Goal #45 – Deciduous, Royce in Primary, Tessa Gets Zapped and Comments on Facebook

I spent this week saying “No” to as many things as possible and only doing what I had too.  It worked!  I feel so much better and I am getting caught up!  Yippee for our household!


Kids calling me on my mistakes!  It’s so hard!  Royce is really trying to figure life out and with all these kids around here, it just doesn’t always make sense.  Royce:  “Mom you have been soooo bad!”  “How is that Royce?”  “We aren’t supposed to say bad words but Corbin and Bryson and Dad and you do!  We little kids get in trouble when we say those, so you are bad.”  The bad word was “hate”. 

Putting a political statement on Facebook and getting backlash.  It was a pretty bad one….  I did it in a moment of frustration and learned a good lesson to wait on things like that and not to use Facebook as my outlet unless I want to take the time to respond to everyone.  Hmmmm.  I am extremely thankful for the freedom of speech!  Even if I’m told not to use my own….

Tessa getting zapped by the electric dog collar!  Poor girl was trying to help grab Bentley while Kevin was punishing the dog for taking off.  Bad timing!  Her fingers tingled for the rest of the night!  😦

Royce riding his bike exceedingly fast, down our big hill!  The girls had been riding their bikes outside and I thought all was well.  I was heading out to the car and I hear “Look Mommy!”  I look over and he is flying (tingly spine feeling) without a helmet and crashes just as his bike hits the grass.  His body literally bounced flat on the grass and looked like a rag doll.  I hate (yes, I said hate) those moments.  He got so lucky it wasn’t on the cement.  At least he has fear now…..  for a little while.


Dixon walking without too much wobbling!  As soon as he figures out how to get up in the middle of the room we’ll be set!  He giggles every time he practices.  Warms my heart!  🙂 

Claire and Sandy Munster coming to Bryson’s last basketball game!  Hadley just had to give Sandy a new hairdo!  🙂

Sandy's new hairdo!

Merritt saying that her teeth are “deciduous”.  We have  been studying the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees and she applied it to her teeth that keep falling out and replacing themselves.  🙂

Hadley's deciduous tooth!

Royce learning many new things in Primary as a Sunbeam.  “If we are lost and pray, Jesus will come.”  He then tried it.  Hiding in the closet and praying, but Jesus didn’t come….  It’s really hard to explain to a three year old, but I think we helped him understand.  🙂

My Alabama Moon!!!  I love how the crescent moon is on the bottom half, not the side.  It’s so neat to experience something new.

My Alabama moon.

Movie night!!!  The cure to my two bad weeks was snuggling up with my kiddies and watching a movie with popcorn (guys were on a camp out)!

Jared Cheney coming for a visit!  He was in Nashville on business and came down for the day.  It was so great to see him!

Jared Cheney!

Gratitude cookies from the Horrock family!  The cookies were so good and came with the cutest little notes.

Yearly Family Home Evening Theme!  We used to do this in Oregon and paint it on our door.  We are just using frames now.  Our theme is “The Year in Action”.  Each time Hadley did something for someone she would come whisper in my ear “It’s the year in action”.  🙂

Yearly theme with the specific theme for the month of January underneath.

Baby sleeping in until 10:35 AM!!!  It was amazing how far ahead I got on that morning, I felt like a normal person.  Eight children for me is truly enough!!!

Corbin keeping warm during piano practice. 

Finding a birthday video from my good friend Lorena (some how it slipped through on my e-mail and the kids had to help me find it)!  She is teaching the three older kids Spanish and had them do this.  Thanks to her and her husband, I love it!  🙂

Royce:  “What should I do in this house?”  This is better than, “I’m bored”.  But 20 times a day gets old too.

Tessa planting my rose bush from my Fabulous Aunt Pat.  Love it!

My birthday rose bush

Dixon holding his lamb stuffed animal and sucking his thumb.  We just have to make sure he doesn’t find anything like this while he is out of his crib or he will suck his thumb all day!

Dixon and his lamb

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