Goal #41 – Dixon on top of Ladders, 5 Mile Mark, Blower Face Pictures and New Paint!!!


Not being able to answer Hadley’s odd questions!  HJ “How do ducks kiss?”  Me “They don’t, Hadley.”  HJ “Then how do they get married?”  Me “They don’t, Sweetie.”  “But Mom, in Mickey Mouse Christmas, they sure did, so how do they kiss?”

Whining about the cold mornings.  🙂  We crank the heat up in the morning and the kids all stand over the vents in the dining room while they eat.  It’s was actually cute until Royce started whining “Moooom, she’s taking my heat!!!”

Dixon climbing on chairs, tables and to the top of ladders!!!!  This definitely DOES NOT WORK!!!

Here he goes....
Yes, he climbed up there all by himself!

He can’t even walk yet, so he doesn’t have any balance once he gets there.  He is the size of  two year old and super strong, but extremely wobbly.  He also whines half the day because he can’t figure things out.  I told Addy that this is the year of FRUSTRATION, not only for Dixon but for us too!  I do so much better with two years olds. 

SWEETS!!!  Curse all those incredible holiday treats!!!  I did great for the first 3 weeks (this means only eating about 1/4 of what I normally eat during the holidays), but then the last week and a half I went for it!  By New Years weekend I was eating yummy food and treats late into the night and my belly shows it!!!  Oh boy, I pigged out and felt so gross!  I am back on track now and hopefully I will feel better!  It’s really hard to start over!  I have cried a number of times in the last few days as I change my habits again.  I truly am addicted to chocolate!

Starting school on Monday.  I have a love/hate relationship with this.  I love learning and the structure, but I LOVE vacation because we just get to enjoy each other.

Kevin and I taking pictures to turn in for something.  I dislike seeing myself age! 

I said to Addy that this looked just like one of our wedding pictures. She responded that we look A LOT older!


Addisen taking “Blower Face Pictures” with Kevin’s help.  They are so weird but they had fun.  Here are a few of the good ones…

Hadley's blower face picture
Tessa's blower face picture! 🙂

Finally crossed over and ran 5 miles!!!  I don’t normally care how much I run, but Kevin has been “Mapping his Runs” so I checked and I was excited to see how far I made it.  I could have kept going, but I could hear the kids from a mile away…..

Five Mile Mark Day with my awesome t-shirt! 🙂

Kevin painting the dining room and the deck all in one day!!!  We have been meaning to do this for so long.  The dining room was a horrid bright pink!  We are so pleased with the results.  🙂

Love our new paint. So does Hadley. 🙂

Royce helping Daddy at Home Depot and every other project.  He ran to get his tool set and hammered all day long!  So cute! 

Love the kids having late nights with neighbors.  We don’t do  overnights, so we do “Late Nights”.  The little girls even got in their pajamas and slippers to go to a friends house during the break.

Taking Ashley (Addy’s friend) through her first car wash!  We didn’t know it was her first time until we started going through it and she was freaking out.  She was so cute!!!

Ashley in her first car wash! 🙂

Love Christmas Break!  Lots of fun, relaxing, lazy time.  A lot of movies and snuggling too!

The three girls stacked on Daddy, New Year's Eve! 🙂
Royce and Tessa snuggling.

Moving the TV out to the family room.  We have had it in the playroom (a very uncomfortable set up).  Now we have our couches to lay on.  I lied down on the couch in the afternoon to try to watch the Duck’s game and Royce asked me “Are you sick Mommy?  Why are you on the couch?”  I realized he had never seen me lie down there.  He is usually in bed.  I guess I am on the move a lot!


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