Goal #42 – Stupid Games, Ski Goggles, Bribing and “CHIPS dreams”!!!

Bryson before the dance.


Kevin having a dream that he was visiting Brian and Aimee (his brother who just died) and someone stole his Ipad out of his car.  Brian and Kevin started chasing the guys through the neighborhood but then “John and Poncherello from CHIPS” (you have to be our age to appreciate that!) started chasing them on their motorcycles!!  He did retrieve his Ipad by the end of the dream….  🙂  He was feeling all weird in the morning though.

Still throwing punishments out before thinking!!!  Having to follow through on them and torture myself at the same time.  You would think I would have this down by now!

Bribing Royce with Star Wars.  Last year we let Royce watch a lot of the Star Wars movies after the baby was born (out of desperation).  It was only for a month but he turned into a violent little boy…  He has not watched one since.  So, I thought I could bribe him to stop whining by letting him watch one on the weekend (bad parenting tip number 200).  Bryson watched me and was smirking, I turned to him and said “You know that used to work on you too.”, he said “It still does!”.

Tessa dropping eggs as she carried them inside.  She thought the flat box had an end to it!  🙂  She sweetly cleaned it up.

Dropped eggs!

Thinking it was time for a trip to Disney World (because we are so close).  Realizing it would be a waste of money to take Dixon (our slightly high maintenance child) there.   😦

Kids playing a stupid game!  Yes, I said stupid!  The game was:  Let’s put a blanket over your head and then I will push you.  This happen to be in a room with tables all over it!  Thus, Hadley split just under her eyebrow open, having slammed into the pool table.  She needed stitches but all the Urgent Care facilities were closing.  So, we pulled it together and by the morning it looked great.  We’ll have to see if we made the wrong decision (hopefully, she doesn’t want to be a model!)  🙂

Poor Hadley!

My 40th birthday is next week and I am surprisingly very bothered by my age!  I have to go help at a Debate/Speech Tournament all day, which doesn’t help my attitude.  Thankfully, there is a Baskin and Robbins right by it.  🙂


Royce wearing  ski goggles at Sunday dinner.  This would sum up his personality.

Need I say more? 🙂

Bryson “If I had two moms, I would like you best!”  Good thing I was the one that gave birth to him!  😉

ROCKET CENTER!!!  It is so inspiring, even though we have been so many times.  We worked hard all week at school and Friday is testing then field trip day.  It was so worth it!  The weather was warm and the center was empty!  The kids were able to climb the rock wall as many times as they wanted!  I still wish everyday was a vacation!

Merritt at the top of the rock wall.
Saturn 5? 🙂

Chaperoning Addy and Bryson’s Stake dance!!!  It was so fun and the kids are so great!  They were all dressed up and having a great time.  I love seeing good, clean fun!  I LOVE THE YOUTH!  Kevin and I even got to dance a little.  🙂

Stopping for the kids, singing and wrestling with them.  I love the surprised look on their face that it’s play time!  I just need to do it more….

Loving the rain!  It has felt like Oregon for the last 5 days!  I keep finding myself gazing out the window remembering what it felt like to be there.  The birds even sounded different (or I’m losing my mind, could be either).  🙂

Filling out all the grades for our Home School Cover School.  I actually hate doing this, but after wards, I feel so much better.  I have learned that in December I always feel like I am failing my kids with their education, but then in January, I fill out the forms and realize how much we really do.  I guess it just seems like it’s all a part of our “life”, thus it doesn’t stand out as “education” until I fill in the box.  How “schooled” is that?!!!

Changing my schedule.  I have let too many things get in the way of working with my kids (patiently) in the mornings.  So, I have rearranged my schedule and I am not going to let anything get in the way, right?  🙂  These two weeks have been so much better.


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