Addy takes pictures of him.  He expects the flash and gets ready.

Ready for the flash!

Hadley’s shirt from Nana and Boppa!  So cute!

Hadley's shirt from Hadley's

Bryson making a Home Depot run with Royce.

Gotta love Home Depot!

Kevin’s talk in church.  I loved listening to him and the time flew by (minus the part when Dixon kept yelling “Da,Da” while trying to climb over the pew).

Kids making dinner on Sunday!  Yippee!  I took a little unexpected nap on my face and slobbered all over my hand.  I think I have forgotten how to take a nap!

Royce’s quotes:  “In the whole, light world”  = whole wide world, “I took a picture of your back but then I beleted it.” (beleted it sounded like bleeded), “Red marks, get set, go!”  (ready, set, go),

Teaching Hadley’s Primary class.  It made me smile!  I raised my hand during sharing time when they asked who wants to go on a mission.  Hadley looked at me with a weird look on her face and I said “Well, I want to go when I get older.”  She responded with “Good idea, maybe we can be companions!”  🙂

Weekend movie night with the older kids!  It’s so fun to enjoy them!

We had a kid get in our car to go to a movie and he kept saying how nice our car was!  Ha, I said “Do you realize how old it is and falling apart, etc?”.  He said, “Ours doesn’t even have a CD player!”  He got me there.  Even if our 1997, paid off Suburban has a CD player it doesn’t work.  🙂


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