Goal #43/44 – Dixon in Drawers, Kelly’s 40th Birthday, Teenager Leash, Shaved Head and the “H” Word!

Since I said this blog would include my “Real” life, I will just say that I didn’t reach my goal last week because the last two weeks put me over the edge.  The kids had a Debate/Speech Tournament that I had to help with and it sucked up the “extra” time I use to keep my head on my shoulders.  I really dislike that something so simple can affect our family so much.  It wasn’t only that but many other things that are just hard….  I’m sure I will come out of it this week as I make decisions to only do what we need to and to pamper myself and the kids a little bit.  I’ll try to not be too negative and focus on all the wonderful parts of my life.  So, here it goes…..


Dixon is now climbing into any drawer he can find and then whines until we help him out!  Ahhhh!

Dixon in drawer!
Dixon in another drawer!

During a movie an actor said “Do what Jesus would do”.  Hadley turned and said “Hey, that’s what I do, USUALLY.”  She had a huge grin on her face.

Heading to a movie with a friends kids and the little girl threw up in the back of the Suburban.  It was just like the movie Ramona and Beezus, everyone moaning and groaning at the same time.  The entire car was full of kids.  We felt so badly for her, but still had to take them home and forget the movie….. 😦

Realizing how much I love being at home with the kids and all their friends going in and out of the house, just to further realize that I don’t even get to enjoy it because of the lists of things I have to get done for all of them!  Huge oxymoron!

Finding food hidden in many different parts of the fridge!  The kids have left overs that they don’t want anyone else to have, so they hide it!

Losing the beaters on our mixer.  We looked for 8 months and couldn’t find them, bought an entire new mixer, then found the old ones the next week!  Ahhhh!!

Addy finding Dixon on the kitchen table eating food that didn’t get cleared after dinner.   I guess dinner chores don’t get done as quickly when Kevin and I are gone.  🙂  When she came in, he started to quickly crawl away, knowing he was in trouble.

Not getting to open presents until 2 days after my birthday!  We finally had my ice cream pie 3 days later.  It is just a scheduling thing.  I guess I better get used to this….  Hadley collected things from around the house to give to me.  🙂

Deciding that I can’t go to Germany.  I had decided to go for the last month or so, but after the last two weeks I realized it is impossible.  Dixon has taken to screaming if a non-family member is in the house, only when Addy and I are not there.  Kevin and I will just have to take a 3-4 day trip in the United States.  😦

Teenagers complaining that the leash is too short!  This turns into big discussions which equals exhaustion!  I think the only length that they would approve of would be no leash at all.  This entire parenting this so hard to figure out.  Thankfully, our kids are respectful (most of the time) to us.  It’s just all the different situations that come up and talking our way through them (also making sure Kevin and I are on the same page).  The art of letting go…..

Sleeping right through the tornado sirens.  I was so exhausted by Sunday night that I never heard them.  Maybe this should be under the “works” part!  🙂  Thankfully, my wonderful husband was awake and tracking the storm all night.

Bryson getting shoved (pushed back like the beginning of a fight) at his basketball game.  This team has always threatened to start fights.  Thankfully, it didn’t continue, but I was surprised that I was standing up and ready to charge!  I realized afterward that I would have been down there in a minute and punching the boys lights out!  This would have only gotten myself hurt, but I realized when it comes to my kid I don’t care!  Wow, the feeling is still in me a day later…  It probably had something to do with how much smaller the players look from the top of the stands.  🙂


Royce has decided Corbin is his hero!  He wants to do everything he does and wear everything he wears.  Addy offered to do his hair, Royce said he couldn’t do it because Corbin hadn’t done his hair. He is also in a Batman phase.


Grocery store guy giving a compliment!  I was at Kroger’s checking out my $300.00 basket of groceries and the checker asked “Do you really like to make ham sandwiches?” (it must have been the seven loaves of bread and 4 boxes of lunch meat).  “No, I have eight kids.”  Drum roll…. (this happens at every grocery store I go to!)  His mouth is hanging open at this point.  “No way!  Wow, you look amazing and really good, you really have 8 kids, no way!”.  It was good timing the day before my 40th birthday. 

Dying my hair!  I have never dyed my hair (minus one small encounter with Sun-In in High School).  I forced myself to cover my grays the day after my birthday.  Kevin didn’t want me to do it (must be the color blind thing).  We were worried what might happen.  Not one person has noticed!  I must have chosen the right color since the kids didn’t even notice.  Or maybe no one looks at me anymore.  They all sure seem to notice my gray hair though!  🙂

Kevin making me Strawberry Toast early in the morning on my birthday!  So sweet!  My parents gave me a real pearl necklace!  I was shocked at it’s beauty!  My Fabulous Aunt Pat gave me a special garnet bracelet (my birthstone) that she has been holding onto for 10 years.  I felt so special and love it!  🙂  A neighbor took the time to write 40 things she liked about me.  It was the funniest, sweetest list.  Thanks for all the sweet cakes and treats everyone!  All of  your thoughtfulness warms my heart.  🙂

Bryson shaving Matthew’s head!  Matt hasn’t had his hair short since before the 5th grade.  It was so fun! 

Warm, anonymous cookies on our doorstep!  My day had been so bad that I was in tears and then all of a sudden there were wonderful cookies.  It really warmed my heart.

Getting to talk to Pam Cheney and Michelle King!!!  For a few minutes I felt like my regular self.  Thanks gals!

Hadley doing her school work in a creative environment.  🙂

Hadley doing school under a dress. 🙂

Reading the Media portion of the updated For Strength of Youth to the kids during devotional, we went over pornography.  Hadley asked what it was.  We told her that it was people with out their clothing on.  She said “Well, I have seen some.  Myself in the bathtub!”  🙂  We were very relieved!

One moment of silence during the afternoon!  Everyone was outside and I had forgotten what silence sounded like!  🙂

Preach My Gospel mock discussion.  I had each of the kids knock on the door and teach me the first discussion.  I was a different type of investigator each time.  It was so fun and good to learn how hard it is to keep things on track.

Hadley asking me if she can say the “H” word.  I thought it would be HATE but it turned out to be Holy Cow.  So funny!  My kids were the ones that started all this “H” word stuff, it just cracks me up that they think these words are so bad.  🙂  Royce said “You said the “E” word Addy”.  AJ:  “What word is that Royce?”  RJ whispers:  “Hate”.


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