Goal #46 – Kevin is 40 Years Old!!! Locked Bathrooms and Sour Throats!!!!

Kevin's 40!


Corbin talking to us as he is flossing his teeth over the balcony.  We all  notice that Corbin was using 2 feet of dental floss!!!

The baby accidentally getting locked in the bathroom!  He was screaming so loud, this makes it really hard to get it open!

Funniest e-mail of the year!  “Kevin, I was going to wish you a happy birthday, but then I remembered that I’m still not speaking to you because of your last April Fool’s Day prank!!  Take care.  Lisa”  This was Kevin’s old boss from Integra (many years ago).  He and Lisa still get in touch on April Fool’s Day but last year was a bit much for her.  Kevin sent an automated e-mail to her that said he had passed away.  He didn’t tell her the truth until the next morning!

Not being able to laugh at the cute things Royce says because he gets upset.   One day we accidentally said “Roycee you are soooo cute!”  Royce responded “I’m not cute, remember, I’m awesome!”

Bryson getting “cleated”  during Ultimate Frisbee.  Thankfully, Kevin happen to be playing that night and could carry him home.  🙂

Bryson's big cleat mark

Dixon and his climbing.   Ahhhh!   I know I say that every week!

Dixon climbing Bentley's bed


Kevin’s Birthday!!! Doing Jumping Jacks! I love you so much!  🙂

Kevin had to do a handstand on the bridge
Kevin had to wear this shirt all day! 🙂
Kevin was told to be a troll and eat his kids. 🙂
Before we venture out in the rain! 🙂

We had a really fun day!  We started Friday night with his birthday dinner, yum (minus the burned taste in the soup).  In the morning, he went running then had a homemade biscuit, sausage and egg breakfast made by Addy and Tessa.  Bryson took him to play tennis.  I got home and we took off for a picnic at Green Mountain Lake.  We made him do 5 random things while we were hiking.  It happen to be in the middle of a huge rain storm!  It was so fun and wet!  WE ALL LOVED IT, even Dixon was perfect in the back pack.  Then we went to dinner and a movie on a double date with Bryson and Bailey Kinard!  It was a perfect day!  He got a gorgeous watch from my parents and I got him a Man Reclining Chair for his office.  Now he can rotate chairs as he works. 

Green Mountain Lake! Beautiful!
I love all these wonderful people!
Bryson carried Dixon the entire hike! Thanks Bubba!

Dixon dancing with his toy car!  We watched him play on it for over 20 minutes!    Free entertainment at it’s best!  

Royce:  “We should be nice to babies because we like them.  We shouldn’t drop them because then we’ll have to throw them away.”  🙂  Royce is always so kind to Dixon, even now that Dixon gets into his things.  It takes a lot of patience on Royce’s part, but he is so sweet to Dixon.

Dixon loves his apple at the picnic

Hadley:  “My throat is sour.”  (she had a sore throat)

Hadley’s advice for Kevin’s extreme excitement for his 40th birthday.  HJ:  “Dad, the more you don’t think about your birthday the faster it goes.  I tried it and it worked!”

Royce peeking under my bed, “Wow, Mom!  Why don’t you have anything under your bed?!!!”  He has taken to “saving” anything special under his bed.  I have chosen to not look under there!  I’ll deal with that in a year when the phase has hopefully passed.  🙂  Addy took the picture….

This is just the edge of what is coming out from under Royce's bed. 🙂 I love the boy things he's hiding.

Best “Preach My Gospel” experience.  We did another simulation with Kevin and I as the investigators.  We had so much fun that the kids kept saying “Why aren’t you guys this much fun all the time?”  The hippie couple was my favorite!  The kids did a great job being good missionaries.

Tessa learning how to crochet.  This is her first one.  Go Tessa!

Go Tessa!

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