Goal #40 – Uncooked Ham, What is a Virgin Daddy?, Burning the Stuffed Dog, Oregon Video and a Spatula!

Here is the video that Addy made as a Christmas present for my parents and Justin: 


Dixon slipping in the bath and slicing open his eye lid.  We almost took him in for stitches (it would have been horrible timing!)  but then it started to just close right up, so we left it.  He had a black eye in the morning but it healed perfectly!  Lucky us!

Dixon's big ouchy! 😦

Exhaustion on Christmas Eve.  I know you all know what I’m talking about, but I was sooooo glad Christmas was over so I wouldn’t have to coordinate all the excitement anymore!  It was fun and I love it, but my brain is feeling much better now.  🙂

Having a very frustrating moment and instead of saying what I really thought of that person I just said in frustration “Stupid, stupidness!”.  When I finally caught up with Kevin he was just shaking his head saying “Stupid, stupidness huh?”.  The funny thing is I can’t even remember what the incident was as I write this….

Kevin had a frustrating moment and he couldn’t spit out “force field”, he just kept saying “forris field”.  We were laughing so hard!

Leaving 11 gallons of milk in the back of the car for an entire afternoon.  We kept remembering about them when the car was gone!  Thankfully, it was a really cold day.  🙂

Dishwasher breaking right after Christmas Eve dinner!  Kevin came to the rescue though!

Missing family during Christmas.  😦

Kevin’s explanation of what a virgin is during our Christmas Eve scripture time:  “Daddy, what is a virgin?”  “Well, a virgin is a person who hasn’t had a baby.”  Merritt “Then I am a virgin.”  Daddy:  “Well, yes you are.”  Merritt:  “Hey, so are you Daddy!!!”  Whoops!!!!

Merritt, Tessa and Royce coming out of their bedroom while we were setting up “Christmas”!  Kevin was helping Santa set up the train table he left for the little boys.  I think they were all scared for their lives, Kevin yelled, Royce cried, I freaked.  Royce ran back to bed and with a quivering lip said:  “I love the trains, are they mine?”  We are still working on the healing.

Santa's helper. Isn't he cute? 🙂

Uncooked Christmas ham!!!  My Mom always had Honeybaked Ham and it was pre-cooked perfectly.  I naturally thought all ham came that way….  So, when I went to heat it up for dinner, Kevin pointed out that the 9 lb ham needed to cook for 3-4 hours!!!  Whoops!  Don’t you think cooked and uncooked ham looks the same?  🙂

Dixon attacking the cutest little boy that was visiting us.  He started with giving him hugs but then it turned into a Godzilla move and he wanted to bring him down.  We can teach him right? 


Christmas party with a surprise visit from Santa!

Poor Santa!!!

Ice Skating on Christmas Eve!  I was so sore after racing the kids out there that I couldn’t life my legs up without help from my arms!  The little kids were amazing and Royce was all over the place with the plastic helper thingy.

Ice Skating

Corbin had a present under the tree from my parents that looked like a spatula.  We kept saying why would he get a spatula….  Then he opened it and it was the coolest spatula ever!!!  🙂

Corbin's awesome spatula!


Bryson wouldn't take a normal picture for me!!!!

Taking Bryson and Corbin to Hugo  and ice cream (we never pay full price for movies, so this was a huge treat!).  Our boys make us laugh so much and are such a pleasure!

NEW BEDS for Merritt and Hadley!  They have been sharing a full size bed (thank you to the Milams, we are still using the bed you gave us years ago, now it is Bryson’s) for 4 years!  They are so happy to have their own twin beds.  Merritt is especially happy to not get pushed out of bed anymore.  🙂

New pajamas on Christmas Eve!!!  I have always wanted to copy the tradition of new pjs on Christmas Eve, but I am too cheap to spend that much money on them when they have hand me downs.  I finally shopped the sales and bought some for everyone.  It was a hit and they all got to have that special snuggy feeling in bed that night.  🙂   Made me happy!

Traditonal Christmas picture before running to the stockings. 🙂

Christmas Eve testimony book!  One of our favorite traditions that we started last year is that we all write down our testimonies and then share them on Christmas Eve.  It is really special and helps us focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  It was neat to see last years testimonies in our special notebook.

I went and played paintball with a group of people Bryson put together!  First game I was hit in the neck (a very sensitive spot) and the leg.  I tried to go in again but I was too scared to get hit again.  I had so much fun shooting things that I asked all the guys to just line up so I could shoot them.  Only one guy would let me!  Thanks Tim for letting me have fun!  🙂  I stood on the side and shot at really old, run down mobile home.  I covered the windows with tons of yellow paint and I felt so good about my adrenaline release until…… someone came over and told us that people live there!!!!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!  I felt so badly!

Paintball! Addy played the entire time! Go Addy!

Monte Sano State Park!  Beautiful views, waterfalls, creeks and a fun playground.

Dixon and Kevin at Monte Sano.

Lazy after Christmas recovery week!  Left overs for dinner!  Love it!  Especially lots of HAM!!!  🙂  We never have leftovers anymore (the kids eat them all up for lunch), so this is really great.

18 years of marriage!  I love my Kevin, he is the love of my life.  I am so thankful to be married to a fun, great, caring, loving, wonderful man!  I want to keep going on about him, but it would get too mushy!  There is never a dull moment at our house with Kevin!

My awesome husband! 🙂

Burning “Sam the stuffed dog”.  My Mom gave us this dog over 11 years ago.  We have used it to lay on and watch movies forever, but you can not clean it.  So, it needed to go away.  The boys decided to burn it and let it rest in peace.  Here is the video, it’s way to long to watch the entire thing, so just turn it off after the beginning:  

Three hats for Christmas from Nana and Boppa!  So cute!

Cute hats!
Royce's Racoon Hat! 🙂



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